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  2. I award you a thumbs up for your honesty.
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  5. @Sceny donated his raffling winning. <3
  6. I also like to add that my screenshot referred to showing "something Sunny and Nice!". But the scene in my screenshot actually takes place during a snowstorm and isn't sunny and nice at all. So my entry should be disqualified for fraud and all votes must be added to Sceny's entry! Reference image without ingame applied filter here:
  7. Before people finalise their votes, please take into account I made no effort this month, and literally grabbed the only screenshot I had taken this month from Discord. And I feel because of my honesty in this situation, that I should automatically win (or at least win your votes). Thank you for your time.
  8. Is now the right time to point out that OC is the oldest Halo forum still standing? :v Unlike all the others who are dead in the grave! v:
  9. Fuck how has it been 11 years.
  10. Entries for February 2023 begins! And there is only one option available for this month's theme! CARNAGE! In celebration of OC.NET's anniversary, themed submissions will get 2 tickets! Double the rewards for the same amount of effort! Hurry now because this offer won't last forever! Get your submissions in to 1-800-OPENCARNAGE.NET
  11. Rules Voting closes on the 5th. Non-entrant voters must have at least 5 posts on the forum. Entrants may not vote for themselves. Theme - "WEATHER" #1 #2 #3
  12. Wait for the 7950X3D! Supposedly coming in less than a month and is better for games than the normal 7950X.
  13. Played a game with some friends last weekend, and it performed pretty well. Granted, it isn't a very recent game, but I am happy with it nonetheless. That said, I am upgrading the motherboard to have better expansion options, and I've decided to go to AM5 on X670 with the 7950X. I'll be gifting my current 5950X CPU to a friend of mine as well as helping them buy a whopping 128 GB of RAM. They have desperately needed an upgrade from their current 8700K/32 GB RAM setup, and they have needed way more cores and RAM for what they need to do, but sadly they cannot afford to go all the way due to sky-high prices in their region, so I am sure they will be happy with this late birthday present of what is basically an fully maxed out AM4 PC. I could just upgrade my board, but buying yet another expensive board now that I will probably not want to use in 4 years sounds unwise (although the same can be said for any recent Intel board these days). Frankly, the 7950X isn't that much better than a 5950X, and to make matters worse, it has a relatively worse time with four DIMMs than the 5950X. However, I won't need to upgrade much in the future, so I see this as a win.
  14. Hey there. I stumbled upon this old post and just wanted to chime in. I hear ya. That surge in demand for bitcoin mining is definitely causing a strain on PC prices. It's wild to think about all the miners scooping up GPUs and other components, driving the cost up for us gamers. On the bright side, have you considered checking out forex trading as a way to potentially make some passive income? There are some great Forex trading tools out there that can help you get started! Just food for thought!
  15. hello... i am trying to switch from chimera 581 to chimera 1.0 but there is one problem: Chimera 1.0 forces you to play in fullscreen, maximum resolution by default. I want to play with windowed mode and here begins the problem: i try to put it on with -window and nothing happens, i set the windowed configuration in "chimera.ini" to 1 and it still was in fullscreen and when i set it to windowed mode manually it only stays like it before i close the game (opening again and it will be fullscreen...) Is there a solution to this problem?
  16. My renewal quote for car insurance dropped by 27%!
  17. Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement!!  May the remainder 2023 be the most restful year for you.

    1. Iggy


      Thank you for both :)

      I didn't realize I'd posted about my retirement.


    2. Krazychic


      I remembered regardless


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  19. Is that Orcs Must Die?
  20. Danced with my fiancé's cat Coco to this. little idiot <3
  21. You can use Chimera itself for this, Multiclient is not needed. Just make sure multiple_instances=1 and hash=% are set in chimera.ini. These are in the [halo] section.
  22. How to use Chimera with Halo CE Multiclient? Is it supported? I need it for testing scripts and to practice shooting with bots. Thanks!
  23. Thanks I will also try that :))))))
  24. I think because one of the tubes went bad almost right away, it lasted longer than I expected. I'd say worth the money if someone thinks it's cool and will see it regularly. I bought this one as replacement, which has a really cool second counter:
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