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  1. Disabling specific weapons on a per-map basis: ------------- Command: disable_object <object name with path> [team(0-2)] Disable an object, optionally disabling for a specific team. Use tools like HMT or Eschaton to retrieve tag paths. ------------- Example of disabling pistol & shotgun interaction for both teams (place inside events.txt): event_start $map:bloodgulch 'disable_object "weapons\pistol\pistol" 0;disable_object "weapons\shotgun\shotgun" 0' event_end 'enable_object "weapons\pistol\pistol" 0;enable_object "weapons\shotgun\shotgun" 0' In the above example, we only disable pistol and shotgun interaction for the map: bloodgulch. It's important that we re-enable these objects otherwise they will still be disabled in follow-up games. Here is a list of all stock weapon tag paths for use in the above command: "weapons\pistol\pistol" "weapons\sniper rifle\sniper rifle" "weapons\plasma_cannon\plasma_cannon" "weapons\rocket launcher\rocket launcher" "weapons\plasma pistol\plasma pistol" "weapons\plasma rifle\plasma rifle" "weapons\assault rifle\assault rifle" "weapons\flamethrower\flamethrower" "weapons\needler\mp_needler" "weapons\shotgun\shotgun" See SAPP Documentation for further information.
  2. You could crash their game client? I wrote a script that causes a client segmentation fault automatically or on-demand. Quick Introduction: The auto-crash feature is the primary function of the script: There is an array in the config section of the script that you can configure with the names, hashes or IP addresses of the halo clients that you wish to punish. When a player joins, their hash, IP and name is cross-examined against those lists. If a match is made, their client will be crashed. The second feature is a custom command that you can use to crash someone's game client on-demand. Let me know if you want it.
  3. A handful of bugs have been reported since releasing this project and will be fixed in an upcoming release so stay tuned. Notable issues: Inbound text messages from Discord occasionally fail to reach their destination (the halo server). Names containing certain special characters can result in the client returning an Error 400 message.
  4. I am rather annoyed because I really wanted to implement a function that periodically updates a defined channel's topic with a live player count. For example 1/5000 players online | 1000 unique players ever joined | Server online for 2130 minutes | Last update: Tue, 16. Feb 2021 09:21:44 NZDT It turns out that the Discord API has a hardcoded rate limit for channel name and topic updates of 2 per 10 minutes. This time frame is too long to make this functionality practical. So, instead of a live player count, I could instead implement something like a MOTD, or output the current MVP of the day. Thoughts?
  5. Not exactly. It does have Multi-Kill detection and Killing Spree detection though. Rank System was updated again (please update to version 1.26) - this version fixes a bug causing the script not to load. Keen to get some feedback from the community about rank specific rewards or abilities. As stated in the OP, there is no real benefit to ranking up beyond being a flex. I would like to start adding benefits. For example, a flak jacket that a player can equip will absorb explosion damage (until it breaks) - this would be equipped via a command and would have a cooldown period. Another ability could be a tactical airstrike, whereby the player has the ability to call in an airstrike (really just rocket projectiles raining from the sky), by means of aiming where they want the attack to be and typing /ta (short for tac airstrike). Ideas? ~edit Updated this script again because of another minor oversight. The current version is 1.27.
  6. Updated just now to fix lag due to unnecessary io-operations. Added new settings in the config section of the script: It's not recommended to save stats to file during player join & quit events as this may cause undesirable (albeit temporary) lag but the option is now there. update_file_database = { ["OnGameEnd"] = true, ["OnPlayerConnect"] = false, ["OnPlayerDisconnect"] = false },
  7. Webhooks use an array of embed objects called embeds. Here is a functional example of a practical webhook fetch using embeds. local function WhoWon() local str = "No Winner" local r_score = get_var(0, "$redscore") local b_score = get_var(0, "$bluescore") if (r_score > b_score) then str = "Red Team won!" elseif (b_score > r_score) then str = "Blue Team won!" elseif (b_score == r_score) then str = "IT WAS A TIE!" end return str end -- Note that you don't need to coroutine-wrap if you're executing the webhook in a discordia event since they're already in a coroutine -- Make a GET request to your Webhook URL and fetch the ID and Token from it using JSON. client._api:executeWebhook(id, token, { embeds = { { title = "Game Over", description = WhoWon() }, { title = "New Game Started", description = get_var(0, "$map") .. " - " .. get_var(0, "$mode") } } })
  8. Yes, it is. See the following docs: webhooks and D-API W/Hooks For additional support I recommend joining the Discordia discord server: https://discord.gg/discord-api
  9. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce the star of the show: A fully integrated Discord Bot for SAPP Servers. For full project details and installation instructions please see THIS PAGE. If you need help installing on Linux (or Windows, for that matter), DM me on discord: Chalwk#9284 ~edit Updated on 15/02/2021 @ 22:17 PM NZST Fixed bug causing inbound & outbound messages not to send to respective destinations. Updated file documentation in settings.lua Updated on 14/02/2021 @ 16:48 PM NZST Fixed bug causing Discord.lua not to load
  10. Definitely, yes. You'd want to rate-limit the output too. The Discord API (see this page) has a particular proclivity for forcing bots to disconnect from it if you send too much within a time frame. Don't do what I tried to do and send too much at once! Ha-Ha. The great thing about the Discordia API is that you can do so much or so little; and if all you want to do is send a simple message every X-delta, then you can. Project Update: The bot will now feedback the name of the winning player (or team) on discord after each game (see example below).
  11. Added support to connect more than one halo server to the discord bot (see video below).
  12. Development update: ~ EDIT: The Discord Bot will now automatically update the channel topic with the number of players currently online.
  13. A discord bot framework built using the Discordia API and Luvit runtime environment. PLANNED FEATURES This bot will relay a message to your discord server when the following events are fired: Event Announcement Description Bot Load The Bot has loaded successfully. event_death Killed by the server, Squashed by a vehicle, Run over by a vehicle, Betrayal, PVP, Suicide, Zombie-Infect, First blood, Guardians, Killed from the grave, Unknown death. event_join Player connected to the server. event_quit Player disconnected from the server. event_game_start A new game starts (incl map & mode). event_game_end The current game mode ends (and shows who won). event_score Message sent when player scores event_chat Global messages sent to defined global-channel. event_command Command logs sent to defined command-log channel. [note] The bot will ignore commands containing sensitive information (namely passwords). Zombies Death message support for generic zombie mods (toggleable) Two-way chat integration You can send messages directly to the specified Halo server from discord (and visa versa): Discord to Halo chat format: [discord] Chalwk: Hello, how are you? Halo to Discord chat format: [CHAT] Chalwk: Hello, how are you? End Game results Feedback the name of the winning player (or team) on discord after each game. Channel Topic Updates (this feature is currently disabled due to API bug) The Discord Bot will automatically update the global channel topic with the number of players currently online. ~ EDIT: This project was completed on 14/02/2021 - see here
  14. No, Devieth's is unique. We just happen to be working on similar projects at the same time.
  15. @Krazychic As discussed on Discord, I'll write you a Discord bot that does this at the touch of a button, and try to integrate it with Elgato Stream Deck