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  2. Clip from about 3 years ago.
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  4. most bonk I could muster
  5. On sale for $900 at Best Buy. Great deal for a 14" laptop. ASUS drama causing the prices to drop.
  6. Her walk was soft and delicate, with a thaumaturgical touch that only a rabbi's daughter could have.
  7. To, nice try but you not getting access

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  9. Activision killed both IW4X and sm2, wish I had played more IW4X while I could since no MW2 is essentially permanently dead without the server list and other functionality.
  10. Updated; however, I don't mod halo much anymore. So it's difficult to keep up with invader's changes. This is not a invader tutorial, it is a porting tutorial.
  11. This tutorial is great, but it is in need for an update. The --all options dont work in the current version of invader, there were some changes to the Mod tools and MCC, and while having it shown on a practical example is very useful and informative, it could be a bit more detailed and in-depth on paths, commands, etc
  12. Death Stranding is free on Epic Games Metro Last Light Complete Edition is free on Steam
  13. Glad to have a blender tutorial in the rounds c: Thanks for the share!
  14. The Wilderness Highlands And all of their kings Humans conquered this deployment plateau, to command Sentinels to defend Alpha Base. The Covenant have disabled the platform, leaving the base defenseless and under attack. Destroy them all. Located near the first half of main campaign. First look at the Singleplayer Prototype from The Flood: Feet First Into Hell. It's Work In Progress. Still need a lot of details. Rework and add some new geometry A little video:
  15. Finally settled in somewhat in the new house we bought this year. Insurance covered our roof replacement for storm damage, but waiting on the mortgage company to get off their ass to endorse the damn check.
  16. I've been really into these guys lately.
  17. Hello everyone, This me WickedModeler3D formerly known as "Heliotropic Plasma" I wanted to post a link to my latest modeling tutorial series here to remake one of my videos that I did a while back since due to some people having difficulty advancing through certain modeling steps in the video which led to the earlier videos getting deleted since they were hard to follow in some aspects. So I decided to take the time and make a remade version of it by making it easy to understand as much as I could for the viewer learning how to mod Halo: CE as well as other Halo's in MCC as a foundation to learn off of. I plan to making other videos that will eventually cover on how to make scenery objects for CE or for any other halo etc. As well as, how to make vehicles and weapons using the new mod tools were provided with 343 industries. Those tutorials will come out with time once I learned it myself better and sharing with the community once I feel confident that it will work for others learning the steps on how to do these things for pretty much most of the mod tools we have access to with MCC. Here's a link to the new video series on how to model a Halo: CE level, I hope you guys enjoy this video:
  18. It's probably fine since the test seems to be real test instead of theoretical speeds. So instead of just throwing as much data to your modem to see how much it can accept, you're actually downloading files, or a temporary cache at least, and taking the speeds achieved before it finishes. And with the test sizes so small, it definitely won't be able to hit your maximum potential before they complete. I have 1.2Gbps speeds and find that my downloads don't immediately start at the fastest possible speed a download server can provide. It usually increases in speed over a short duration like a car accelerating.
  19. Not great considering this is meant to be gigabit both ways
  20. It seems like there's a pay wall for almost everything on the internet these days.
  21. Nobody liked the noob so I suppose @tarikja wins this time!
  22. I don’t vote for that noob shit
  23. Thanks, I really tried this month.
  24. My vote goes to the hidden 3rd entrant.
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