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  1. Cool! I'll check your server(s) out sometime.
  2. sv_mapcycle_timeout 5 sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch slayer sv_mapcycle_begin Thats the entirety of my map related stuff in my init file, works fine (custom edition).
  3. LETS GOOOOOOO! I used to play your servers all the time and was active on your forum (back when you hadn't lost broomish.tk). I really missed halo trial so much that I now host a Halo Custom Edition server which recreates the mostly vanilla FFA slayer (plasma pistol start, you know the deal) from my trial servers. Your site gave me so many resources (was 11-13 years old when I first found it) and really fostered my love of hosting servers, lead me to do tons of server work in minecraft. So glad to see you back, I will definitely play on your servers (gonna host broomish's BL????) if you post ips. You helped me set up cool servers that I played with my dad and two brothers, so many family memories which were helped due to the community you set up. sorrry for the rant, kinda freaking out that you're on here tbh
  4. You're insane, dude. Keep up the AMAZING work.
  5. Hello! Recently a game made in unity came out on steam called Fragsurf which is essentially a surfing (source engine style) dedicated game. I want to port yoyorast island to unity and convert it. What tools would be useful to convert a maps scenery out? I don't have any real experience doing this sort of thing in halo 1.
  6. How do I use this exactly?
  7. I am not sure how to do this natively but push comes to shove a script could probably do the job. Make sure you look at the documentation, I'll do the same and try to get back to you in the morning if someone else doesn't help first.
  8. Not positive but maybe try putting it in your sapp init?
  9. Have you read the documentation?
  10. Multiplayer has always been what the halo experience was about for me.
  11. What is a good method of detecting if a plasma weapon is in hand. Also, how do I check if a weapon is in the backpack? Is it possible to force a player to swap to the item in their backpack?
  12. I'd have a separate script read from the same banned word list. You'd have to load both. I updated the script to version 1.2 which prevents blocked name count from going over 99. Since most servers have 16 player count it goes into double digits so i let the count go to 99 but reset it after that point to prevent triple digits. This will make sure you can always use the highest character count for the replaceWith variable and not have it break once your server is on long enough to hit 100 banned names. I ended up just doing what you asked and implemented @Kavawuvi's badwordsarebad script into mine. I also added the ability to toggle name banning or chat banning on or off. As always I am open to suggestions and comments. BannedNameChanger.lua
  13. I can get that done. I will probably have it be a separate script and just allow it to read from the same file, fairly simple.
  14. Right now I don't see the need for this as I've only just recently began working on Sapp scripts but I'll keep this in the back of my mind. Thanks, this looks great!
  15. So what you're basically saying is..... KAVAEUVI IS LITERALLY MAKING A SAPP MODERN DAY REPLACEMENT WITH MANY GREAT IMPROVEMENTS AFTER YEARS OF BEING A TOP INTELLECT IN THE HALO COMMUNITY?!?! A man can dream, I guess Keep up the good work. I highly doubt I'd still be playing as often as I do without the wonderful work you and the others have done on chimera.