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  2. I worked with a guy last year that took "Metric makes more sense" and "Metric is better" as fighting words. It would somehow trigger a deep anger.
  3. As someone who works construction, I bemoan this sort of thing constantly. We literally use construction calculators to do things like subtracting 17 feet 7 3/4 inches from 32 feet 11 1/2 inches to make sure there's less room for human error because it gets so dense to do tons of math like that. If instead we just said 1004.5cm - 537.8cm it'd be simple, no special stupid calculator for feet and fractions. The simplicity of the metric system and the convenience of its scale is tough to beat.
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  5. Here lies those maps on OC that've earned at least a 7/10 rating in SBB's playtesting. Any that place here will additionally earn 15 raffle tickets! (sorted newest to oldest) Drunk Tank by @Tucker933 Ascend by @Lateksi Shipment 2552 by @EmmanuelCD Brumal by @PopeTX28 Epicenter by @aLTis Hornet's Nest by @SBBMichelle Hemoasis by @PopeTX28 Battle City by @aLTis
  6. The software bundled with my GPU for overclocking doesn't even have an option for Fahrenheit. If it did I would totally use it though. FREEDOM UNITS FTW
  7. I use Celsius since that's the most common measurement used for tech talk stuff while I was learning about said tech stuff. Didn't want to be bothered trying to convert to Fahrenheit and started to think about it like 0-100% danger load.
  8. The biggest I've used was a 29 inch one that a buddy of mine brought to a lan party. It was a quality panel but the curvature made it produce a lot of glare that an otherwise flat display didn't. I personally wouldn't get one unless my setup was in an ideally lit area for it, which it currently is not.
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  10. I should pump out a map every day just to torment you guys. Maybe turn the time restraint up higher for extra sadism. Sorry about the phantom BSP. Tool gave me no errors so I didn't even bother looking. Not that I had time to check anyway. Sure enough, there it is. And the offending surface. As for not supporting other gametypes... oops! I remember thinking about populating them but forgot. The other gametypes would have been terrible on that map anyway. Consider it a gift in disguise. I'm tempted to fix all the issues with this map but it's serving it's purpose just fine as is and I feel relatively proud that I was done so fast. Even if this map only serves as motivation for people to beat this low hanging fruit, that would be fine with me. I did similar stuff with GMYF's contest just so it wouldn't be boring.
  11. Not a surprising occurrence, it's a strategic move in the on-going cyber war; The NY Times published an article on the 15th outlining the escalation of US attacks against the Russian power grid, which is a response to increased attacks and intrusions by Russian assets against US energy and industrial infrastructure. The FBI and DHS have issued multiple reports since 2015 concerning the discovery of attacks and intrusions against industrial control systems (ICS) of US energy and industrial infrastructure. Alert (TA18-074A) Russian Government Cyber Activity Targeting Energy and Other Critical Infrastructure Sectors (March 15th, 2018)
  12. IPS panel? Pff, boooring! :V Still waiting for that OLED-display.
  13. In a new troubling escalation, hackers behind at least two potentially fatal intrusions on industrial facilities have expanded their activities to probing dozens of power grids in the US and elsewhere, researchers with security firm Dragos reported Friday. Source
  14. Here is a small update. I haven't gotten much done (I suppose I fixed an issue with invader-crc when you try to input an invalid CRC32?), but I have found that most of the remaining issues are mostly singleplayer issues or issues that primarily affect singleplayer maps and not any sort of stock multiplayer map. Here is a short list of remaining things to do before version 1.0 is released. Fix detail object collection tags Fix AI and AI encounters Fix the Pillar of Autumn cryo bay door Jason Jones singleplayer maps Generate a scenario tag reference array from scripts Fix some issues with tag indexing This list may expand and shrink as stuff is worked on or more issues are discovered. However, most multiplayer maps should work fine. Want to test this? Download it here: invader-win32-20190617T075826Z.7z
  15. I feel like it'll only happen when a Mars colony finally takes off, because it would obviously be all SI, and would become the main focus of advanced technology rather than how the US has been in large part. We'll then find that we have to change to remain relevant. If the US was some small less-consequential country, we would've switched ages ago; we haven't because we can afford not to.
  16. I use Celsius because it makes sense, and it is what everything reports it in. 100 degrees is approximately when water boils, and it's also approximately when CPUs turn off. How convenient! Strangely, some people do Fahrenheit for temperature, and I know a few people who do. It's a little hard to communicate to them with that as temperatures like 170 F is meaningless to me, and 77 C is meaningless to them. Sure, 170 F is 42 F less than 212 F, but how much of a difference is 42 F? A big difference? A little? Just how hot is this fucker? We probably won't be alive when the United States finally switches to the Metric system, but I hope it does one day because using bullshit units to measure things gets tiring.
  17. Pretty much no one knows what fahrenheit temperatures mean when it comes to computers, because nothing reports that by default, which makes sense because no one uses it for scientific purposes anymore either. I can't wait 'till we finally tell fahrenheit to fuck off.
  18. Curved is sweet at those large sizes, but yeah I never got the backlighting. It's for all those people that like putting extra lights in their builds.
  19. For sure dude. I'm curious what the price will be compared to the new apple monitor too. The curved screen and the backlighting is pretty gimmicky though.
  20. Every spring the last few years a capacitor on our condenser would blow up and we would borrow my mother-in-law's portable unit for a week or so. It's everything this guy said. It cools well enough and you can fit it almost anywhere very easily. But it's loud and power hungry. Definitely not your everyday if you can help it but it works awesome in a pinch.
  21. Celsius because that's what speedfan defaults to and virtually all published benchmarks use. I don't even know what a normal operating temperature is in Fahrenheit, but I know my computer does a safety shutdown at 80C lol
  22. Celsius is more-or-less an international 0-100 scale for the temperature of liquid water at one atmosphere of pressure. From what I've seen, many/most technology enthusiasts (even those who live in the United States) use Celsius for measuring PC temperatures. I've also seen a few people use Fahrenheit. Feel free to comment on why you use your choice of scale.
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  24. Fuck, those specs are nuts. I was just thinking of going VA panel for my next screen though. IPS is still ultra expensive for the high-performance stuff.
  25. Never realized how wildly inefficient they are compared to other A/C solutions. Good to know now that I'm shopping for a new one; here's why: This is also an awesome channel for some generally older and plain ol' vintage technology. His videos on color TV development and tube radios were fascinating.
  26. There's now going to be 2 winning raffle tickets per month, each worth $25. And yes, anyone that has more than 1 ticket does have the chance at having both drawn!
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