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  1. Updates: Updated script documentation in all files. Added the option to prevent players from @mentiniong users on Discord. All messages can now be edited from inside the ./Discord Bot/settings.lua file Updated original post to match what is seen on the GitHub project release page.
  2. Tues, May 11th 2021 Updates: Corrected an error that appears when the script is unloaded. Added 3 new customizable messages: 1). You cannot re-vote at this time. If a player tries to vote more than "re_vote_count" times, this message will be sent to them. 2). Please wait X second(s)... Message sent to player when they attempt to vote too early. This is after the game ends but before the PGCR is shown: 3). Invalid map vote id. Please type a number between 1 & (max) Message sent to player when they type an invalid map vote id: Tweaked script documentation. Added new "error_log" property. If there are any errors, this will be the file to which they are logged (located in the root directory)
  3. Sun, May 9th 2021 Updates: Added the option to limit how many times a player can re-vote (once by default). In the case that all maps voted for have equal votes, the script will now pick a random one. Added the option to clear the player's console each time we need to print the vote options. Refactored a couple of functions for improved performance & updated script documentation.
  4. Description: Get notified when a player executes a command. - features - Admins of level 1 (or higher) will be notified when someone executes a command originating from rcon or chat. Command Spy is enabled for all admins by default and can be turned on or off for yourself (or other players). See the config section for more information. Download Link
  5. May 6, 2021 Updated this script to include: Team change, admin login & map reset events + tweaks to script documentation and other minor changes not worth writing home about.
  6. May 06, 2021 Updated just now with some tweaks to the script documentation and corrected a couple of minor bugs. To see everything that was changed, see this page
  7. Server Logger: This script is intended to replace SAPP's built-in logger This script will log: Join & Quit events Game Start & End Events Script Load, Re-Load & Script Unload Events Global Chat, Team Chat & Vehicle Chat Chat Commands & Rcon/Console There is an additional option to prevent messages or commands containing sensitive information from being logged. The aforementioned is defined in a table called sensitive_content. See config section for more information. Download Link
  8. CUSTOM MAP VOTE SYSTEM: This script is a drop-in replacement for SAPP's built-in voting system. - features - 1). Cast and re-cast your vote! 2). Ability to show more than 6 map vote options. 3). Configurable messages 4). Full control over script timers: * Time until map votes are shown (after game ends). * Time until votes are calculated (after game ends). * Time until until map cycle (after PGCR screen is shown) - notes - 1). You will need to import your map vote settings from mapvote.txt 2). This script will disable SAPP's built-in map vote setting automatically. 3). Map skipping will still work and the skip ratio is defined in the config. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ See config section for more information. For full details including configuration and download link, please see this page. If you have trouble setting this up, please PM me on Discord (ID in my Sig) To see this script in action, see this video: ~edit 4/05/2021 @ 10:00PM NZST: This script was updated just now with a couple of bug fixes and some changes to the script documentation. ~edit 4/05/2021 @ 13:43PM NZST: Updated with a fix for a bug (described below) The bug: Suppose we have an array of 7 maps but we want to show a maximum of 5 maps when the game ends. At the end of game 1, the script will display the first 5 maps in the array. At the end of game 2, the script will display the remaining 2 but not loopback and include the first 3 (for a total of 5) of the first group. This has been fixed.
  9. ~ edit (by Chalwk) content in post deleted as it's not relevant anymore
  10. [BUG FIX] Previous versions had a dependency on a JSON interpreter library that the user had to ensure was installed to the server's root directory. Users no longer need to do this as the Discord SAPP Script (Discord.lua) will now use the Discord Bot's own JSON library located in ./Discord Bot/deps/discordia/libs/utils/Json.lua I have also updated some script documentation in both Discord.lua and ./Discord Bot/settings.lua
  11. [BUG FIX] Two-way conversation between Discord and Halo will now work 100% of the time.
  12. No idea. I don't use or have a copy sapp 8.72. If you can send me a copy of that version of sapp I will see what I can do. I've scoured the internet and couldn't find a link.
  13. Try this: event_start $map:bloodgulch 'spawn vehi "vehicles\warthog\mp_warthog" 65.749 -120.409 0.118 0.20' 65.749 = x -120.409 = y 0.118 = z 0.20 = rotation (IN RADIANS) This example spawns a chain gun warthog middle-map on bloodgulch.
  14. The original post has been edited to include a description of the various features. Also, this Discord Bot was updated today (at 10:12 AM NZST) with a couple of minor bug fixes and tweaks. If anyone is interested in seeing this bot in action, I invite you to join my Halo: CE / Minecraft network (JeriCraft): https://discord.gg/mEjbFJWpe5
  15. Disabling specific weapons on a per-map basis: ------------- Command: disable_object <object name with path> [team(0-2)] Disable an object, optionally disabling for a specific team. Use tools like HMT or Eschaton to retrieve tag paths. ------------- Example of disabling pistol & shotgun interaction for both teams (place inside events.txt): event_start $map:bloodgulch 'disable_object "weapons\pistol\pistol" 0;disable_object "weapons\shotgun\shotgun" 0' event_end 'enable_object "weapons\pistol\pistol" 0;enable_object "weapons\shotgun\shotgun" 0' In the above example, we only disable pistol and shotgun interaction for the map: bloodgulch. It's important that we re-enable these objects otherwise they will still be disabled in follow-up games. Here is a list of all stock weapon tag paths for use in the above command: "weapons\pistol\pistol" "weapons\sniper rifle\sniper rifle" "weapons\plasma_cannon\plasma_cannon" "weapons\rocket launcher\rocket launcher" "weapons\plasma pistol\plasma pistol" "weapons\plasma rifle\plasma rifle" "weapons\assault rifle\assault rifle" "weapons\flamethrower\flamethrower" "weapons\needler\mp_needler" "weapons\shotgun\shotgun" See SAPP Documentation for further information.