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  2. ipak, Imeta, and fmeta file formats coming soon
  3. I’m wondering which version of the game that’s looking at because I know population numbers were higher than that. It’s interesting to see the flux in users because around 2011, there were normally around a thousand people playing at any given time.
  4. Bout far as I can get back with the All-Seeing Eye website was OCT 2005 Mind you, the numbers did vary by the time of day.
  5. On Epic Games Store.
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  7. Does anyone happen to have a really old screenshot of the server browser that shows the population, by chance? Something from around the 2003 - 2006 era? Anything even just a little after that? I used to have loads of screenshots from around that time but I've since lost mine and I'd like to see the population numbers the game had around those times.
  8. H2A-inflate is a quick python script I threw together to decompress halo 2 anniversary .pck files cli style interface (time to embrace my inner kava): h2a-inflate <file> <output> Quick and simple; source might be available if I can compress back in the future. This might also mean I can add h2a support into SuP at some point c: for batch files, I recommend copying the compressed files out of the directory, and creating a text document named "inflate.bat" copy this into it. Make sure h2a-inflate is in the same directory as the compressed file. mkdir inflated FOR %%i IN (*.pck) DO h2a-inflate "%%i" "inflated\%%~ni.pck" h2a-inflate.rar
  9. SuP v 0.2.0 prebuild v 2 is out! What's new? Added the ability to repack s3dpaks, as well as partial support for ipak. How does it work? Viewing, and exporting data is the same as before! just load up the s3dpak and click extract. Importing data has been added. To use the feature use the select drop down, or right click and go to import. You'll see the new import window open. You can import as many files as you like, just make sure you match the file type to the correct format. You can see the format in the new "types" column in the main window. When importing SceneData you MUST have the file be labeled "SceneData" exactly as shown, caps and everything. After you import you'll see the main window update the new contents of the file, adjust the offsets, and overwrite existing data. If you've changed your mind on importing a file, you can delete it from the file. You can also create a new file from scratch by importing on an empty window (litterally JUST realized I don't have a new file option, will add in v 0.3.0 for now restart the program) Once done, you can save the file with file>Save as.. and it will automatically create the file, and compress if again for you. Ipak Support This version also introduced limited Ipak support. It can read almost all of the data types (currently it just wont save it if it doesn't know how. I figured that was better than a popup every time you tried to extract in a batch) The header is added using Rawtex. (A program developed by Daemon1 and used with permission. Check the readme for details on the program.) To load a Ipak you need to change the open file type to Ipak. You need to make sure the Ipak is in the same location as the .csv file which contains all the texture information. Once ceaflate decompresses the file (Please be patient, the file is huge; it does take some time) It will populate in the main window, just like a s3dpak. From there you can extract one by one(if SuP knows how to handle the format) or you can extract all the files SuP knows how to. Do note you cannot save Ipaks currently, you cannot import into Ipaks, and there are no fail safes to prevent you from trying. the program will more than likely crash if you will. This is still beta release. Big thanks to kavawuvi for CEAFlate, and Daemon1 for rawtex. Source license: GNU GPL v3 Download: Updated in original post
  10. https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/forum/78-chimera/
  11. Use dgVoodoo2 to change the brightness. Chimera disables the gamma setting intentionally, and I will not be providing an option to re-enable it because it's actually really screwed up. This is explained in the readme that is included with Chimera: Maybe? Still unsure lol
  12. Last week
  13. Hi Kavawuvi How can I increase the brightness? some maps are dark and i wish i could level the brightness, because it seems to be disabled since video settings. and you could add "spam to join" for entire servers.
  14. How does chimera work tho... I have it but I don't see how it works
  15. Extract the .map files from the download archive with 7-zip and use those files to replace the original .map files that are in your "Halo" installation maps folder. The compressed maps need the mod "Chimera" to run, the uncompressed ones do not. I recommend the mod anyway is it fixes many bugs in the game.
  16. How do you get these to run Am new here
  17. Perfect time to promote my favourite jungle mercenary simulator! Far Cry 2 is currently on sale on Steam for like $4! :v
  18. I was going to grab a screenshot from theater in Halo 3 PC but the insider build is gone and all my saved films are gone. RIP. Guess I'll have to wait for the full release and try to get something there.
  19. 'Grats @Pfhunkie for winning!
  20. See next post for v 0.2.0 information Sabre unPacker is a program that will extract the contents from a s3dpak file (and with future updates hopefully other sabre files) Icon is still being developed. Currently it's in beta version. If there are any features you want to see added, just put them in the comments. To use the program simply open a *compressed* s3dpak file ceaflate will decompress the file and add it to the TMP directory. Select the files you wish to extract, and select a location for them to go. profit. I hope this is a good step towards helping research the engine a bit more. future plans are to repack, and add the ability to read ipak Big thanks to Kavawuvi for letting me use ceaflate. Source License: GNU GPL v3 SuP 0.2.0.rar
  21. Just a strings.dll replacement basically, backup the original. Take a look here for the basic functions of Gandanur. Manual for Gandanur
  22. Just curious, how do you get Gandanur to work? I've unzipped it and all it contains is .dll files no config files to set it up! Please help! I want to try Gandanur out.
  23. I've updated the download to include a copy of the GNU GPL v3. I forgot to do this, so it led to some confusion over whether the binary can be distributed (it can under GPL v3).
  24. Have you tried Kava's Script for Linux? Although I think it might have some bugs still present, but overall works. I can make a batch file later, but not atm; due to working on multiple current things.
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