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  1. That's a shame.
  2. Do you have a git repository for this?
  3. What do you mean by inactive? I assume you mean that people who are AFK and just sitting in their spawn point won't be killed?
  4. Pretty sure he knows now since he interacted in my thread
  5. Thank you gents! This is going to be really nice.
  6. Are there RSS Feeds for the site/sections of the site? Trying to streamline my setup and having that would be very nice. Edit: btw if it's obvious to find feeds I apologize in advance. I'm on mobile away from PC right now and I'm not seeing anything.
  7. Haven't played MCC in a while now that I'm fully off Windows, how are the counts?
  8. Welcome brother! Excited to have you here. Halo 1 community is amazing, you love it.
  9. Deobfuscated binaries? Where are these avaliable at? @OP Maybe I'm retarded but whats the point of using docket for this? Getting kind of annoyed about everything being packaged in this or that way, using this software to run, etc. Is it just to make it easier for normies to run?
  10. whoah that's awesome
  11. Cool! I'll check your server(s) out sometime.
  12. sv_mapcycle_timeout 5 sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch slayer sv_mapcycle_begin Thats the entirety of my map related stuff in my init file, works fine (custom edition).
  13. LETS GOOOOOOO! I used to play your servers all the time and was active on your forum (back when you hadn't lost broomish.tk). I really missed halo trial so much that I now host a Halo Custom Edition server which recreates the mostly vanilla FFA slayer (plasma pistol start, you know the deal) from my trial servers. Your site gave me so many resources (was 11-13 years old when I first found it) and really fostered my love of hosting servers, lead me to do tons of server work in minecraft. So glad to see you back, I will definitely play on your servers (gonna host broomish's BL????) if you post ips. You helped me set up cool servers that I played with my dad and two brothers, so many family memories which were helped due to the community you set up. sorrry for the rant, kinda freaking out that you're on here tbh
  14. You're insane, dude. Keep up the AMAZING work.
  15. Hello! Recently a game made in unity came out on steam called Fragsurf which is essentially a surfing (source engine style) dedicated game. I want to port yoyorast island to unity and convert it. What tools would be useful to convert a maps scenery out? I don't have any real experience doing this sort of thing in halo 1.