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  1. Updated the guide with corrections to some typos and linked the newly released server template instead of the Multi-Server.
  2. This project contains two semi-ready Halo server templates; One for Halo: PC (retail) and one for Halo: CE (custom edition). These servers are compatible with Windows and Linux. Default settings: Map Vote enabled (all maps, Classic CTF). Start-up commands can be edited in <server id>/cg/init.txt. SAPP commands can be edited in <server id>/cg/sapp/init.txt. No Lua scripts are configured (you'll have to add these yourself). Running the server on Windows: Execute the run.bat file (located in the root folder). Running the server on a Linux OS with Wine: Navigate to ./Wine Launch Files/ and execute the run.desktop file. RELEASE PAGE
  3. Are you using the pre-configured servers mentioned in the guide? Either way, upload your custom maps to the servers ./maps directory. Then add a new entry in the mapvote.txt (or mapcycle.txt) file. The format for mapvotes.txt is: map:mode:name:min:max For example: hangemhigh:TAG-PC:[Hangemhigh TAG]:0:16 The name part is the custom message players will see when a game ends; This does not need to be encapsulated in square brackets, that's just how I like to format it personally. The format for mapcycle.txt is: map:mode:min:max For example: hangemhigh:TAG-PC:0:16 ~ Min/Max are player limits. Note that custom maps made for CE are only compatible with CE servers. Do not upload these to a retail (PC) server. There are, however, 386 custom maps available for PC on the map repo.
  4. Updated Gun Game with bug fixes.
  5. I wondered this myself. I also use it lol
  6. Kavawuvi made a Random Weapons script back in 2015.
  7. Refactored this script from the ground up.
  8. Completely rewrote this mod from scratch. Players are now required to create a ranked account (in-game). Creating an account: /c (username) (password) You will be logged into your new account automatically upon creation. At this time, there are no limits on password/username length. Logging into an account: /l (username) (password) Note: The username and password are case-sensitive. Changing your username or password: /cpu (current/new username) (current/new password) You need to be logged in to change the username/password. Client login sessions are temporarily cached. You will not have to log into your account when you quit and rejoin unless: The server is restarted Your IP address changes Your client port changes. However, this depends on your config settings. In ./settings.lua, there is an option to cache sessions by IP only, or IP:PORT. The default setting is IP:PORT. This setting is recommended otherwise all players on that IP will share the same account. This requires that players always have the same port, otherwise they will have to log into their account every time they join.
  9. Tag

    Tag, you're it! This is a game involving two or more players. An initial game of tag is started by whacking a player - this player will become 'it' (the tagger). Their turn ends when they tag their first victim or their turn time is up; If the turn time lapses before they tag someone, a new random player will be chosen to be the new tagger. Features: - All runners have plasma rifles and the taggers have an oddball. The plasma rifle was a design choice, not a random decision, as it slows down the tagger when shot at. - You will accumulate 5 points every 10 seconds as a runner. - The score limit is 10,000. - Taggers get a 1.5x speed boost, runners have normal speed. - Tagging someone earns you 500 points. - Runners cannot earn points for killing. - This game mode is best played on medium & small maps: timberland bloodgulch damnation longest chillout carousel ratrace output prisoner wizard Beavercreek hangemhigh custom game types.zip Tag.lua
  10. A half-life implementation for Halo. Pick up and throw vehicles at each other! Works on all maps (including protected maps). To toggle Gravity Gun mode on or off, type /ggun [1/0 or true/false or on/off]. Shoot a vehicle (once) to pick it up. Shoot again to launch it Gravity Gun.lua
  11. Kia Ora, Takka. - Here is my first submission: SDTM (custom game) Snipers Dream Team Mod reborn! Here we go again! Woot woot - Here is my second submission: Gravity Gun Gravity Gun from Half-Life - My last submission: Tag (custom game) A game of tag.
  12. A throwback to the good old days. This is a script version of a mod made by Skelito, circa 06-09. SDTM was originally a series of modded maps with big explosions, visual improvements and even a skin pack; It was extremely popular back in the day. I have done my best to recreate it from scratch (minus the skin pack and visual improvements, as it's not a map pack), with all original custom portals and game mechanics. SDTM is designed for CTF game types but can be run on any mode. Please note: This mod is designed to run on maps with stock tags. This mod aims to make SDTM portable as players no longer need to download the modded maps to experience the thrill that SDTM has to offer. For server operators, installation instructions can be found at the bottom of the release page; Players don't need to do anything! Features: Powerful snipers that fire explosive bullets; Splash damage radius of 7-9 w/units. The rocket hog's weapon is more powerful. Shooting the ground nearby will allow you to hogatapult. Almost all weapons & vehicles have been buffed in one way or another (some insta-kill). Pistols can fire invisible bullets when you empty the mag and do not require reloading. Grenades are super powerful and can be thrown 5x further than normal. Custom hidden teleports on all stock maps. Integrated Custom teabag feature. Integrated custom vehicle spawn system. Custom pre-made game types for PC and CE (please use these!) Configuration: All config settings can be edited in ./SDTM/settings.lua Please see the RELEASE PAGE for download and installation instructions
  13. Added 5 new custom commands and also split several large function scopes into separate files: Add a word to lang file: /wb_add_word (word) (lang) Delete a word from lang file: /wb_del_word (word) (lang) Disable lang file: /wb_disable_lang (lang) Enable lang file: /wb_enable_lang (lang) Show list of langs: /wb_langs Additionally, the patterns table in WordBuster/settings.lua now supports multiple Lua pattern matching sets.
  14. Rage Quit: Announces a message when a player rage quits. Config: -- A player is considered raging if they quit -- before the grace period lapses after being killed: -- local grace = 5 -- Message output when a player rage quits: -- local output = '$name rage quit because of $killer' Rage Quit.lua
  15. Glad it to hear it has helped someone.