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Race Vehicles & Taxi Vehicles using Teleports

I know that most vehicles can use "vehicle teleports" by assigning "unique" names/identifiers in the "name" box, but is it possible to have "Race" vehicles or "Vehicles " summoned by using some sort of taxi command to be able to use these vehicle teleports? 


Thanks in advance...


nevermind...figured it out through  writing a script


(script startup racestart 
                (unit_get_health syncstart) 1
            ) 15
        (sv_say "Welcome to the Race!, get in a vehicle, quickly... and wait for the race to start") 
                (unit_get_health syncstart) 0
            ) 15
        (player_enable_input false) 
        (sleep 30) 
        (object_teleport c1 s1) 
        (object_teleport c2 s2) 
        (object_teleport c3 s3) 
        (object_teleport c4 s4) 
        (object_teleport c5 s5) 
        (object_teleport c6 s6) 
        (object_teleport c7 s7) 
        (object_teleport c8 s8) 

(script startup load_settings 
                    (unit syncvehicle)
                ) 1
                (object_create_anew c1) 
                (object_create_anew c2) 
                (object_create_anew c3) 
                (object_create_anew c4) 
                (object_create_anew c5) 
                (object_create_anew c6) 
                (object_create_anew c7) 
                (object_create_anew c8) 

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