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  2. ~30°C For the moment, it's nice.
  3. 70F and breezy, pretty good
  4. Show yours off. I've come a long way since:
  5. Today
  6. Just about 4 more days to enter!
  7. It rained for like 2 minutes here then stopped. I need a monsoon right about now.
  8. Man, I was woken up super early by the beautiful sound of rain. I was so happy :')
  9. Just took this pic of the cloud formation. Storm heading this way I think.
  10. Getting into Overwatch! Anyone want to join @buttonspectre and I sometime?
  11. Overwatch.
  12. I think it's time to mow my grass... My dog is getting lost in it.
  13. Yesterday
  14. I have good legs! Made pork fried rice, with bits of stuff I found in the fridge. Me and my boy are stuffed, Wife will have to microwave hers when she gets in from work.
  15. Overwatch Sale and Free Weekend
  16. I wasn't aware that you were a beautiful woman. Can I get your number?
  17. All set
  18. Today i played with power tools and chainsaws. Worked on fence-line repairs and cutting down over growth. Now im cooking a rather large pork chop in the charbroiler for my breakfast.
  19. Buy both and be pretty much certain the problem's solved
  20. Wanna trade? Its going to be 80F here q.q
  21. Tonight I added an RSS bot to our Discord server, which will be sharing all new modding topics (only the topics, not new posts) in the modding channel. Same goes for all new tech topics to the tech channel. Let me know what you guys think!
  22. A pleasant 50F.
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