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  2. I made this at @DeadHamster's request a few years ago, to just be a huge explosion. That's mostly what it is, but it's also incorporated a couple corkscrewing visuals for shrapnel, which @002 helped figure out based on projectile modifications @Sudo did a decade ago (but never released). The download is a Gephyrophobia map, which features the effect repeating in the center of the map, as shown. If you actually want to use it, you'll probably want to change the dynamic light's duration as well as improve the lens flare, but I imagine if anything this will just be used to check out the corkscrewing projectiles. A CE version can easily be made using Combustion. Download The effect tag you'll be looking for is called "effects\boomer".
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  4. Wrote a python script to calculate my bank balance every day for X amount of days by using a list of my set auto payments. Best fucking idea ever cause I am absolute shit with money.
  5. I assume you have the map scenario spawning the bipeds (rather than through SAPP). Unlike vehicles, bipeds placed in the scenario aren't just created by the server. The client creates them as well, and this causes duplicates. I suppose you could have a map script that checks if you are a client and uses (objects_delete_by_definition <object_definition>).
  6. Aw yeah. Wife's at work, kids are getting an education! I'm free for 3+ more hours!
  7. Ha sorry. I didn't want to say because it wasn't very healthy and nothing to be proud of. I literally got a Strawberry Doughnut, a block of Oreo Chocolate and Chips.
  8. What's the specifics?
  9. Foooooooooooooood.
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  11. I merely placed the biped at new locations on the map so there are no other bipeds spawning prior to the placement?
  12. So, this is pretty gnarly and gross. A man was cut out of a python's belly in Indonesia. http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/video-footage-shows-gruesome-moment-missing-man-is-cut-out-of-giant-pythons-body/news-story/b2b36343ed38548b4c87883bd6db7c64
  13. The only thing I can think of is if you spawn a biped where a biped is already present, such as if you're spawning a biped using an item collection tag. This will definitely stack bipeds on top of each other. To fix this, remove the biped from that location before spawning it.
  14. How in particular are they being placed? AI don't sync online at all, without quite a bit of experimental scripting.
  15. Curious how to "fix" the issue of having bipeds stack on top of each other when placed online in a server? Not sure if this is connected to why AI don't sync well online?
  16. Is it compatible with "CE" at the moment, or will it be soon maybe? Good Job
  17. Yeah, that's the cycle alright. That's also the reason that I want to get something fresh - I know it'll be outdated in a few years, but that's a few extra years I get out of it. If I buy something that's already outdated....well...it's already outdated. Microcenter is about an hour away from me....how are they in terms of customer service reps knowing their shit? If at all possible, it'd be great to go in and get all the parts I need in one stop, even if it's a bit more expensive on some of the components. Especially if there's a way to build it in-house so I don't have to deal with shipping and warranties if one of the components is bogus
  18. That's the problem with investing into new hardware. AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA regularly improve their processors, making their older ones obsolete eventually. What you buy now will almost certainly be considered outdated next year. Anyway, if you're buying Intel and you're near a Micro Center, I highly recommend going to one. Thanks to the release of the $319.99 Ryzen 7 1700 processor which blows every i7 out of the water in price/performance (barring gaming performance on their quad core i7s), they're having a sale on Intel processors: the 6700K is $279.99, while a 7700K is $299.99. So, you'd be saving about $30-$40 over most vendors. While the 7700K boosts to 4.5 GHz, you'll likely get that or higher with overclocking the 6700K, though even if you don't overclock, you'll get very similar gaming performance. Clock speed is the main difference Kaby Lake has over Skylake when it comes to performance - they perform identical when at the same specs. Lastly, the 4790K is also $279.99 and the platform (DDR3 RAM and Z97 motherboards) can be a little cheaper while still delivering very similar gaming performance, though you're probably going to want something brand new.
  19. A Chip Foose steering wheel cover for the Tahoe. Clearance priced at $4.00 and new bathroom rack. Living the dream.
  20. Definitely. I think with all the advice, my current estimate is that I'm not going to end up coming in at $1000. The real consideration now for me is how far towards the $2000 mark do I really want to get, and that is going to boil down to how far into the future do I want to not mess with needing an upgrade. If I go full on towards the 1080 Ti, and drop an extra bit on the i7 for the virtual cores it gives (clock speeds aside), that'll sit me right up into that $1700 - $2000 range. That's not really where I wanted to be at, but it seems like a more sound decision in the long run. The 1070 will definitely give me what I need right now, but on the off chance that the Vega ends up being some enigmatic breakthrough and at AMD prices, I may end up just burning my cash on it with respect to price:value ratio. At this moment I'm leaning towards sitting on my hands - 002 made a great point that what I'm running now will definitely do fine for 90% of the things I want to do, and it'll handle the other 10% well enough to live with for the time being. I'll keep saving up some cash for this eventual build in the meantime while I wait to see how these new reveals go; if they're anything short of what they claim, I'll just aim towards the higher-end marks and end up with a rig that I can be satisfied with for the next 4-6 years either way. Thanks for all the help! I greatly appreciate it.
  21. 2 or 3 hours daily at various intervals weekdays, weekends may be more.
  22. 2007 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L
  23. Just saw the News. Best day ever!
  24. The fall of the empire is near.
  25. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking gave a talk in Hong Kong on Friday (24 March), appearing in front of the audience from the comfort of his home in Cambridge as a surprisingly life-like 3D hologram. Source
  26. Information technology is one tech related field out of many. While OC doesn't tailor to just one theme, many members here are technology enthusiasts in some form. You'll often see discussion about gaming, networking, PC hardware/building, servers, and so on. As for where to start, I'd start by learning about the subject as well as the different jobs out there and what they entail.
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