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  1. Open carnage rent free in their heads lol
  2. This is the only current halo community that doesn't actively bother me, never had much issue finding my way around.
  3. At what point does it stop mattering how many nukes a country has? If a country has 100 nuclear weapons that can all be quickly deployed how is that different than if they have 200? I don't understand this.
  4. Any chance you'd ever add support for other storage formats instead of json? Would be nice to use a database to sync playtime across multiple servers easily.
  5. minor in the grand scheme of things but just realized that i was invited to the halo infinite flighting on an email i don't check often and missed the whole thing fml
  6. I've always enjoyed surfing and bunny hopping game modes in source games so when this game first came out I started playing it. It's fairly simple but I quite enjoy it. Since it's made with Unity, and is now open source, it's easily extended using mods. Worth checking out if you like this sort of thing. Below are some links. GitHub: https://github.com/Fragsurf/Fragsurf-2 Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1033410/Fragsurf/ Website: https://fragsurf.com/ Forum: https://forum.fragsurf.com/ Wiki: https://wiki.fragsurf.com/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/P9YPvCa
  7. I might also set up a server, any suggestions on the map(s) I should use?
  8. Only reason I know nip it in the bud is because they say it in the Andy Griffith Show.
  9. Never too late!
  10. That's a good idea, surprised I didn't think of that. If I have time I'll add that.
  11. Very neat! I haven't done any modding in this category. What do I need to learn to get started making mods that I can load using this?
  12. Hello, and welcome.
  13. Can't for the life of me get it to delete. Tapping every little area of the box, outer edge and inside, won't remove quotes. I'll try to record a screen cap later.
  14. To the surprise of absolutely nobody @Kavawuvi's prediction about the tools being release is accurate. Tool, Guerilla, Sapien, etc took this long to be released rofl. Standalone is kinda cool though, don't do enough modding to know if we already have that in CE. Edit: BTW don't think I'm being a downer, I'm still absolutely hyped since this will hopefully spark a new wave of modding from people who wouldve never drudge through the internet to find relatively esoteric community tooling.
  15. Thanks, this will save my from loading Google docs every time I want to read the SAPP documentation (until I finally convert the documentation to org mode format)