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Finally hashed out a GUI I like.


This approach is 100% Python code, and bundles the Python interpreter, PyQt, and all the dependencies into a single ~30MB executable.




Pictured is a QTreeView hooked up to my filesystem, just for a mockup. Next step is to connect the TreeView to a HaloMap via the Nimbus library. Third step is making sure the fields are writable and not just readable.


Since this approach allows me to ship with nearly all the source code exposed, I'm not going to bother embedding a console scripting interface. If you want to change how the program works, just fire up a text editor. Also, implementing a console is stupid hard and I'm glad to avoid the work.


Lastly, since you don't need Visual Studio to edit/compile this application, it's 100% open-source: Python, Qt5, PyQt, and all of my code are all free to use and modify however you see fit.

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