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  2. As of Invader 0.4.0, font tags can now be created using only open source software (invader-font). Due to the last update being posted sooner than 24 hours ago, the Invader 0.4 announcement will be posted in the Invader topic tomorrow.
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  4. Holy fuck they actually did it. It's not exactly what I was expecting but it's going somewhere. Currently pretty limited. https://videoai.topazlabs.com I put a sample video in which is the same as the one in the spoiler of the original post. It'll come back as 900p instead of 1080 since it started at 480p, and it'll only be the first 30 seconds. But we'll see how well it does. Edit: They sent it back as a side by side comparison. The video is low detail to begin with but it did a really nice job.
  5. I don't remember exactly how SAPP events work, but something like this should work? event_start $map=mapname $mode=gamemode 'sv_timelimit #'
  6. Invader is now 0.3.0! This is a major change to Invader. For one, Python is now required to build Invader. It is no longer an optional dependency. Also, building a custom, non-stock cache file or a ui.map using custom resource maps (i.e. bitmaps.map, loc.map, sounds.map) will only be able to address a certain number of tags in the custom resource maps: Multiplayer maps are limited to the number of resources in the stock Halo Custom Edition installation Singleplayer maps are limited to the minimum number of resources in the resource maps invader-resource builds. Currently invader-resource only builds resource maps using purely retail tags, but an option to build a resource map with additional tags is planned The reasoning for this is simple. Multiplayer maps have no need to access the extended resources and they shouldn't, anyway, as they may be distributed using a map downloader. Therefore, it is unsafe to assume that the user will have custom resource maps as, if they don't, the game will crash. On the other hand, singleplayer maps are not typically distributed through a map downloader, so it is safer to use the extended resources, but I want to avoid an issue where people are forced to switch between different bitmaps.map, sounds.map, and loc.map files to use different singleplayer maps within the same maps folder. Therefore, only the stock maps or replacements for them can use custom resources beyond what was provided with the retail version of the game. A more minor change: Command lists' BSPs are now calculated. This was actually 0.2.1's change, but I never announced it here on Open Carnage. So, it's getting included in the 0.3.0 announcement. This fixes a few issues with some campaign maps. 0.3.2: Fixed a bug with how resource data was counted, resulting in only half of the resource data being used for indexing when building cache files.
  7. Thanks for the reply but that wasn't what I was asking. I already know how to create custom gametypes. My question is about changing the timelimit. For example, if I place sv_timelimit 20 in my init.txt the game will be 20 minutes. Regardless of the timelimit I have set for the custom gametype. Like if I have 3 different gametypes in a mapcycle, they will all be 20 minutes. Is there a way to change the timelimit for each gametype in a mapcycle?
  8. These are standard custom gametype settings available in the base game. You don't need SAPP for this.
  9. I know it's a low bar but still This dude man, wtf
  10. Last week
  11. A few changes were made: Invader is now version 0.2 invader-archive can now do single tags (-s) invader-dependency (formerly invader-reverse-dependency) now lists the dependencies of a tag and indicates if they're broken You can do reverse dependency checking, which will list all tags that depend on the tag (-r) You can do recursive dependency checking, which will list all tags directly and indirectly referenced by the tag (-R) As always, you can download Windows builds here: https://invader.opencarnage.net/builds/nightly/download-latest.html
  12. That black screen was probably caused by forcing MSAA in your graphics card control panel
  13. Hello, How do you set up varying timelimits for different gametypes? For example, the type could be "ctfshot" for 20 minutes and another one be "ctfsniper" 30 minutes. I'd like to use the different gametypes on one server but depending on the map, type, etc have a different timelimit for each.
  14. Part 2 (and 3 cuz I did more than one tour over the last days) Nature... ...and Industry
  15. Damn, this game is addicting as it is demanding. Really some achievements which are worthy of the name! But Hyper Hexagonest is a bitch!
  16. Added a new program to the Invader toolkit: invader-reverse-dependency. This program takes a tag and finds every tag that depends on it. This is a slightly slow process, taking about 0.72 seconds on my PC to search through the entirety of the Gearbox campaign and multiplayer tags to find a given tag, so using it on many tags at once probably isn't recommended.
  17. Additional information about how Flights work and the process to getting to one. Was posted earlier this month. They also shared an image of an Elite armor render. Supposedly from the Unreal Engine 4 customization screen they're working on. https://content.halocdn.com/media/Default/community/blogs/elite_minor-6091532da42c4a69a0c9d40c659240d0.jpg
  18. You mean on Discord? Maybe, but I don't think it's warranted at current activity levels.
  19. A separate release channel for scripted maps would also be cool if it's not too much work.
  20. That's not a bad idea.
  21. Could this be done as a yearly map-pack sorta thing?
  22. Just going to take a more backseat position. It's probably for the best that I'm not so active.
  23. You leaving us?
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