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  1. Ooof. I had a vehicle burn down over something stupid a while ago too. Voltage regulator in the alternator failed, and blew up the battery.
  2. @PrecutODST26220 has donated $20!
  3. You're welcome to update here with the newer version now. =]
  4. @mouseboyx donated his raffle winnings!
  5. Would get more notice if posted to the MCC Assets section too. Could use more content there.
  6. Aw yiss, thank you! This was probably one of my favorite stock plants.
  7. Congratulations to @ShmeeGrim on 2nd place, and @PrecutODST26220 for making 3rd place! Thanks a lot to everyone for sharing your content on OC.
  8. As a result of the primary poll for this competition, where 2nd and 3rd place had tied, we now have a follow-up to break that tie! Voting Rules You may vote for yourself. Voting closes on the 23rd @11:59pm GMT Prizes 1st Place: $50 via PayPal 2nd Place: 10 Raffle Tickets Entrants
  9. Polls have closed for this competition! Congratulations to @killzone64 for winning 1st place!! 2nd and 3rd places are a tie at the moment, so I'll open up another poll between these two to decide 2nd place:
  10. Unfortunately you can't update your submission until the contest is completed next week. You can just add back the previous link and state clearly which is your submission.
  11. Any news on the voting, @Zatarita?
  12. Each release is tagged with the MCC game they belong to. =]
  13. @King Feraligatr's entry has now been added as there were no objections.
  14. Unfortunately it looks like @King Feraligatr was a bit too late on his submission: If no one posts here to object within the next 10 hours, I'll add this release to the list of entries.