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  3. It's super late but I hope this is added. It's such a neat thing.
  4. Here is another small update: invader-build: New argument: --always-index-tags. This will force all indexable tags to be indexed without checking, speeding up map build time slightly. Only use this if you have not modified any tags present in bitmaps.map, sounds.map, or loc.map. invader-bitmap: Dropped libpng, instead opting for stb Added support for TGA and BMP formats through stb TIFFs won't have their RGB multiplied with alpha by libtiff anymore. If you want this behavior, do it yourself. You don't, though. Want to test this? You can download a build (Windows 64-bit) here: invader-win32-20190717T223957Z.7z edit: Uploaded a new build again. I just realized that accidentally built this with outdated code.
  5. Kru, that was a non-sequitur. I could understand something like this being useful if intellisense was implemented, some of the functions can get kinda monotonous to type out, being able to tab fill it is nice, and reference other scripts/functions and their inputs in one glance. Though, that would be significantly more complicated, and it would likely be easier to make a dedicated IDE. That's up to you if you decide the time is worth the pay off c: However, I also understand the flip side of the coin. Scripts aren't overly complicated, and adding something to it might fall under the category of "If something ain't broke, don't fix it." Though my thoughts on this is I'm ALL FOR different ways of representing data. Everybody is unique. For example, what if someone has high functioning autism? Being able to color code things might be fantastic for them. That actually might be the determining factor on if they decide to pursue their want to write scripts. Bridging a gap in the community and allowing for accessibility. This is very important for gaming in general IMO. While I might not personally use it, having it available is nice c: I think it's a nice start c: Don't get discouraged! If one person thought it might be useful, there is bound to be another.
  6. Neuromorphic engineering—building machines that mimic the function of organic brains in hardware as well as software—is becoming more and more prominent. The field has progressed rapidly, from conceptual beginnings in the late 1980s to experimental field programmable neural arrays in 2006, early memristor-powered device proposals in 2012, IBM's TrueNorth NPU in 2014, and Intel's Loihi neuromorphic processor in 2017. Yesterday, Intel broke a little more new ground with the debut of a larger-scale neuromorphic system, Pohoiki Beach, which integrates 64 of its Loihi chips. Source
  7. Up until the last few decades, our picture of what might reside around distant stars was shaped entirely by the planets, moons, asteroids, and other bodies in our own Solar System. But the discovery of thousands of exoplanets has dramatically improved our picture of what's out there in terms of large bodies. Comets and asteroids, by contrast, are well below our ability to image for the indefinite future. Source
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  9. Chevron crews have begun to clean up a massive and ongoing oil spill in California after nearly 800,000 gallons of oil and water were dumped into a canyon near Bakersfield in May. Source
  10. New house. Closing on it in August. Can't wait to get out of this shitty apartment.
  11. Confirmed: This is glorious to use.
  12. Do you believe in magic? I don't. But I believe that computers will soon become our overlords. All hail Skynet! In all seriousness, this nifty program is pretty much like really magic so powerful it'll recoil back at the user. That is to say that it isn't perfect. So what is this? This program is called Gigapixel. An AI trained by Topaz Labs to upscale images up to 32000x32000 with no visual quality loss and image quality improvement.. And it does a damn fantastic job at it. A good comparison I have is upscaling Halo's textures by 8x. https://imgur.com/a/uQTEtq7 I've also done a number of other images and uploaded them to my Mega Cloud that can be found publicly at https://mega.nz/#F!d4cl0SpI!HF57_qMaUgUYdjeoqPVvdQ I even upscaled an old YouTube video from 480p to 1080p. (I also converted it from 30fps to 60fps but that was using something else called Avisynth) The original video link can be found in the description. You can run those side by side to see the difference. Setting the upscaled video from 1080p to 480p wouldn't be fair. What can it do? Gigapixel is strictly an image upscale tool. It has a couple additional features in the form of Noise Suppression and Blur Removal to help improve low quality images. But there are some limitations to it. The AI needs information to work off of to give you the best results that it can. Therefore, the higher the resolution and quality of the original image the better. It can work pretty well with images as low as 256x256 as I have confirmed. But if that image or any image in particular contains too many blocky artifacts and blurriness then the quality of the final image will reduce. Artifacts in particular are the greatest enemy to Gigapixel as it will sometimes think that they're a part of the image and keep those in the final product. While it can remove small noise particles, it can't remove big blocky artifacts found in poorly compressed videos. Your starting image will greatly affect what this can provide you. Gigapixel works just fine with images that contain an alpha layer, but layers in general are something it seems to struggle with sometimes. Particularly when you try to use the Noise Suppression and Blur Removal options. There are very rare occurrences where the filters appear to affect a specific RGB layer and result in color highlights that shouldn't be there. It's hard to replicate, but it might be due to the type of image being put in for processing. Gigapixel can handle JPG, PNG, and TIF. I would stay away from TIF as it seems to create that color highlighting issue, and export in PNG for the best quality. Having the ability to quickly select whether to export to the same folder or a different folder by a drop down box is neat. And the ability to add a prefix or suffix to stay organized is even better. You might also be wondering how I was able to upscale a video with Gigapixel when it's strictly an image upscaling tool, and that's where ffmpeg and this guide come into play. https://captrobau.blogspot.com/2019/05/tutorial-upscaling-video-with-topaz-ai.html We simply use ffmpeg to rip the video apart frame by frame, then throw them into Gigapixel for upscaling before stitching them back together. Conclusion We're in a new age. And this AI image processing is just the start of a growing AI technology era until game AI's are powered by actual AI's and the world leaders are replaced with mechanical overlords. This is an amazing piece of software. I can see it being great for photographers who can't afford a camera the price of their homes, the average joe who takes pictures on their phones of places they've been and everything they've eaten before posting to social media, and those who have 4K+ monitors or TV's and everything they want to use as a wallpaper is in 1080p and lower. You can try the program for free or purchase it for $99.99 at https://topazlabs.com/gigapixel-ai/
  13. No, just software that flies on aircraft, hbu.
  14. Last week
  15. Here's a small update I added a new tool: invader-resource. This tool compiles bitmaps.map, sounds.map, and loc.map. You will need the HEK tags directory as well as a complete, extracted Halo Combat Evolved tags folder to use this. You can also use multiple tags directories like with invader-build. There are a few applications for this: Smaller campaign maps, since some of the tags are now located inside of these maps rather than in the cache file Campaign maps that work across all languages of the game - I've built a d40.map that can interchangeably use any language assets provided you use a patched tool.exe to do this. Custom resource maps that retroactively apply to your maps (e.g. a 4K AI upscaled set of bitmaps) Also, I changed the argument, --output-format, for invader-bitmap to --format. Lastly, bitmap, sound, and unicode string tag compilation are now slightly more accurate. They should compile to exactly the same size tags as tool.exe would do.
  16. You over emphasize these colors' usefulness in this case. You say ew to Notepad, I say ew to VS. Actually the script is so big, and comments so numerous, that all the comments had to be moved to a separate file or else Sapien wouldn't compile it. I have been working on this for a while. Revised it several times and thoroughly documented all of it. If you'd like I could hold your hand and walk you through every line of it in eye bleeding black and white. You don't write many Halo scripts, do you.
  17. I've read that incels in particular have been sharing her photo and posting misogynistic things chiefly about how she deserved it. In one sick account apparently someone got a hold of her mom's phone number and sent her a picture of a printed photo of her daughter's remains that they had ejaculated on with some caption about how she pleasured him one last time. I just simply can't even
  18. Soon after Bianca Devins was killed on Sunday morning, pictures of her bloodied body were circulating online. Source
  19. Notepad, as in Microsoft Notepad? Like the worst text editor known to man? God help your poor, misguided soul. Also god help your poor fucking eyes, black text on a white background is the worst. If you looked at the GitHub link at all, you would have noticed that it is just a set of color themes for VS, not actual code completion/correction. Also, great job finding issues in a tiny code snippet that was obviously written to show off the theme. Anyone who writes code professionally uses an IDE, or at the very least a proper text editor with a color theme. Just cause a language is simple doesn't mean you can't benefit from using the proper tool for the job. Everyone has their own work flow and working environment setup differently, if you are smart you choose a method that makes your life easier. Yes, because reading a wall of text all colored the same makes most people's eyes start bleeding. More importantly, having function calls, variables, etc all light up different colors makes any size file easier to read. No need to go find the declaration to figure out what something is, you just know based on how it is lit up. People don't rely on it, they use it to their advantage to make their life easier. If you are truly an "expert" at something, you don't do it the hard way. Its like you're trying to cut a tree down with a pen knife and at the same time telling off the guy with the chainsaw. By the way, before you say "oh I don't need context clues, I wrote it so I know everything", good luck reading that mess of a script months from now. For the same reason, put some damn comments in, you animal. You have a knack for being a dick head, don't you.
  20. They want to come to my house at 8AM to try and fix what I'm pretty sure is a broken panel. This should be interesting.
  21. Round 2 has been extended an extra week (dates in OP) to line up better for SBB's recording of the final maps, to ensure the videos make it out before voting begins. We will also be hosting a public game night on the 1st of September (few days before voting begins) for everyone to try out the MP maps in actual matches.
  22. That part was in the OP since it was first posted, however I did make attempts to make it clearer with a later edit. Sorry =|
  23. Let's be realistic here- most new maps don't get played as much as they should. Sadly these days you only make maps for you and your friends to enjoy, or contests. I suppose you're right about simply settling for the Outstanding Maps tickets if money is your motivator. But the contest also makes it fun and competitive. (Plus you win money directly instead of gambling with the raffle.) I keep drawing parallels to the first contest. (Second contest had no minigames IIRC.) What you should to take away from that first contest is exactly how close first and second places were. The reason Pope's map barely won is because it was exceptionally well done. Way better than a majority of the maps in existence. Good luck coming even close to Pope's modeling skills. Whereas second place was... yeah. These minigames are cool and all but it's comparable to being in different weight classes in MMA. Same goes for SP maps. And a side note- the stipulation that people can use any build of Chimera they want is a little circle-jerky and weren't the builds that allowed client LUA purposely discontinued because they're potentially exploitable? Speaking of which, I swear I never saw any mention that the Round 2 project had to be a continuation of the Round 1 entry until one of the second to last edits of the contest submission OP. I guess I need to get my eyes checked. My assumption was you could enter as many maps per round as you want. Seems like people only released half-assed maps in Round 1 not to win it, but to get to Round 2 because that's where the good prizes are. If I'm forced to only work on refining LongShot, then I have to respectfully pull out of Round 2. LongShot's core level layout is intentionally ridiculous. I appreciate you believing I could turn it around into something better (even winning that additional prize you just announced), but dedicating a month to trying to make the map not suck isn't desirable. I've had to do that too many times for the NHE maps.
  24. Hopefully they'll find the a small cache of highly advanced Prothean technology. Been dying for cheaper train tickets these days.
  25. I'm still trying to decide between vuths map and altis map. I'll need to check them both out when I get back. So sorry if I end up changing up my vote.
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