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  1. My apologies @bigblue I misunderstood your question. But yes the 5 in the sj_level command refers to admin level. I am only familiar with using the ipban command, and thats been working fine for me as well.
  2. @bigblue There are 4 admin levels. If you look on page 11 and onward in the manual it tells you which commands are available for each level. 4 Has the most commands, 3 has less, and so on. Level 1 can be used if you want to give custom commands to certain players but not make them full admins. They will see admin chat though. As far as the banlist is concerned. Make sure you are using the ipban command listed on page 12 of the manual and then look in your ipbans.txt file inside of your sapp folder, and it should be there. Also when you are doing commands such as ipbans, locations, areas ect.. make sure to never have the file open on elites website backend when you are doing the command in game or it wont save it.
  3. Yes! I am having the exact same problem. Can anyone help?
  4. Is it possible to make a lua script version of the basic economy system example from pages 28-29 of the SAPP Manual?
  5. Hello Everyone, If anyone can help me with this it would be very much appreciated. I am trying to set up an economy system following the directions in the SAPP Manual. I have var_add money 4 in my sapp init file. And I have the following below as some of my commands. heal1 'cevent heal1 $n' -1 heal2 'cevent heal2 $n' -1 heal3 'cevent heal3 $n' -1 am1 'cevent am1 $n' -1 am2 'cevent am2 $n' -1 am3 'cevent am3 $n' -1 I have made these custom events tied to the custom commands. event_custom $ename=heal1 $money>=10 'var_set money -10 $n;hp $n 1;rprint $n "100% Health"' event_custom $ename=heal2 $money>=20 'var_set money -20 $n;hp $n 2;rprint $n "200% Health"' event_custom $ename=heal3 $money>=30 'var_set money -30 $n;hp $n 3;rprint $n "300% Health"' event_custom $ename=am1 $money>=10 'var_set money -10 $n;ammo $n 200 5;rprint $n "200 Ammo All Weapons"' event_custom $ename=am2 $money>=20 'var_set money -20 $n;ammo $n 350 5;rprint $n "350 Ammo All Weapons"' event_custom $ename=am3 $money>=30 'var_set money -30 $n;ammo $n 500 5;rprint $n "500 Ammo All Weapons"' The problem I am having is players will type a command such a am1 or heal3, and it wont always trigger the right event and/or it will trigger multiple wrong events not associated with the command. Can anyone help me? I have re read the section on custom commands and events over and over and I don't know what I am missing.
  6. @Lateksi This map is really cool! I checked it out, and I dig it!
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this! That makes a lot more sense now, and I am glad if anyone sees this in the future they will also know what to look out for!
  8. Thank you so much Kavawuvi for taking the time to help me out. I just didn't understand what Solaris meant. I wasn't trying to question him or doubt him, I just was confused and wasn't sure if he was telling me it was a good idea or bad idea, because I come from a different background. It's like listening to someone speak a foreign language. I am here to listen to you guys and take in your wisdom. That's why I thought I would ask here first before doing anything because I know you guys are all really knowledgeable in this area. Thank you again, and my apologies for offending you and solaris.
  9. Thank you so much @Solaris You will have to pardon me I am not familiar with Azure or AWS, my background is in music composition. Just taking a basic look like you did does it seem like it might be worth checking out?
  10. I have always thought that the max number of slots for Halo PC was 16, but I just found this company that is selling Halo Combat Evolved server rentals with up to 32 player slots. https://www.vilayer.com/gaming-layer/gameinfo/halo-combat-evolved.php Has anyone heard of this company, is this legit, and is it possible to really host a Halo PC Game with up to 32 players?
  11. Thank you @Takka933 BTW Did the google drive link end up working for you? I believe I fixed the permissions. Here is my submission, nothing crazy just spawning silliness.
  12. Thankfully with @Kavawuvi's help, I was able to remove the two scripts causing this to happen!
  13. @Kavawuvi Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this. I am doing a Valhalla mod, and this worked perfectly! I ended up doing with Eschaton, and while it did take a while, I am so happy to have removed what ended up being two scripts.
  14. I want to disable a certain script in a map file and I have no clue how to do that. Can this be done in Eschaton? If not is there any other Mac OS app that can do this? If anyone knows how to do this, it would be a blessing! Thank you guys for all of your help and this great community!
  15. @tarikja I feel the same way, though I must admit I am biased. It's really great hearing from other people what their stance is on this topic. I would have never guessed there are people who actually disable music.