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  1. Brilliant.. thank you 1. Could I ask how to only load this script on certain maps - eg. how to add to the events file rather than loading it through the sapp init which would affect all maps/games ? Say I only want the script loaded on 'map1' and 'map2' - something like: event_start $map:map1 map2 'lua_load "taxi_v3_for_sapp" ' No idea if that's the correct way to do it though ? Could I also add in a gametype for a certain map ? 2. Is there any way to disable the crouch use - and just use the 'taxi' text command ? So annoying trying to actually crouch and then ending up in a hog.. Any help appreciated. Thx
  2. Looking for a Taxi script for CE.. I know that there was one, but can't find it anywhere ?
  3. The banned.txt file should be located in the gametypes folder - if it's not then it can't be found using the sapp command: 'bans' nor the halo command: 'sv_banlist' I tried using: ub <indexid> to unban and it seems to be a valid command (double checked with 'usage ub' and it appears to be the case)- even though this command isn't listed anywhere in any sapp documentation. As 'b', 'ub' and 'bans' are sapp commands I'm wondering if they use the stock halo banned.txt file - or is the ban info stored somewhere else ? I still have no idea why aliases aren't being recorded in the alias.txt file (located in the sapp folder) - even though I have collect_aliases enabled ? Testing last night - had an admin ban me using the sapp command 'b <playerid> and then checking the banlist to see if I was showing on there. - Using the sapp command 'bans' showed an empty list - using the halo sv_banlist command showed me on the list. - Checked the banned.txt file on the server and it was empty.. even though sv_banlist showed me on there ? Tried unbanning me with the sapp command 'ub <indexid>' but was still banned and unable to join the server. Tried unbanning with 'sv_unban <indexid>' and it worked. Also, if the server is restarted, then the ban is removed. Main questions now are: 1. What are the benefits of using the sapp ban commands as opposed to the standard Halo ban commands ? 2. Should I use the sapp ban commands - or the Halo ban commands ? It seems that some sapp commands work and some don't. 3. Why are bans not being written to the banned file ? But for now, I've re-installed the server as it's clearly not working right - and will setup and retest again - more updates on progress later.
  4. Thx, I've added a banned.txt file. Any bans handed out appear to work ok. I tested aliases by changing my name a few times and joining the server, and afterwards checking with alias showed all those names ok. But.. on checking the banned and alias files on the server, they were both still empty ? When I restarted the server, the ban was removed and all the aliases also. So it seems that for some reason bans and aliases are not being recorded - and last only for the server's session time until it's restarted. Note that I have 'collect_aliases' enabled in the sapp init. I think I may have to re-install the server again, something's definitely not right.
  5. Ok.. found the aliases file - but the file is empty with no entries - even though if I check aliases ingame, it shows them ?? Checked for the banlist file with sv_banlist_file - it showed it located in the gametypes folder - but checking on the server it's not visible ?? Did a test.. did a ban using 'b <playerid>' - then entered 'bans' to get the id to unban with 'sv_unban' but it said 'ban file not found' - even though the ban was recorded ? Checked again with sv_banlist_file - it said it was in the gametypes folder - checked and it's not there ? I've run out of ideas now.. any help appreciated.
  6. Just a quick question. Looking through my server structure (Elite Game Servers) - I can't see the banlist or alias text files, just the server log is there. Where are they stored ? Players have been successfully banned and I have 'collect_aliases' enabled in the sapp init file and able to do alias checks ok, but I still can't find where those files are ? Anyone any ideas ?
  7. Aready using the anti-nade script - it works fine, but isn't exactly solving the problem. Even if I set only 1 frag, players are still standing at the top of the ramp throwing and then re-arming repeatedly with 1 nade and spawn killing blue base. What is needed is a way to reduce the amount of frags that get spawned eg. only 1 and not 4 - maybe by way of adjusting the spawn time even.
  8. Ok.. adding this to the events file works ok.. thx mdc81 I have tried setting -1 and also 5 - they both work as they should. But.. changing the setting to 2, 3 or 4 however, disables sightjacker - it doesn't allow admin only usage . So I'm assuming that this will only enable or disable sightjacker for everyone and that there is no provision to allow only admins to use it ? Can anyone confirm ? Before sapp 10.0 it was possible to use 'sj_admin_level [level]' to allow only admins to use sightjacker for whatever level that admins had access to, but it was replaced by sj_level [level] and now seems to have been discontinued. Surely there must be a way to allow only admins to use it ?
  9. That's strange then.. if I use sj_level -1 it works ok - if I use sj_level 4 the server won't even start ?? If I use sj_level -4 the server starts - but with what you're saying, I'm unsure if this is only for admins. Btw I'm using sapp 10.1 - using sapp 10.2.1 doesn't appear to work on Elite Game Servers for some reason. EliteGS support have recommended using 10.1. Thx giraffe for your help From sapp 10.0 changelog:
  10. Thx.. do you know what all the levels are.. and what they allow ? Setting sj_level 4 gives an error when restarting the server - retried with sj_level -4 and it appears to work. Assuming then that -4 is for admins only ? It would be good if things were explained more in detail in the guide.
  11. Sapp documentation says to use sj_level [level] to enable/disable sightjacker (from HAC2) - but there's no info to say what the levels are, apart from: Default: -1 (everybody can use sightjacker) What are the other levels and what is the correct level to set that allows only admins to use it ? Thx
  12. Ok.. this is now fixed. The events file must have been corrupt in some way. Deleted the file and reloaded sapp - this created a new events file - which is now working ok. Thx
  13. No error message.. just nothing happening eg. join welcome messages not showing etc. The server is hosted by Elite GS, and this is what I have, which is the standard event file text from Elite GS. event_join 'w8 8;say $n "Welcome to this Halo server, hosted by Elite Game Servers, $name!" ' event_end 'w8 12;say * "Our servers are hosted by Elite Game Servers. Visit elitegameservers.net to get your own awesome gameserver!"' I've also tried adding other events, but nothing happens - even though sapp is running. The file is in the main sapp folder with the other files.. sapp init, mapcycle, mapvote etc. I've mailed support anyway to see what they think.. fingers crossed
  14. Using sapp 10.1 on CE - sapp is running ok but my events.txt file isn't being read and implemented.. am I missing something somewhere - any ideas why it's not working ? Maybe it's an encoding issue - what's the correct encoding type to use for sapp files.. Unicode, UTF-8, Western European (Windows) etc ? thx Tried various encoding types.. sapp still not reading the events file
  15. Ok.. thx LUA scripts all changed to latest api version Rebooted the server with sapp 10.1 which loaded fine - but as soon as it auto-updated to 10.2.1 the error 'sapp unloaded' came up in game ?? For some reason sapp won't run with 10.2.1.. and when I run 10.1 and disable auto_update, the event.txt file isn't being read either - so server messages and events aren't running. Running out of ideas now and can't figure out just wth is going on