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  2. I mean, it's kind of a big, fat nothingburger. How many of the listed components and chemical agents can be legally purchased in the UK? In the US, prior to 1968 anyone could walk into a hardware store and purchased dynamite over the counter, in the 70's and 80's the personal information of the purchaser was recorded, but record keeping was very lax. In the 1990's a $5 Federal Explosives License was required to purchase it and was sold by chemical supply stores, it wasn't until 9/11 that it was restricted from purchase by the general public and individuals/companies that use it are required to hold a license for use, permit for purchase, and federal law requires proof you have erected armored magazines to store it before they'll grant you a license or purchase permit. Ammonium Nitrate+Aluminum Power is sold commercially under the brand name "Tannerite" in the US as a reactionary explosive for use in target shooting, avalanche control, and cinematic effect, the chemical agents are sold in a unitary state, but once the agents are mixed and become a binary explosive it is required by federal law to be used immediately. Storing or transporting Tannerite is illegal. There is also "Ammonal" which is a similar, more simplistic mixture of AN+AP as a commercial replacement for dynamite and used in homebrew Tannerite production. ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) can be produced with ease. 50lb bags of Ammonium Nitrate are sold commercially at home improvement stores and nurseries and Fuel Oil can be purchased at any POL supplier (Diesel Fuel, Bunker Mix, Heating Oil, ect...) Mix the two properly and you have ANFO, which is a common blasting agent used in demolition and other industrial applications. Astrolite G is relatively easy to produce, a 2:1 liquid ratio of Ammonium Nitrate and Hydrazine. Explosives are a relatively easy material to produce without needing to use Amazon to purchase the materials or use the "fellow customer" purchase recommendations.
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  5. I did man stuff with the car today. Found out that my entire issue was the Manual Safety Switch which was causing my car to not start up on occasion. It's apparently a common problem with Ford vehicles.
  6. I'm playing on the 1.7.10 pack. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack.453902
  7. sorry for the off topic post, but what modpack is that?
  8. ingame go to the location you want to teleport all players to and execute command \loc_add chaos on your events.txt add this: event_score 't * chaos'
  9. A week ago I overclocked my monitor to 1080p at 74 Hz. Today, I've discovered that it could natively do 75 Hz output if I drop the resolution to 1152x864, and at 864p, I can take it up to 77 Hz before it says "OUT OF RANGE" on the display. Basically, I've had this monitor for nearly two and a half years without knowing it could output 75 Hz natively. I don't like the drawback of dropping to 864p for only 3 Hz, so I'll probably stick to 1080p at 74 Hz, but I've learned something new I guess. Either way, it's a substantial improvement over 60 Hz.
  10. Yes. We have to be paying attention to everything, all at once, all the time and complain that doing that is a violation of our privacy.
  11. I would like to know how I can do to make the two teams (blue and red) teleport to the same place after someone has scored with the flag... thanks
  12. hi... I'm looking for the event or lua script that does when a player scores with the flag, the two teams teleport to one same location, thanks
  13. It's obvious that it isn't Amazon's fault, what are they supposed to do, watch for and make filters for millions of possible product combinations to make sure nothing offensive or bad is suggested?
  14. thank you very much my friend, if you served me, now I'm just looking for the event or lua script that makes when a player scores with the flag, the two teams teleport to the same location, thanks
  15. I used to work 16-hour days last time I was in that field, which became unreasonable for the employer to keep me on for, which is why I was laid off. I didn't mind that amount of work, and surely this will be much lesser.
  16. This already makes me cringe a little on the side of caution, but at least you'll be doing something you like. That's kind of how I ended up in this job. The senior/lead admin on this project is getting old and I'm going to eventually be a one man band supporting almost 22 sites. I just hope they understand you are one person and they do not have unrealistic expectations.
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  18. Looks like I'm getting a job as a Field Technician for a wireless ISP again. =D It's a more of a commute compared to my last job in that field, but it pays way better than where I'm working now. Evidently I'm going to be displacing some of their guys, so they're "going to work me extra hard." This year had a rough start, but everything's falling into place again!
  19. One thing I've been working on is the ability to spawn objects. There are a few uses for this. Scripting is probably the main thing that many people will think about. There are other uses. For example, I can use this to fix the phantom grenade glitch. This is a bug in Halo's netcode where if a player was killed while holding a grenade, an invisible explosion would appear. This fix requires the Chimera script to be running on the server, however.
  20. Thanks guys. Unfortunately, since he was a few weeks early, he was considered pre-mature. He's been having some issues with his breathing and with his blood sugars staying where they need to. He's been in the NICU and I still have not gotten to hold him. His oxygen tube has been removed, but he still has an iv for his sugars and is still not eating enough on his own.
  21. Congratulations!
  22. init.txt (prevents fall damage) cheat_jetpack 1 events.txt (teleports them up) event_spawn 'm $n 0 0 50'
  23. Hello, I would like to know if there is any script or event so that when the game starts, every player that enters will fall from the sky above his base, thanks
  24. what event would be to teleport the two teams when someone score with the flag? thanks
  25. http://idlewords.com/2017/09/anatomy_of_a_moral_panic.html
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