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  2. That looks like it will work great, I just got the script and will look at it in the next couple of days and try it out, thank you
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  5. as a retired WoW player, i must say... NICE! Very goodjob man good work!
  6. Update: * Added two custom game types to accompany this script (1 for PC and 1 for CE). The game type options are as follows: Game Mode: FFA 20-minute time limit 15 kills to win No shields No suicide penalty No vehicles No indicators KNOWN ISSUE: When the grenade assignment logic is executed, your grenade count may not visibly update immediately. You'll still be rewarded extra grenade(s), however. When you kill someone, take note of your grenade count. Sometimes the count itself won't increment until you switch grenade or throw one. I was able to semi-resolve this issue by delaying the assignment logic by a 60th of a second but even then it still looked a bit janky. ~Edit: Updated: Added option to prevent map objects from spawning. Added optional kill messages: i.e, "+2 frags, +1 plasma" Bugfix for plasma grenade assignments
  7. Please give yourself 5 tickets for this.
  8. Content pasted into the text editor will no longer retain formatting from the source content, as this has caused many illegible and broken posts over the years.
  9. Small maps Chillout, Beavercreek, Wizard ,ect.
  10. Most small and some medium-sized maps seem to work well. I really enjoyed it on Ratrace. Update: Added option to change ammo, mag & battery for the primary weapon (no ammo by default). Documentation edits
  11. I might also set up a server, any suggestions on the map(s) I should use?
  12. Very nice! I will launch a server for it soon.
  13. Frag Nation, for SAPP (PC & CE) Description: Frag Nation is a grenade only mini-game. Each player is given two of each grenade and an empty plasma pistol. Every time you kill a player (with a grenade), you will be rewarded with a grenade(s). If you have no grenades, you will be limited to melee-combat. * Refer to config section for more info. Features: Set the number of starting grenades (on spawn) Define primary weapon (default: plasma pistol) Change ammo, mag & battery for the primary weapon (no ammo by default) Prevent interaction with map objects (weapons, vehicles, equipment) Prevent map objects from spawning at all (weapons, vehicles, equipment) Optional kill message: i.e, "+2 frags, +1 plasma" Grenade Bonuses (per kill): frag explosion (+1) plasma explosion (+1) sticky plasma (+2) Download Link
  14. Script Name: Market, for SAPP (PC & CE) Description: Gain +30 points for every kill. Use these points to buy one of the following: Type Command Price Catalogue Message Camouflage m1 $60 Duration: 30 seconds God Mode m2 $200 Duration: 30 seconds Grenades m3 $30 2x of each Overshield m4 $60 Shield Percentage: Full Shield Health m5 $100 Health Percentage: Full Speed Boost m6 $60 1.3x Easily edit shop commands, price, duration and catalogue messages. Catalogue command: /market Used to view available items for purchase. Download Link Credits: "upmx" for requesting the script.
  15. Yes, that's absolutely true, unfortunately.
  16. I think you can evade this with hidden Unicode characters like zero width space.
  17. I have often considered just adding the event_join 'w8 300; k "New001" "Go get a real name"' as well and also, Nuevo001. Anyways with chalwk's new "Name Blacklist" this will definitely help. Great job chalwk.
  18. @Denn Hope this helps...
  19. Script: Name Blacklist Description: Players have names that you don't like? No problem! When a player joins, their name is cross-checked against a blacklist. If a match is made, they will be instantly kicked. Name Blacklist.lua This script is in response to this post. Video Demonstration:
  20. Had to resign from current job I just started due to a fucked up and confusing situation that I was put into. Long story short, don't create an obligation for someone else, especially people close to you, without their consent...
  21. If you run MultiClient you can run multiple instances of halo and have those join as bots, if you name each bot you want as bot1, bot2 etc gamtracker won't count them as actual palyers.
  22. There are certain players that use the same name but login with different ip's and hash keys, these are the ones I am targeting, pretty useful if you let them log in and play for a few minutes and then auto boot them. {BK) DIEGO is just one of several of them. event_join 'w8 300; k "New001" "Go get a real name"' <-that will let them play for 5 minutes and show a reason they were kicked to everyone on the server. this is what I did to {BK} DIEGO it lets him play for 5 minutes then auto kicks him with a message, it's pretty funny to watch him come back saying WTF lol. He eventually tires out and even when he changes ip and hash key he still gets the boot. I rarely ban players because they just come back with a new IP address.
  23. Oh, they did. It got to the point where I felt like kicking New001 players on sight.
  24. I would think the cheaters would start using default names when they catch on to this.
  25. I have an event that I would like to be made into a script with a name database to kick hackers. here is my event that works great but don't want to add a new event each time I want to add an abuser to be auto kicked. event_join 'w8 90; k "HACKER" "JERK HACKER"'
  26. I'm currently in the process of redoing Invader's C++ code generator. This should make Invader compile considerably faster and make it easier to maintain. I'm also working on a script compiler and a few other things to help with MCC support. I'm hoping this will be useful! Unfortunately, the amount of time I have to work on this stuff might be significantly reduced soon as I might be finally finding myself in a programming job sometime soon! I should be able to continue working on stuff on my free time, but as I do a lot of programming by myself, updates to Invader and Chimera will be a bit slower. Sorry, I gotta eat.
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