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  2. What a shitshow... there's no way to tell this story without giving a lot of credit to whoever began DDoSing the forum back in April of '22, but that was only the beginning of the drama that got us to this point. I unfortunately wasn't able to speak candidly about most of the events since the beginning of the attacks, but that's no longer an issue, so this thread will serve as the explainer. For those that don't want to read the drama dump that follows, the short of our current status is that the site is back and there are no plans to abandon it. However given the decline of forums in general, and due to the loss of trust that inevitably followed the long period of outage, loss of community data, and lack of transparency provided by myself, Open Carnage is not returning as a "live" site. OC is in a read-only state for the most part. For the next few months or so, existing members can edit their content if they wish to provide any updates that were lost. Anything on OC after April 18th of 2022 is otherwise gone. Discord Server Our Discord server has never been known for its modding discussions. It's served as a general chatroom for the long-time members of the OC community, and made it easy for anyone to keep up to date on new community content. That latter utility is effectively gone with the closing of the forum, and just about any subject for a Discord server can still keep friends together. So what's next? I don't know, but we'll probably try doing something new with it. I'll talk with you guys there!
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