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  1. I wouldnt know where to start with LUA scripting ! A perfect example being Ratrace map.. it’s a nightmare if you’re on blue team with red team players standing at the top of the big ramp next to the portal where 4 frags spawn. Throwing frag after frag at blue base just ruins the game.
  2. Ok, thx
  3. Yea, dontcha just hate it !
  4. Stop players camping on top of portals, preventing players coming through. eg. Chillout, Bloodgulch etc - maybe it could be map specific also.
  5. Limit (map specific) the amount of frags spawned and also adjust the spawn time.. eg. only spawn 1, 2 or 3 frags instead of the standard 4 and adjust the spawn time.
  6. Thx for this Another question while I'm here: Config commands - aimbot_ban [length] [type] - does this only check for aimbots - or does that include wall hacks also ?
  7. Ahh ok.. I should have mentioned it's for CE - apologies. I haven't got a clue how to put a script together to fix both of the questions I put.. but thx again
  8. Ok, thx for that. Using SparkEdit 3.02 - getting an error openng ratrace.map- 'seek failed on an unnamed file' ??
  9. Couple of questions pls: 1. Is it possible to limit (map specific) the amount of frags spawned using sapp events / commands ? eg. reduce number of frags spawned next to the portals on ratrace and also adjust the spawn time ? I can't find any scripts that do this. 2. Is there a way to stop players (not vehicles) camping on top of portals ie. standing on them preventing players to pass through ? If so, how is this done ? Thx
  10. I figured.. it works very good. Thanks again
  11. Works ok thx. Just to confirm, I'm assuming that 1.00 is fall damage enabled and that 0.00 is disabled ?
  12. I know that sapp has devmode enabled by default so that fall damage can be turned totally off in Halo by adding 'cheat_jetpack true' to the sapp init or via the available death_messages_6.lua script, which allows fall damage to be turned on or off for standard ce maps - but I was wondering if there was a way via the event system or a script to limit fall damage to 1. certain gametypes and also 2. limit the actual damage amount as a % - ie. fall damage=50% - instead of being either on or off ? Thx
  13. OK, I tried this and it works ok - but I think you're right about the flashlight. Problem being that once the sprint time ends, the flashlight stays on - potentially leaving lots of players running round with their lights left on and not realising. Also, anyone who has mapped the light to another key in their control settings will find that Q won't work for sprint. Thx again.
  14. Is there any way that the sprint key can be changed eg. Q key ? I have players complaining that they keep bringing up sprint inadvertently when moving forward or engaged in a fight with an opponent ie it's easy to double tap 'W' by mistake. Thx
  15. Oh sh*t yea.. apologies.. my mistake I've corrected that now, I have the settings on 1.0 and rebooted and retried. It still takes 4 or 5 shots to kill using shotguns ? I'm looking at a more realistic kill at either 1 or 2 shots. Is that possible ?