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  1. Glad to hear it, I'll PM you the script.
  2. Thanks, glad to be in an active forum.
  3. ***This was originally posted on the Halo Maps Forum but since i was told that this forum is way more active I figured I would re-post this here.**** Hello, Back in 2016 I had announced a Project called "Warhawk" which while in small development had fallen on it's face due to lack of motivation and skill on my end. Now, since then I have completely re-worked the concept I had originally had for Warhawk into a brand new project which I have been solely working day and night on since August of last year, which has been very tiring. Now, I am just about ready to release a test build of the first mission of the campaign titled "The Thunder Child" which follows a scenario and layout very similar to The Pillar of Autumn (Your on a ship under attack and need to escape.) so it should feel very familiar to most players but I have added some new "side-quest" type elements to the mission which should take an interesting turn on the gameplay end of things. STORY: Anyway, the story of the campaign takes place in July of 2552, Approximately 2 months before the events of Halo: Reach. You are a Spartan III Super soldier known only with the designation "1968" on board the UNSC Halcyon-Class Cruiser "Thunder Child" Patrolling the order of the Epsilon Eridani System when the ship is ambushed by a Covenant Battle-cruiser. Making a hastily escape they slip-space jump to a set of random coordinates which upon arrival they are greeted by a massive planet that seems to be 2 times the size of Jupiter with it's moon about the size of Earth. Shortly upon arrival the Thunder Child is once again attacked by the same cruiser they had fled from earlier. The Captain orders the ship to combat alert alpha and requests the awakening of Spartan 1968 to help fight the impending boarding of the ship. for more details, Inquiries on the campaign, test release, or just general questions, feel free to reply to this thread, DM me here on the forums or on Discord. (Centauri#8556) CASTING CALL: As I am in need of some voice talents, I am putting an open casting call out to you guys to help with the project by providing your voices as many different characters. If you want to provide voice acting, please DM me. (Forums or on Discord details will be provided via DM) And I am always looking for anyone who has experience with Animation for vehicles, bipeds, Modeling BSPs, Weapons, etc, or any skill you think would be beneficial to this project. SIDE NOTE: This campaign will be using the Halo 1 Tagset but, will still require the latest version of OpenSauce for some features.