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  2. I love very talented vocalists like him with a wide range. He's an excellent performer too. He reminds me a lot of King Diamond. Here's a festive song they did:
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  4. Here's another kickass song from the same guy. This guy was way ahead of his time. AIDS really sucks, though.
  5. This project, as well as my tagset, is being put on hold. Reason being I'm having too much fun right now both playing and modding MCC. I will return to my CE projects at a later date. Although, if Reach modding advances fast enough I might do rolling thunder on there instead. The engine has way more useful functionality for what I wanted to do here.
  6. Just wanted to say thanks for making Chimera. Halo Reach on PC made me want to play Halo 1 again Also, auto_uncrouch breaks the ability to zoom/unzoom while moving (using the Nov 27 build)
  7. Give it a couple months, tops, I'd say.
  8. It looks like there is an option to play without anticheat?
  9. Just played today. Glad to finally play some Reach! It works pretty well, but I have some audio stuttering.
  10. Last week
  11. This definitely. Also bookmarking servers
  12. Gave two tickets to @aLTis due to obvious reasons; without it this picture wouldn't exist.
  13. @tarikja That creepily reminds me of the lab in the movie Deep Blue Sea.
  14. I personally was hoping there would be local co-op and I am absolutely not a fan of unlockables being in a predetermined order, but really that's just nitpicking tbh. I just hope that modding methodologies are at least somewhat familiar, once the scene has matured past infancy of course
  15. Played a bit today and was super disappointed in the ranked playlist options. Team hardcore and invasion? The fuck, are you kidding me? Where's doubles? Where's standard slayer ranked? That said, does run smooth as hell and is more fun than on console, even if I'm still screaming at the screen. Join hands with me in seance as we summon it. The time is now.
  16. Me too but we're still a ways away from that D:
  17. I created a Halo: MCC fan group. Feel free to pop in if you want to play with anyone or just hang out. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/HaloMCCPC
  18. I honestly didn't know it was already on PC, installing now. More psyched for H3 tbh. Gonna get ranked, gonna do some stuff in H1, gonna bring it all back baby.
  19. Congrats to @Java for winnaring!
  20. Hello, I'm loving the progress of this project from back when I simply used it for smooth interpolation, now it looks to be ursurping HAC2 in terms of features. There is one feature from HAC2 that I absolutely need that I am not seeing brought up, and that is you can Alt-Tab or Alt-Enter seamlessly with HAC2 installed. I think this feature also allows background sound, but I'm not too sure, haven't had Halo Custom Edition installed in a while to verify. I don't know if this functionality exists within Chimera in its most recent versions, as I haven't used Chimera in a long time. It'd be nice if it did, as that'd be the last reason I need to have HAC2.
  21. Wow. Can't believe it actually happened. Havent gamed in a looooooong time but there are a few people rolling in their graves right now. This makes me nostalgic.
  22. Halo is back. ITS BACK. I T S B A C K!
  23. I played 2 games of team snipers before bed. Halo Reach is definitely best on PC.
  24. 1st mission ran smooth as butter for me. Enhanced graphics are nice too. I'm running on a RTX 2070.
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