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Bomb Run 2

Bomb Run 2 is the last in an evolutionary trilogy of mods; Bomb Run, Bomb Run: Redux and Bomb Run 2. Bomb Run was my first large scale gameplay revamp project, bringing to Blood Gulch a wide variety of diverse yet original gameplay features, all nestled within a new midnight forested theme. The Bomb Run Series was a proving grounds of sorts for which I built my foundation in gameplay design and visual effects. At the end of the series with Bomb Run 2, I had spent a year of on and off development as my modding knowledge increased. The Bomb Run Series presented a lot of unique challenges in development, which as a result drastically redefined my modding techniques and approaches for new mods to come. In short, if it weren’t for Bomb Run, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


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MA5C Assault Rifle:
The MA5C Assault Rifle is capable of delivering more accuracy than is predecessor at the cost of a shallower clip. Though this weapon also features head shot capabilities, meaning any enemies with downed shields are susceptible to instant death, making this weapon best against infantry.

M6D Pistol:
This is the pure unadulterated Halo 1 Pistol, need I change such a godlike death machine? I think not.

50-Cal Rifle:
This high powered bolt action sniper rifle is capable of downing infantry in a single shot due to its depleted uranium tipped .50 Caliber ammunition, causing a micro explosion on impact. Making this weapon best against infantry and light armor.

The Dicer fires multiple crystalline projectiles per shot, similar to a shotgun but with an explosive punch. If enough projectiles impact an unshielded enemy they can super-combine into a much larger explosion, instantly killing the target.

Plasma Rifle:
The Plasma Rifle is the Covenant's main infantry rifle; capable of firing bolts of superheated plasma at high rates of fire with moderate stunning capabilities, making this weapon best against infantry.

The Laser, (obviously enough) fires a steady focuses beam of light for several sections, capable of cutting through almost any type of vehicle with precision and even slicing up infantry.

The Hammer:
This cartridge style rocket launcher has mid to long-range tracking capabilities, however due to it's low yield rockets it takes two to kill the standard shielded opponent.

Plasma Cannon:
The Plasma Cannon is the Covenant's primary infantry artillery cannon, and when firing in full-auto, is capable of decimating any enemy position.


The Bomber is likely your main heavy assault vehicle. This aircraft features sustained carpet bombing capability, which acts as a highly effective suppression weapon against vehicles and bunkers. Also in its arsenal; deployable countermeasures which can easily blind enemies within a large radius on detonation and act as an effective distraction for enemies attempting to shoot you down. Another advantage of these countermeasures is to ally forces, providing the ability to light up the battlefield.

The Anti-Personnel Tank fires a relatively smaller shell compared to a Main Battle Tank's, making it weaker against armor. However due to it's higher rate of fire due to the lowered recoil, it is much more effective against infantry and .30 Caliber integrated machine gun.

50-Cal Hog:
This vehicle is a highly maneuverable LRV, even more so than it’s predecessor. But this variant offers a .50 Caliber mounted turret which can easily tear up armor and turn infantry into chum, though due to its low rate of fire, hitting infantry isn’t as simple as in the past. The sheer firepower this vehicle can unleash makes it a good suit for heavily armored engagements.

Rocket Hog:
This vehicle is a highly maneuverable LRV, even more so than it's predecessor. However this variant offers a light mounted cartridge rocket launcher with mid-range tracking capabilities. Though due to it's low yield rockets, it will take two to kill the standard shielded opponent, you will have to pick your shots wisely as you only have two rockets per cartridge.

The Ghost is the Covenant's standard LRV which is capable of firing twin bolt's of superheated plasma with stunning capabilities, making this vehicle best at cutting down infantry.

Flak Turret:
This Covenant stationary anti-aircraft weapon; due to its design, cannot aim low enough to easily pick off enemies below it's own level, making AA targets it's only option. The trio of bolts this weapon is capable of firing will, upon impact; detonate, dispersing shards of crystalline flak in every imaginable direction on short detonation fuses themselves making it idea for tearing aircraft into pieces.


Suiadan- He has helped me along the way like none other, with outstanding tag work and advice. Without him Bomb Run 2 wouldn't have gotten as far as it did.

Deadhamster- Hamp has helped me since the beginning of Redux, he's always offered great advice, knowledge, and even a couple skins. Thanks Hamp.

Altimit- You've helped me out of countless sticky situations since back on the first Bomb Run. Thanks for all of the bug help.

Pepsi, ModFox and Dirk- You guys have both offered me great advice along the way, for that I thank you. =]

Godlike Assasin
USSR Sniper 01
The Slayer
Skeezix the Cat
The Ghost










Note: This mod is fully compatible with all game variants and will support up to 12 players.
This mod does not work on Macs.






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Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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