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  2. Good luck doing your thing! I love you <3
  3. Rules The final day to vote is the 5th (‎UTC-5:00). Non-entrant voters must have at least 10 posts on the forum. Entrants may not vote for themselves. #1 #2 #3
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  5. Ever since 002 left things have been really dying down and I'm glad he's finally coming back.
  6. I'm sure if I change the padding of enough <div>s, it'll be just enough to keep the place up.
  7. About goddamn time. This place is falling apart.
  8. It's about damn time you stepped down. I'm sure your clone, despite being exactly the same as you, will do a much better job. It's nice to know things will actually get done now that we've sold the forum back to phil. Nixon's head in a jar for president 2020.
  9. Hey, everyone! For the past two and a half years, I have been working hard as Administrator on this forum. However, today, I am proud to announce that my time as Administrator is going to come to an end very soon, and I will instead be fulfilling the role of Web Dev. The reasons should be obvious. I'm much better at editing CSS attributes and making small minute changes that nobody notices (which I am extremely anal about, by the way!) rather than actually administering a forum. Also, it is no secret that I like the color pink, and as you know, the Web Dev role is pink. <3 Therefore, effective on April 31st, I'm going to finally step down as Administrator to be replaced by 002 who will be reprising the role. Thank you very much for these past couple of years. I'm sure these changes will be hardly noticeable as I slowly adjust the font colors of all of your profiles.
  10. Excellent! The ghosts of the past will love this lol
  11. This is way way wayyy to late but never the less it turns out there is a way to run a dedicated server on Halo Trial with the 1.10 master server. It's done by editing the 1.02 retail PC server exe to report itself as the demo version. With a pair of specially built maps to match trial's tag index ids, it works! If wish to try this you will want this build of Chimera for use in Trial, this will restore the master server functionally among many other things. thanks to @Kavawuvi A download for the modded server is here.
  12. Last week
  13. Chimera downloads maps from the HAC2/HaloNet maps repository. The bandwidth bottleneck may be on the server's end, but I do not know for sure.
  14. This is our releases section. Moved to CE General.
  15. Hello, I did a speed test for my internet and it's running fine, however when maps get downloaded from the repo it takes forever to download them. Why is that? Someone please help me! Thanks very much!
  16. I responded, though i have a weird amalgamation of decent parts and not so decent parts. my OS drive and network card basically run on coal, but i'm using a relatively decent gpu/psu and a decent chunk of memory. then even as i have a 1070TI i still only have 1080p monitors.
  17. Update: the world is ending and both my jobs are considered essential. So I'm working 80 hours a week. I'm working when I can. Current status is I broke everything and need to reprogram core. During optimization I found a lot of redundant code that I could generalize into a parent class. Mostly parsing data, and saving data. Been working on a generic data class. Most progress has been programmatic
  18. Sound warning. For a brighter but less custom experience:
  19. no but i just re-did my sapp files and its fine now
  20. Not useful to me, sorry, I don't use phasor.
  21. Are you using the same CD key?
  22. Did you use an rcon console command? SAPP likes to give temporary admin to anyone who successfully executes an rcon command
  23. Hey! I recently found that even on a different computer on a different network I was able to use admin commands. I figured i configged something wrong so i removed every admin. Problem: I can still use all commands despite this. I've had to shut down my server temporarily until I find the fix. Does anyone have any idea how this happened? /admins and /admin_list both say no admins exist in the list.
  24. I found an old phasor script if that's of any use? https://pastebin.com/31fmSivz
  25. Since invader-build now makes campaign maps quite well, I've updated the list. That said, if you're using child scenarios that have scripts in them, you will still need to use tool.exe as Invader lacks a script compiler at the moment.
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