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  1. Back in the olden days, when I hosted Halo Trial servers, real players would regularly go afk for extended periods of time only to come back and jump right in to the action. Unlike today where many of the afks are bots, these were real people. I miss it.
  2. Happy to have you here.
  3. It is time.
  5. Everyone seems to be getting sick. My parents got sick, I am sick, my employer is sick, some guys I know in a chat were/are sick. Guess it's going around.
  6. In terms of cheating, you could have a 30 second to a minute buffer. Also even if it was just private it would be extremely useful to be able to check for cheaters, assuming the rendering is accurate enough, without even joining a server.
  7. If you were able to get it hooked up with a database of some sort it would probably handle some of this for you, not sure how that would be done since I've had issues getting the SAPP lua to do this in the past. For the future, it would be cool to hook this up to a web server in real time and be able to watch a game in near real-time. Performance might be an issue, but then again I have ran full servers on the same box that I run other services and it went fine.
  8. I've considered getting one but unfortunately don't have a good location on my already cramped desk, hopefully I'll be able to expand in the future. Are you planning/currently using it for simple bindings or have you gone further?
  9. It looks great. In the meantime I'm thinking about starting up an iw4x server, starting to get sick of all these modded/high max player count lobbies + bots.
  10. I only just learned about this and I am already excited. SM2 is an in-development fan-made mod for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game engine. Playing MW2 was one of the most fun I had out of all video games I've played, I am interested to see how this turns out. I'm hoping Activision doesn't shut it down with legal threats or some other nonsense. https://sm2.gg
  11. @Chalwk has a script called Block Team Damage, I haven't tested it for your purposes but it seems like its what you want. https://github.com/Chalwk77/HALO-SCRIPT-PROJECTS/blob/master/SAPP SCRIPTS/UTILITY MODS/Block Team Damage.lua
  12. I finally added player, vehicle, and game flag decoding. This means you can now get the information like the number of lives, shields, weapon set, etc when querying a server. Example Output (JSON):
  13. If it works in your situation I highly encourage biking or walking instead of driving. It saves a LOT of money, is healthier, and more enjoyable. Sadly this isn't possible for those who use their vehicle for work or live in many metropolitan areas which are hard to navigate without a vehicle.