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  1. We meet again
  2. Your work creating Chimera is one of the main reasons I came back to playing Halo, it improves the experience so much. Thank you.
  3. Thats really neat, didn't know people were making H3MCC maps (no idea how people do it for that game). Might download the game again and take a break from infinite....
  4. Amazing! I am so glad this place exists.
  5. Wow, this is something I'd never thought of but now that it exists I can't wait to start using it on my server(s)!
  6. its happening
  7. This is really nice, I'm definitely going to try and play this sometime. This gave me a thought: it would be cool to have "ranged" weapons in a mode like this. You could use flags as throwable weapons that would have a different result when they hit a player depending on their color (red or blue). When a flag hits an enemy, after being thrown, it would kill them/explode/something awesome.
  9. I'm hoping to expand it quite a bit and appreciate suggestions. If you have any specific features that you'd want please let me know here or as a github issue. I actually don't need any script on the server to detect player count since I wrote a python script, used in this project, that can query any server and access the player count. I'd just need the ip and port of the server running in docker. In terms of shutting down its a really easy fix, I just need to add a CTRL+C exception handler to shut everything down just haven't done that yet (since I'm not sure how tied in to tmux I want the application to be since in the future I'll want multiple vps to work together)
  10. Now that I have the halo server query python script working I have started working on some projects that ultilize it. This tool fulfills something I've wanted for a while: automatically create a new server, on a different port, when the server is full or has a certain player count. Over time, assuming I stay interested, I hope to expand this to a more full featured tool for managing many different servers at once in a variety of ways. THIS IS EXTREMELY EARLY IN DEVELOPMENT AND PROBABLY SHOULDN'T BE USED SERIOUSLY YET!!! Repository: https://github.com/TagiaNetwork/halo-server-orchestration Demonstration: Some notes: This could all be done with shell scripting but I chose python because I hope to expand it quite a bit and also am more familiar with python for non tiny scripts Currently everything is done through tmux sessions. This is a bit of a strange solution, though it works well and has the added benefit of being able to attach to sessions manually and perform server actions. In the future I might switch to using containers or some other system if they offer benefits but right now tmux was the easiest way to get everything going and still be able to perform actions like shutting down servers remotely There are certainly bugs/issues, including (as of writing) not having a proper way to shut down the script (you need to manually kill the primary server tmux session).
  11. Hello! I was on the reclaimers discord the other day and saw someone post information about querying halo servers. I figured this would be something that might be useful so I wrote this quick little python script that will allow you to retrieve a server's information as a dictionary. Let me know what you think, I threw this together pretty quickly. https://github.com/TagiaNetwork/halo-server-query-py Example Usage: from pprint import PrettyPrinter from haloserverquery import queryServer printer = PrettyPrinter(indent=4) serverInfo = queryServer("", 2302) printer.pprint(serverInfo) Example Output: { 'dedicated': '1', 'final': 'Sapp', 'fraglimit': '50', 'game_classic': '0', 'game_flags': '26', 'gamemode': 'openplaying', 'gametype': 'Slayer', 'gamevariant': 'TeamPistols', 'gamever': '', 'hostname': 'server name', 'hostport': '23900', 'mapname': 'carousel', 'maxplayers': '16', 'nextmap': 'carousel', 'nextmode': 'TeamPistols', 'numplayers': '7', 'password': '0', 'player_flags': '1101561860,136', 'players': { 0: { 'name': 'Extreme', 'ping': '108', 'score': '0', 'slot': 0, 'team': '0'}, 1: { 'name': 'ext', 'ping': '90', 'score': '30', 'slot': 1, 'team': '1'}, 2: { 'name': 'sL Bryan', 'ping': '90', 'score': '13', 'slot': 2, 'team': '0'}, 3: { 'name': 'Lizmari', 'ping': '96', 'score': '8', 'slot': 3, 'team': '0'}, 4: { 'name': 'timefreeze', 'ping': '110', 'score': '2', 'slot': 4, 'team': '0'}, 5: { 'name': 'gjldfaghgk', 'ping': '85', 'score': '1', 'slot': 5, 'team': '1'}, 6: { 'name': 'PAUL S2', 'ping': '98', 'score': '4', 'slot': 6, 'team': '1'}}, 'queryid': '1.1', 'sapp': '10.2.1 CE', 'sapp_flags': '1', 'score_t0': '23', 'score_t1': '37', 'team_t0': 'Red', 'team_t1': 'Blue', 'teamplay': '1'}
  12. Happy thanksgiving to all! I am thankful for this forum and all of the great contributors.
  13. Open carnage rent free in their heads lol