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  1. I like the site, not cluttered like many.
  2. ☹️
  3. Whatever happens I don't want any part of it! Hope things go well for everyone in Ukraine and Russian region.
  4. Whoah, I never knew this was possible. So cool!
  5. Does modern/high quality plastic still do that?
  6. I can see this being pretty useful! Great work.
  7. Nice! Not really a fan of the fog.
  8. Just use SSH keys with other password login disabled....
  9. Currently I am considering a UNICOMP Model M/related buckling spring keyboard or a bunch of mechanical keyboards that use different switches and methods to not be so loud and also don't have annoying color schemes. Just looking for something lighter colored and more natural looking.
  10. Halo being a fun game at its based combined with people who wanted to make it fun in different and unique ways has kept it alive. Sometimes there is a point where a game is broken just enough to make people angry enough to fix it but not angry enough to quit which might actually benefit the game in some ways (still would prefer the game to just work well, obviously).
  11. This and also a discussion some people were having on the OC discord makes me REALLY want to get a new keyboard (or two, or three). Getting sick of my "le epic gaming rainbow" keyboard.
  12. Yeah I checked and I use 10.1.
  13. ive been able to get the latest version of sapp (possibly version 11, but pretty sure its latest) on a ubuntu server worked fine. I'll check what I used in my SAPP ubuntu tutorial video and see. Regardless of all that, it still annoys me to this day that sehe is hellbent on keeping the source code private. I'd literally pay to have it released because it would help the community so much. -.- Edit: Nvm I was using version 10.1
  14. Very nice. If someone already has an epic games account (had to have one for school, funnily enough) it can't hurt to add free stuff to your library from time to time.
  15. That's a very good point, didn't think of that.