Vote Kick

Vote to kick disruptive players from the server.


Vote command syntax: /votekick (player id)

Vote list command syntax: /votelist



-- config starts --

local VoteKick = {

    -- Command used to initiate a vote kick:
    vote_command = 'votekick',

    -- Command used to view a list of players who can be voted out:
    vote_list_command = 'votelist',

    -- Minimum number of players required to initiate a vote kick:
    -- Default: 2 players
    minimum_players = 2,

    -- Percentage of online players needed to vote yes to kick a player:
    -- Default: 60%
    vote_percentage = 60,

    -- A players votes will be reset if they're not voted out within this time (in seconds):
    -- Default: 30s
    vote_grace_period = 30,

    -- If a player quits and returns to the server within this time (in seconds),
    -- their vote will remain in vote kick tally:
    -- Default: 30s
    quit_grace_period = 30,

    -- If true, players will be able to vote anonymously:
    -- Default: false
    anonymous_votes = false,

    -- If true, a message will be displayed when a new vote kick has been initiated:
    -- Default: true
    announce_on_initiate = true,

    -- If true, admins will be immune:
    -- Default: true
    admin_immunity = true,

    -- A message relay function temporarily removes the msg_prefix and restores
    -- it to this when done:
    -- Default: **SAPP**
    prefix = '**SAPP**'
-- config ends --



Vote Kick.lua

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Looks like a more customizable version than this one?


Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.  

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