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Auto Kick Ping

I have ping_kick set in the sapp init file - this works ok and helps a lot in reducing lag on the server, but unfortunately some regular players with slightly higher pings are being kicked. I wondered is there any way that I can allow certain players to join my server whose ping is above the ping kick level ? Maybe by way of events somehow.. or would it need a script to accomplish this ?



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You could disable SAPP's ping kicking, give players level 0 admin access, and then write an event in events.txt to handle ping kicking (event_alive will do the trick).

event_alive $lvl<0 $ping>300 'k $n "High ping ($ping)"'

I think ping kicking might also ignore players with level 0 admin access, too, so try just doing that, first, before messing with events. I can't remember though.

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