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  2. Wasn't aware that CE had autosave and loading for campaign now.
  3. Retail PC has nothing over Custom Edition at this point other than support with the Mac version, however that versions days are numbered given Apple is dropping OpenGL and 32bit support.
  4. Thank you - I am already doing something similar. This should give me the extra finesse I was missing. Any thoughts on whether a variable for vehicles is possible?
  5. Currently, the way to do this is to spam the console with empty messages (newlines, spaces, etc.) before sending your message, and you'd do this a few times a second to ensure it refreshes on the screen quickly. In Lua, this would look like this: for i = 1,26 do rprint(PlayerIndex, "|n") end rprint(PlayerIndex, "Insert message here") Or in events.txt, you could put this in your event: rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "|n";rprint $n "Message"
  6. Well, the refined project has given us a nearly perfect CE campaign, a campaign closer to the original than PC gives us. So, honestly, fuck Halo PC.
  7. Finally, now that Destiny 2 was free I was able to edit my old topic and redirect it here. Bungie a while back made it such that you had to play Destiny 2 before being able to edit or make threads on their forum, so now that I've played it, I was able to edit it. No more people asking me about -use21! (Don't ask) Also a substantive revision of the guide has taken place to remove all instances of Halo PC. It's time to migrate to Halo CE people!
  8. CE is a big dill, and everyone that cares about multiplayer or custom content should be playing it, but I do think PC still has its place for the campaign experience, so it's nice to have a guide inclusive of that.
  9. With the recent release of the Refined project updating both singleplayer and multiplayer maps, there is no longer any objective reason whatsoever to prefer using Halo PC over Halo CE, so I'm considering removing its instances altogether from my guide. Any opinions on the matter?
  10. Last week
  11. Updated to include the join-compatible updated multiplayer maps from the Refined project
  12. Hi, Hope everyone is good. If and when anyone (particularly @Kavawuvi) gets a spare minute I have a couple of lua script related issues I wanted to ask for your expertise on. I've been playing with @Kavawuvi's weaponvariable.lua script and have a whole of bunch of useful applications for it on my server - specifically rprinting basic instructions for certain weapons. For example, I'm rprinting a message when a player picks up the bourrin badass rocket launcher that tells them to hold down fire until the beep noise changes to fire homing rockets. I know you're probably rolling your eyes, but we must get 20 new school kids joining a day asking HOW?!!! when they get killed by a homing rocket. So my first question is, rather than using EVENT_ALIVE (which creates a messy/noisy console when rprinting cos it's being called every second) is there an event (or something else) I could use to rprint a message that appears just once? And is there a way to have it stay on screen until the weapon is no longer being held? Secondly, would it be possible to create a variable script or achieve the same thing for vehicles? For example, when a player enters a Falcon, rprint a message telling the player that Q is height lock - and the A + D keys are for strafing - and have the message stay on screen, only to clear when they exit the vehicle. I guess I could live without the messages staying on screen, but it would be nice if that was achievable. Thanks for your time and for the help I've received from the open carnage community so far - particularly the scripts I've already used and abused. Here's a bunch of your stuff in action the other day, cheers
  13. Can we just give the award now and start a new entry period?
  14. Nice script, but that video's audio is something else...
  15. It's here, finally... To anybody who has ever read my topic about this in the CE development section, you may remember that I mentioned that this script would be meant to work for every single map that contains AI and that's what I'm going to release here. The game and the community deserve it. However, it still has some limitations: - This WILL NOT work for protected maps, if the server is running this script and it loads a map that is protected, it will crash, and even if it doesn't it is highly probable that it won't work at all. - The clients must have Chimera installed and the client script in their respective scripts folder. You can do this renaming the script to the name of the map with AI you want to sync and moving it to the map scripts folder if you want to keep it sandboxed, but I would recommend you to place it in your global scripts folder so you won't need to rename and copy it manually. I've disabled all the console_out commands to avoid annoying messages coming out every time a map is loaded. - There are some minor aesthetical glitches still, but they rarely would affect the gameplay (Most, if not all, are just related to aesthetics). And... I think that's all! If you are going to run a server with this on it just load the server script from the init.txt file and it will do the rest, I've made sure to reset everything that's needed every time a new match starts so you won't have to modify anything, however, I've kept some cprint and say_all lines for debugging purposes but I think they won't be needed anymore, you can disable them easily, just search any of those commands in the code and comment or erase them. To finish, a video of me running it on a dedicated server and playing as a client: In this file: AI synchronization scripts by IceCrow14 v.1.1.rar I've included both the server and the client scripts. If you aren't going to run a server, just drop the client script to your Chimera global scripts folder. Anyway, just for caution, if the bipeds' appearance looks strange try leaving and joining back the server you are playing in, if any error message jumps out to your console, feel free to send me any information about it and I'll try to find out what causes it (and possibly fix it) and delete the script if you feel it's needed.
  16. The NoVirusThanks™ project began in early June 2008 with the primary objective of creating software and services related to computer and Internet security. One year later we founded NoVirusThanks™ Company Srl with headquarters in Italy. Since public inception we have developed and regularly maintained many security software programs, web services and highly customized software for Microsoft Windows NT-based operating systems. Our products and services are well known among a vast array of IT companies, CERTs, independent security research organizations and Internet users alike. Products - https://www.novirusthanks.org/products/ Network Tools - https://tools.novirusthanks.org/ Services - https://www.novirusthanks.org/services/
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  18. -snip- I'm dumb and didn't read the tutorial thoroughly enough.
  19. Because I put the tags together quickly. I wanted to focus my effort on the team-switch aspect.
  20. Yes. Why are the numbers on the HUD so big as well as outside of where they should be?
  21. Making up wrist bands for this https://www.frontiertouring.com/rnbfridayslive
  22. Very simple project that I made today. Red team plays as spartans, blue team plays as elites. All the files are included. Chimera has been tested with the version in the .zip, 560, and 572(unstable release). Download The source is also on my github Wanna make your own team bipeds? bSwitch.lua, scroll until you find: BIPEDS = { [0] = "bourrin\\halo reach\\spartan\\male\\mp masterchief", [1] = "cmt\\characters\\elite_v2\\player\\elite_v2_mp", } Simply change the directories to the models. [0] = red team, [1] = blue team. Make sure to reference both of your team's bipeds in guerilla's reference section. hvc.lua (you will obviously need to rename this .lua file to your map name), scroll until you find: --redTeamHands = "halo reach\\objects\\characters\\spartans\\fp\\fp" --DEFAULTED to currently set hands in globals. blueTeamHands = "cmt\\characters\\elite_v2\\fp\\minor" --Set the hands you want for blue team here. Change the blue team hands to the directory of where your blue team hands are located. The script will automatically pull the tag from the red team's hands. You also need to reference these fp hands in the guerilla reference section. Credits: Kavawuvi / 002 - Biped switch script, making such an amazing client-side app. aLTis - bigass_mod.lua fp hands changing. Nickster5000 - Putting it together, setting it up for red team and blue team Anyone else I forgot to mention.
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