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  2. dock icons are placeholders
  3. This for my Abyss 2.
  4. Today
  5. After four months, i've got internet access again as of 5 minutes ago.
  6. What is Onkyo full access?
  7. Happy birthday! You're 20 again, right?
  8. Nah, I'm more than content with my current monitor.
  9. Happy Birthday Krazy, I wanted to be the first on OC to say it
  10. The lying fucks, Bureau of Meteorology, it was 32oC today and for our last official day of Summer it's a 34oC prediction. THIS IS NOT AUTUMN WEATHER, sheeeeesh!!!
  11. Tucker's hairy anus?
  12. Do eeet
  13. I spent $5 on TF2 items a few years ago. Then I traded a lot and had over $150 worth of items at one point.
  14. Chicken. I eat it two to three times a day and started developing digestive issues so I had to start taking a multivitamin sometimes just to stop from having the most painful poops I've ever known. I do eat other stuff...just rarely.
  15. Well that stinks. Oh well just was curious
  16. That sounds like it would incredibly annoying to have, I'm sorry. =| I have slightly the opposite issue, because I don't value money very much, so I spend it probably more easily than I should. It really didn't help that my last job paid extremely well, but I am always careful to not go under having a specific minimum on hand. Edit: I got it, I have a very unhealthy social life ...because people don't hold my interest for very long (if at all). Other than you guys of course; I find you all wonderful. <3
  17. So I was discussing this with Risk the other day; I have an unhealthy relationship with money. For the past 6+ years I've been a miser - I hoard money around (I have several stashes hidden around in my house lol...), I struggle to justify spending any of it, whether it be on something I want or something frivolous, and I regret almost every purchase. A few weeks ago, I suggested sharing a takeout order with my younger sister, but when it came to ordering over the phone it took me nearly 2 hours to justify spending a minute amount of money on something like that. Its kinda weird because it was my idea to begin with, but my head filled up with all sorts of questions I needed to ask my self; Do I really want this? Couldn't I just go in the kitchen and cook dinner myself? What if I needed the money for something else in the near future? etc. Weird right? lol I don't really know how this started or why, but I'm under the impression its down to people in my life bitching about what they don't have or cant afford, whilst doing nothing to save toward what they want/need, and frivolously spending money. In the past year or so I've gotten 'better' when purchasing stuff online (I tend to just 'click and forget'), but going spending physical cash more of a struggle. Eventually I'll probably have to get some sort of professional help to have a normalised relationship with money. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had an unhealthy relationship they'd like to share?
  18. Today I learned that it takes two months to downgrade your month-by-month phone plan on Verizon... "to prevent accidental overages." So you have to pay for an extra month of your old plan before it goes into effect. Even if you accidently received an overage because you forgot about your own actions, it'd probably be way cheaper.
  19. 2560x1440. If I were to get a new monitor today, I'd probably join Skeez with the 3440x1440.
  20. Tom Clancy's Wildlands
  21. Two packages of meatloaf mix and a bag of russet potatoes for tonight's dinner.
  22. Yesterday
  23. This is a true statement. Military "doctors and dentists" are the kind of people that will turn you into Frankenstein and then give you Motrin 800 to "keep the edge off."
  24. Technically this will work on any vehicle but it will not change any of the animations so it might look pretty stupid.
  25. Mine is actually a smaller monitor, you should see the one I'm using at work now. Ultra-wide curved monitor
  26. I'll have to check it out.
  27. My son had his wisdom teeth removed while he was in the Army. Judging by the pictures he sent I think they used a hammer drill to do it.
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