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  2. I bought a ceremonial drinking horn. No, I don't know why.
  3. I've fallen into a Civilization hole. Help.
  4. A bug was found where fast loading was not working in Halo Custom Edition. I've fixed this. chimera-20191019T225026Z.7z
  5. This was updated once to make the maps a decent amount smaller with no other changes. The only difference is file size and the fact the current maps now require English Halo as a base. Same link.
  6. noticed the dig @ dennis on not serving ads and shed a tear for modhalo :'(

    1. Ryx


      also anyone else have big modding plans for the new Halo PC? I've gained a bit of debugging experience so if anyone is interested in tinkering...

  7. I posted this on the Chimera Discord as an announcement, but I figured it was important to put this here chimera-20191018T012014Z.7z Uh... Oops. My hand slipped!
  8. Heard this song on the radio earlier "Just an old fashioned love song playing on the radio" Kind of a meta line there.
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  10. As someone who almost exclusively plays PC campaign: You're a fucking legend
  11. After some careful thought, I've decided to reverse a decision I made when starting Chimera on what is supported. As such, Chimera 1.0 will fully support the retail version of the game (AKA "Halo PC"). Currently, if you want a retail-compatible version of Chimera, you will have to compile it yourself, but I'll start posting builds of it in the future. The main reason for this is due to the graphics in Halo Custom Edition being even more broken than the retail version of the game, and these bugs are unfixable with my understanding of the game. Workarounds have existed for this, such as the Refined campaign's usage of model shaders instead of environment shaders, but this results in a less detailed, cut down appearance, similar to the difference between Halo PC's teleporters vs. Xbox Halo's teleporters. It is true that Halo Custom Edition provides a few features that retail doesn't have: Names over heads Gametype rules More servers and players Custom map support However, in singleplayer, with the broken fog, Halo Custom Edition provides an overall inferior experience to the retail version of the game, as well as multiplayer for people who do not use these additional features. Take a look: This means that, for the first time ever for the retail version of the game... The motion sensor won't be stretched when the widescreen fix is enabled. The main menu will be adapted to your aspect ratio when the widescreen fix is enabled. The console will be adapted to your aspect ratio when the widescreen fix is enabled. Zoom blur can be fully disabled without turning on DART or fixed function shaders instead of only partially. Mouse acceleration will be disabled by default. The sun will be fixed at higher resolutions. The vehicle camera centering can be fixed. The loading screen will instantly hide when joining a mulltiplayer server. And more!
  12. It looks so clean! It looks so much better than what they managed to do with Refined on Custom Edition. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this.
  13. I find myself still playing the original release of Halo for PC a lot rather than just Custom Edition, so I decided to put together a set of maps for it with recent enhancements. This includes all maps for both Campaign and Multiplayer, with the following changes applied: Every bitmap that was released with the Halo Editing Kit for Halo CE has had its source extracted and recompiled as uncompressed 32bit textures replacing the DXT compressed versions, invader-bitmap was used to do this. These bitmaps account for 860 of the 1488 odd bitmaps in the game. Note that explosions may look wrong without a current mod installed that fixes a bug in halo when using these textures in some places. Jesse's HD halo HUD has been included with a few updates Some fixes from the Refined tagset have been updated and included, like the shader replacements and Xbox music. unneeded workarounds intended to fix Custom Edition bugs that do not apply for the base game have been excluded. Download: here Screenshots:
  14. @aLTis any update?
  15. Hold my Oreo cookie
  16. Can you jpeg any harder tho?
  17. This one's a stupid one, but it made me giggle a little.
  18. This song is my jam
  19. I will never not thumbs-up the Bee Gees Lately my comrades and I have been pelvic thrusting our way through the trenches blasting German rave music
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