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(Revised) Halo: CE MCC Modeling Tutorial Series

Hello everyone, This me WickedModeler3D formerly known as "Heliotropic Plasma" I wanted to post a link to my latest modeling tutorial series here to remake one of my videos that I did a while back since due to some people having difficulty advancing through certain modeling steps in the video which led to the earlier videos getting deleted since they were hard to follow in some aspects. So I decided to take the time and make a remade version of it by making it easy to understand as much as I could for the viewer learning how to mod Halo: CE as well as other Halo's in MCC as a foundation to learn off of.


I plan to making other videos that will eventually cover on how to make scenery objects for CE or for any other halo etc. As well as, how to make vehicles and weapons using the new mod tools were provided with 343 industries. Those tutorials will come out with time once I learned it myself better and sharing with the community once I feel confident that it will work for others learning the steps on how to do these things for pretty much most of the mod tools we have access to with MCC.


Here's a link to the new video series on how to model a Halo: CE level, I hope you guys enjoy this video:


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