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  3. When it comes to HAC2, "being replaced by" sometimes results in "interfere with" because HAC2 will error and not load Halo if it doesn't find a signature. I've found this to be an issue when I made things like removing zoom blur because HAC2 would end up crashing due to not finding a signature. I actually held off for months on making my widescreen fix because HAC2 has a widescreen fix on by default. Eventually, I decided to do so, and just as I predicted: not only does it "replace" it but it also "interferes" with it. Elements end up getting squished because Chimera has changed the resolution of the HUD while HAC2 is scaling elements. Then there's another thing to consider: 65k polygons. HAC2 only goes up to 32767 polygons. There is a lot of work to be done to get 65535 polygons, but it is possible. However, this would require changing code which HAC2 may want to change. This means you would have to choose between HAC2 or Chimera. As for something like map downloading, if I implemented it, then what would happen if you tried to join a server where you didn't have the map? Would HAC2 try to download or would Chimera try to download? I could work around this by just not having map downloading if HAC2 is detected, but then I may as well have not have made this feature despite so many people requesting I make it. This is the same with map queue. Nice! I'm sure people will always be using it. However, it hasn't seen updates in a long time, yet there are plenty of bugs in it. For example, widescreen fix still has the motion sensor stretched as well as the scope mask, and these were quite simple for me to figure out on Chimera. Another problem is that changing your HUD colors is broken because it can prevent you from moving your mouse vertically if you try to reset your colors. Also, if the HAC2 servers are down, simply using HAC2 becomes difficult, and forcing people to put hac.dll in their Halo folder means that they will never receive the fix for it.
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  5. Someone asked me how to do it today because they were running out of tagspace, I thought I might as well explain it in a video so more people can use this knowledge. If you get problems with characters looking weird and broken, you will need to figure out what animation is broken and replace it in the same was as I added the two animations that didn't want to import before.´╗┐
  6. My oldest boy has completed his High School requirements. Achieving a 3.9649 gpa. Woot. Aaand 1 more day until summer break for other son. woot woot.
  7. Subscribed. I'd like to know what you can't do with HAC2 installed? There's a difference between "interfere with" and "being replaced by". I do know that if you offer map downloading, I would be happy to be the repo (or one of many) for it. Served by gigabit fiber in the US, and the potential of adding an Ireland repo, or anywhere else Amazon sells instances, I'd be happy to help. The one thing I ask is that we come up with a way to do it with redundancy and fault tolerance. I would be happy to provide all servers required for this. My current repo is 3249 maps. at about 85GB zipped, and would also be happy to support 7zip or whatever compression you see fit to use. I have another 2000 maps or so that I haven't put up yet. Disk space is not a problem for me. HAC2 support will never go away, I suspect there are plenty of players out there that don't even realize they have HAC2 installed, as it's been bundled with a Spanish-version of Halo CE somewhere along the way
  8. The SAPP documentation is pinned to the top of this section. As @Sunstriker7 referenced, you should always check that first.
  9. I was not aware of that and I'll keep it in mind in the future but I'm confused by your salesman-esque post, if I'm being honest
  10. I'm not a sapp expert but it looks like the command you want might be admin_prefix <=DN= Admin> I took it from page 18 of the sapp manual, it's the very first one http://www.halo-ce.com/downloads/sapp.pdf
  11. It's not too late
  12. Okay so coming back now that halomaps isn't down and checking the link, i can see that it's probably not what you want. What I linked you to is apparently a collection of weapons tags with the accompanying files for the UI. You would have to build these into the map you wanted for yourself. If you want links to learn how to do that, ask me and I'll point you to some. But it seems what you're looking for is a ui.map file. This link is to a section of halomaps.org that is a repository of already built ui.map files of custom UIs. Once you find a download that suits your fancy simply download it, find the ui.map in the download, and replace it with the one in your maps folder. That should be all it takes. Some might have special instructions and you'll just have to refer to those. Don't forget to save a copy of the original ui.map in case you want or need to revert back.
  13. Hello, I was curious how do you make the SAPP Events say instead of ** SAPP ** how do you make it say something custom like for example it says **=DN= Admin **? Please let me know I would like to change my messages to my new clan name. Please let me know how exactly to do that? Thank you very much!
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  15. Say it aint so Rivers, take a seat.
  16. It was naked without jaded.
  17. Where exactly do I put the file? Where could I possibly find a good tutorial on where to put the files? Please let me know. Thank you!
  18. Oh yeah, you can almost completely customize the hud. Halomaps.org appears to be down currently so i can't verify but this appears to be a pretty good reach hud: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=5767 Edit: i somehow got into thinking you were looking for a reach hud not an mcc hud. I'll leave the link though. Tutorials on custom huds are available and you can find a bunch of videos on youtube. But it's true that there's certainly not a lot of good tutorials on huds.
  19. Sorry, not l o w - e f f o r t - c o o l enough for ya?
  20. vs's
  21. HI @HandofGod Thanks for your response - yes I was referring to the HaloMD mod of Ambush. I'd be really keen to host it if and when you get round to another build, cheers.
  22. One of my favorite CE maps. It's just so gorgeous! Nice write-up!
  23. I cannot believe I just read this with my own two eyeballs
  24. Sorry for the month+ long thing of radio silence. I'm still working on this project, and I have plenty of plans. I'll go more into detail as things progress. Anyway, I do have some news, but you guys may or may not take it very well. This is quoted directly from the Chimera Discord: Basically, supporting HAC2 comes with benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, it's the most popular mod out there. On the other hand, there are some things I can't do with Chimera if I want most of Chimera's features to work with HAC2. If anyone has any questions or wishes to discuss this with me, feel free to do so in this topic. There is also a poll in the Chimera discord.
  25. I wanted to wait until the end of the competition to post this. I'm hoping this constructive criticism will be helpful for when you make 0.7 or whatever you call the next version. For your original post, you should write your original post in proper grammar and spelling. If you can't write in English very well, have someone else write it for you. A well-formatted post leaves a much better impression. Make buildings look unique. Right now every building looks the same and has the same concrete texture, and this makes it easy for me to get lost. Add proper windows. I see a bunch of buildings that have indentations where there should be windows. Please don't spawn players in a (nearly) inescapable room. I had to use a few tricks to jump out of the window and get to the street without dying from fall damage. If you want people to be able to explore your map, spawn them on the ground and let them run around freely. Even if there's nothing to do, there is even less to do when the player is trapped in a room. For stairs, make the stairsteps smaller or add some sort of invisible collision so the player can climb the stairs without having to be impeded by them. This is the same thing for when you're going from the street to the sidewalk. You don't jump in real life to get from the street to the sidewalk, so you shouldn't do it in a game. Add some detail. I'd have liked to see park benches or trees where you have grass. Flat grassy areas look super boring. Also, in the buildings you can enter, you could add some objects that can make rooms look somewhat interesting. As for roads, put parked cars. You could also add trash cans and other props. Add lighting in buildings that lack it. Some places are difficult to see because of darkness. I can see where the city cuts off into the void. Try surrounding your city with buildings or land to occlude the edge of the map in some way. I see a few instances of roads that have roads on top of them, and while this is fine, the roads above these roads are being supported by walls which block the road below. Roads are supposed to go somewhere and not directly into walls. Plus there is road in between each wall. I know you said it's an empty map, but I didn't realize just how empty it was. Your choice to make this version "0.6" has left me a little puzzled, as this implies that there's a significant amount of progress. Otherwise, I do see potential in this map and I wish you the best of luck when you complete it.
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