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  1. Invader has its own forum topic here: Check out the links there for the download and github. The github has a very helpful readme which explains how to use the individual programs. Sapien is part of HEX HEK which can be downloaded from http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=411 So if you are hosting a modded map, it won't download and replace the original of the people joining your server. I think what you want to do is save the map with the original name and replace the map in your own maps folder. Depending on the changes you made to your version of the map, these should sync to the clients fine. Like Vaporeon said, moving the spawns of weapons/equipment will sync to the clients and they won't need your version of the map downloaded at all.
  2. Yesssss that is amazing! You have made me very happy reading this My old website has fallen into disrepair, unfortunately I have not been looking after it but it is still "sort of working" here: https://www.freewebs.com/broomish/ I am planning on backing up all the old forum posts off that website if I can get a HTML scraper working. Then I will attempt to properly "decommission" it. The website was all about how to mod Halo Trial, so doesn't really serve a purpose anymore. Also, I am currently hosting a server already on Halo Custom Edition. It is called "Broomish's No Mods" (for direct IP use broomish.eu). That is rotating some of the game types we used to play on Halo Trial on Blood Gulch. I can also host Broomish's BL and once I get some mods working Broomish's Dedi
  3. This sounds like a far superior way to do it, to be fair! The method I described above has its disadvantages. First you have to sacrifice a weapon which you will use to "spawn" your log instead. Also, I think as similarly mentioned here, the log which is spawned this way does not have collision (so you can walk straight through the log). The way I got around this in my method was to actually have two copies of the log tag. One would be spawned as the scarified weapon, and the other would just be a normal scenery which has collision but does not sync to clients. What I had to do, was pair up the 2 types of log exactly (this was using SparkEdit) in order to get client side logs with working collision. And that was a very long and tedious process.
  4. Hi! I've just joined the forum here after seeing this post! Joiner friendly log mods are actually something I got working on Halo Trial many years ago now. I've actually spent many hours over the past few months remembering how I did it and then trying it out on Halo Custom Edition and I have made some progress. But first of all I better say I didn't come up with this on my own. As DeadHamster has said, someone posted on modhalo.net how to do it. It is a shame that website has gone down now with all of the knowledge that was on there. Anyway, here are some really rough steps which is the way I am doing it at least: (yes, this uses HHT and HMT, but I have found that you can edit the Halo Custom Edition bloodgulch with these tools if you edit the 2 bytes at offset 4 which changes between Halo PC and Halo CE versions of the game) Make Log Client Side Visible In HHT 1) Expand [eqip] Equipment and select powerups\full-spectrum vision 2) Swap mod2 for mod2 - scenery\trees\tree_leafy_fallentrunk\tree_leafy_fallentrunk 3) Swap coll for coll - scenery\trees\tree_leafy_fallentrunk\tree_leafy_fallentrunk 4) Expand [itmc] Item Collection and select item collections\single weapons\plasma_cannon 5) Swap weap - weapons\plasma_cannon\plasma_cannon for scen - scenery\trees\tree_leafy_fallentrunk\tree_leafy_fallentrunk 6) Expand [weap] Weapon and select weapons\plasma_cannon\plasma_cannon 7) Swap BOTH mod2 for mod2 - scenery\trees\tree_leafy_fallentrunk\tree_leafy_fallentrunk In HMT 1) Expand [eqip] Equipment and select powerups\full-spectrum vision 2) Put a tick in the "Unaffected by Gravity" checkbox 3) Copy NaN and paste it in all 5 text boxes below, overriding the values which were there before 4) Take note of the 6 hexadecimals in the text box next to the "meta" label, in the "Tag Information" section on top. For example, mine is D08F60 5) Expand [itmc] Item Collection and select item collections\single weapons\plasma_cannon 6) Change the respawn time to 32767 7) Expand [scen] and select scenery\trees\tree_leafy_fallentrunk\tree_leafy_fallentrunk 8) Replace the 6 hexadecimals in the text box next to the "meta" label with the ones for full-spectrum vision and click Save
  5. Hello everyone, Broomish here! Recently, (in the past couple of months or so), I've got back into Halo CE hosting and modding after many YEARS away. Back then, I only ever hosted and played on Halo Trial despite owning a legit copy of the game. Halo Trial had a great active community of players which lasted for years. In December 2012 when GameSpy discontinued the master server that hurt us a lot, but there were community patches which kept us going for quite a while after that. In fact, I think I kept on hosting up until around early 2016 but I guess I lost interest especially as the number of players died down. Anyway, I felt the urge to get back into this and I am so happy to see an active forum of people still modding Halo! I came across Chimera and Invader, which are absolutely fantastic and awesome to see still being worked on. I am currently working on trying to get some of the mods I made for Halo Trial working on Halo Custom Edition. My main focus was Joiner-Friendly mods and these included log mods. I think I've attached a ZIP here which contains some screen shots of these if anyone wants to check them out broomish_mods.zip