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  3. Just came back from watching Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel anime movie. I never really look into information for movies as to not spoil anything for myself. I was not aware that this was a trilogy. I'm so disappointed yet excited. Just gotta wait till sometime in 2018 for part 2, and maybe q4 2018 for part 3.
  4. $60k is unattainable to most people, too. All I'm saying is that it's no where near as expensive as the cars we're comparing it to. He was trying to lump it into something like hyper car territory pricing which isn't fair at all.
  5. FWIW, 250k for a car might as well be 1.5m for most people.
  6. Thing is, this isn't "super dooper" expensive. If you were to attempt to buy a base 918 right now, they're going for over $1.5m. This thing will only be $250k. All we're looking at so far with this car is the 0-60 times and a vague top speed reference. Top speed in a 918 is 211mph whereas this is quoting 250+. 0-60 in the 918 is 2.2 seconds whereas the Roadster will be at 1.9. The ultimate argument will be in regards to taking it on the track. I'll be interested to see how well it handles on the track when they're closer to releasing it. It seems like it can easily take doing repeated launches all night so that's a good sign. There's a lot to consider but if you consider how well their SEDAN handles, there's a lot of promise when it comes to a car that's specifically meant to be a sports car. Take a second to step back and realize what we're comparing as well. We're not comparing this thing to other cars at its price point; we're comparing this car to the greatest cars in the world and this thing has them beat when it comes to the specs we know so far. Do I think it'll beat a 918 around a track? No but if it did, and I were Porsche, I'd be unbelievably embarrassed.
  7. I've updated the post with a list of tag classes I plan on mapping out. Some of these tag classes likely won't get mapped out due to being useless. Because there are 83 tag classes, I've put them in spoiler tags. Note that just because a tag is completed does not mean there aren't any hidden values not listed in Guerilla that I may go back and modify.
  8. Wrote a program for work that automates setting boot parameters for our embedded target via serial cause fuck hyperterm/putty and spending the 30 seconds to do it manually.
  9. Back to the News Room with you!
  10. https://www.pdfescape.com/windows/
  11. He's sooooo demanding, isn't he!
  12. I only entered because when I said I wasn't going to make it, I could feel Tucker's disappointment. It was overwhelming, it got to me, and started fucking with my conscious.
  13. I need money I'm starving help
  14. I'm looking for a PDF Editor that's hassle free and easy to use for PC. Suggestions please.
  15. You have to distinguish between an informing article, the objective reporting of an incident or situation, and an opinion forming article, the authors position towards something. Both can be published in news media. Usually (or ideally) the type of reporting is highlighted or is obliged to do so by a governmental body. This article may not be news in its classical sense but it also isn't 'bad journalism'. So no, he is not absolutely right.
  16. I think they really wanted to appear neutral and probably set out to be when they started typing the piece, but the bias is peppered in here and there. It's especially prevalent in the first little quip about the living in constant"fear" of the threat of nuclear apocalypse, the continued reference to the President as "Mr Trump", then later on in the commentary concerning the "transformation" of the Republican party, then a bit more in the finishing commentary paragraphs. I suppose I should be happy there was at least an effort on part of the author to try to maintain a level of neutrality, but that was kind of shot to pieces with the poorly researched and badly (non-)sourced comments concerning the Presidents accomplishments and fulfilled promises. The one that threw me the worst was the comment concerning the "wall", when it has been clear the wall is being built, prototypes have been erected and there's been a flurry of articles about it, with one prominent Reuters article published a full eight days prior to this one, commenting about the amount of poverty stricken Mexican nationals in dismay over the "rise" of the President's promised wall.
  17. I'm undecided, keep changing my vote before I click so each of those with a submittion tell me why I should vote for your map. Oh and your response doesn't have to be a serious one
  18. Just about 24 hours left!
  19. Weps is still absolutely right. There's very little solid facts and definitely no sources cited in the entire thing. The guy also uses the word "I" at the very beginning of the second paragraph. This isn't a news article; it's a blog post. The author seems to have no journalistic training whatsoever. Which is a shame, coming from a site by the name of news.com.au. I will admit it was pretty neutral though.
  20. Don't get me wrong, if someone handed me the keys and said "It's yours", I'd be ecstatic. However, if I were to win lotto my choice of super dooper expensive car would be a very different one. Behold! The Porsche 918 RSR:
  21. Elon said in the unveiling that this is just going to be the base model. =D
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