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  2. Are you mistaking that for build -581? I've just uploaded it. If a build -582 exists can you compile it for me?
  3. Update the link to the Chimera Binaries to use Michelle's 50-582 build. She figured out how to fix the crash related to reverting to a checkpoint in a previous BSP (e.g. B40 AOTCR). This is a clean solution as opposed to her previous Lua-based workaround.
  4. Updated Vaporeon's stock UI to include a more detailed mouse sensitivity menu. Updated Chimera from build -572 to build -581. Release notes: " - Fixes a major crash bug to do with reloading a checkpoint that was made in a different BSP. (Interpolation object set would be mismatched)"
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  6. You could disable SAPP's ping kicking, give players level 0 admin access, and then write an event in events.txt to handle ping kicking (event_alive will do the trick). event_alive $lvl<0 $ping>300 'k $n "High ping ($ping)"' I think ping kicking might also ignore players with level 0 admin access, too, so try just doing that, first, before messing with events. I can't remember though.
  7. I have ping_kick set in the sapp init file - this works ok and helps a lot in reducing lag on the server, but unfortunately some regular players with slightly higher pings are being kicked. I wondered is there any way that I can allow certain players to join my server whose ping is above the ping kick level ? Maybe by way of events somehow.. or would it need a script to accomplish this ? Cheers
  8. http://vaporeon.io/hosted/dsoal-builds/dsoal-r391.7z
  9. To anyone else who ends up here wondering how to configure DSOAL, here ya go. Might be slightly outdated depending on when you find this. For most laymen purposes, the configs included in Vaporeon's builds will suffice with little or no modifications. alsoft-reference.ini Oh, right. This is included with OpenAL-Soft-1.19.1-bin.zip (Windows Binaries) from OpenAL-Soft.org.
  10. Last week
  11. Working on a new custom chat. This is intended to eventually remove the dependency on the Keystone library that comes with the game. This library has issues working on Wine as well as some installations of Windows. First off, something that has been commonly requested is custom chat colors. Another problem of Halo is that there is no distinction between team chat or vehicle chat. Server messages can also be pretty annoying. This moves them out of the way so they don't clutter up the chat and, soon, your console. Lastly, chat messages are animated. This looks better, and it makes it easier to follow along with the chat.
  12. First of all, I want to make it clear that I am using the Google translator. I am very interested in creating a mod for halo PC and I need help, I know that you edit halo PC with this (graphic mod), I do not know if you could help me answer some questions. I want to know how to achieve such (graphic mod) as yours, if so, I would appreciate it very much
  13. Minecraft: Blam Edition
  14. That just happened to me
  15. My apologies @bigblue I misunderstood your question. But yes the 5 in the sj_level command refers to admin level. I am only familiar with using the ipban command, and thats been working fine for me as well.
  16. Thx.. I know about admin levels.. so just to confirm, the level in sj_level corresponds to the admin level ? As I said in my previous post, bans are cleared once the server is restarted - they're not being written to the banlist file for some reason. So I use ipban instead, which works ok.
  17. I must admit that Black Sails pleasantly surprised me. A lot. I will say however that I forced myself to read the classic adventure novel, Treasure Island, prior to watching it because this 4-season Starz series acts as a prequel. Having nearly finished this series I can safely say that I highly recommend reading (or re-reading) that book if you plan to watch this show. Even if you have to force yourself a little bit. Knowing which characters are fictional (Israel Hands, Billy Bones, Long Jon Silver, or Captain Flint) and which ones are historical (Captain Rackham, Captain Vane, Captain Edward Teach) and how they interact with each other and become the characters we know in Treasure Island makes the story so much more meaningful. In particular, the performance by Captain Flint was ridiculous in how great it was executed. You can watch the entire thing on Hulu or Starz. I'd give this show a solid 8/10. Edit: Just a quick update now that I've actually finished the damned thing. I thought the ending was a little rushed/weak. But the journey is still worth it in my opinion. My rating has not changed.
  18. I watched a few episodes myself.
  19. Love, Death & Robots
  20. Just passed my driving theory test!
  21. Hey Kavawuvi, I think you have a very balanced perspective, which I think makes more sense if you don't have a particular favoritism or predisposition to Steam. I'm not a consistent gamer anymore, and mostly stick to single-player experiences; so the fact that these single-player games can't be purchased or experienced through my main gaming platform of choice (Steam) feels more frustrating than it maybe should. For example, what is the incentive to accomplish achievements if its on a platform that I don't otherwise use? Glad we agree on Epic being a deceitful company, borderline as bad as EA (or worse) because of how they are flagrantly trying to steal personal information from our computers. I think a good new name for Epic's platform is Epic Fail. - Blitzbunrns4
  22. I do like it when there are more platforms to get games, as that encourages competition. For example, GOG is a really cool platform, as there's no DRM, for example. Many Steam games do have DRM, however. GOG offers something that Steam doesn't have, and that's what I want to see. It means we can choose and pick the best option for ourselves. What Epic Games is doing is not this. Quite a few companies have actually broken promises such as a Steam or GOG release of a game, and they've done this in exchange for whatever money Epic gave them to keep them exclusive to Epic for a year. We aren't getting a better option when they do this. Instead, we're getting shafted. This is anti-competitive. I have nothing against choosing to release on just Epic Games in itself. Sure, that's disappointing and I probably won't buy that game, but that's it. What is wrong is the way they are being deceitful about it.
  23. Sup Opencarnage, For those out of the loop, Epic Games announced (rather surprisingly) that they obtained the exclusive rights release Quantic Dream's three hit games Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroid: Become Human on pc via their Epic Store. Going beyond the discussion of how frustrating a further fracturing of this already-fractured pc market is, or how sketchy Epic Games has been with Digital Rights Management issues, I personally feel frustrated that these titles are exclusively hogged on a, let us say, niche platform. My personal pc platform of choice is Steam, where I have the bulk of my game collection and network of online friends. So this news really bugs me after the Metro Exodus fiasco. I can't help but wonder if this announcement by Epic/Quantam coincided with Microsoft partnering with Steam to release their Halo titles on PC. I know that Quantic's founder has mentioned bringing titles to other platforms before, but this feels a lot less like competition and more like undercutting core PC gamers' wishes behind closed doors. There's something altogether tasteless here by Epic, considering their history with us and it just doesn't sit right with me. I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same or if I'm just being petty. Sincerely, blitzburns4 Sources for latest Epic Store news: https://venturebeat.com/2019/03/20/quantic-dream-will-take-its-titles-to-the-pc-with-launch-on-epic-games-store/ Source Quantic Dreams Founder wanting to bring titles to new platforms: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/01/detroit-maker-quantic-dream-looks-beyond-playstation/ Metro Exodus backlash: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-02-04-4a-games-embroiled-in-controversy-over-metro-exodus-epic-games-store-exclusivity
  24. @bigblue There are 4 admin levels. If you look on page 11 and onward in the manual it tells you which commands are available for each level. 4 Has the most commands, 3 has less, and so on. Level 1 can be used if you want to give custom commands to certain players but not make them full admins. They will see admin chat though. As far as the banlist is concerned. Make sure you are using the ipban command listed on page 12 of the manual and then look in your ipbans.txt file inside of your sapp folder, and it should be there. Also when you are doing commands such as ipbans, locations, areas ect.. make sure to never have the file open on elites website backend when you are doing the command in game or it wont save it.
  25. Yes! I am having the exact same problem. Can anyone help?
  26. Here is another table. This one is for the entire Refined campaign. Here are the important points: On average, compression ratio is under 40%. This reduces the total size of the Refined campaign on disk from around 2.65 GiB to around 1 GiB. Decompression on 8+ threads provides the best decompression times. It is worth noting that times and scaling can be improved further, but it will come at the cost of compression ratio. Even on CPUs that don't have 8 physical cores but have at least 8 threads (e.g. desktop Intel Core i7 CPUs, Ryzen 5 CPUs, etc.), SMT/HT can still provide improved throughput. Decompression on 4 threads provides worse (longer) decompression times compared to 8+ threads. CPUs that are dual core but have four threads (e.g. pre-Cannon Lake Intel Core i3 CPUs, Kaby Lake and Cannon Lake Pentiums, etc.) will perform worse than true quad cores but may still get better times than those that have only two threads. Even when locked to 2 threads, decompression usually takes under 4 seconds. Note that PCs with CPUs that actually have only 2 threads will probably perform worse due to having low clock speeds, slow memory, etc. Also, the operating system may be doing tasks in the background, consuming CPU time.
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  28. I'm with Elite Servers and have this in my event file also. One question on this though, there's not much info in the sapp documentation about the levels - which level would be used for admin only ? I don't want everyone to have access to sightjacker. Talking of Eliteservers - I still can't get my banlist file to work - ipbanlist works fine. If someone is banned then it isn't written to the banlist file ie. b [playerid]. It's strange, I've never been able to get this working.. tried everything. The ban works when it's implemented, but as soon as the server is restarted the ban is cleared.
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