Broadleaf Plants-- fix and new sizes!

By Galap in Halo CE: Asset Releases,
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I've always like the plant_broadleaf class of scenery, but it's always bothered me that the collision geometry for plant_broadleaf_tall is a lot larger than the render model, which causes a lot of problems if you're trying to shoot around it or move past it on the map.   So, I fixed the collision geo to match the render model, fixing this problem. The files in here can repalce the original scenery, or you could rename it if you want to keep it separate. The only change in the scenery tag is to reference the fixed collison.   Going on from there, I decided to make more plants of this type. I made one called plant_broadleaf_medium that's intermediate in size between plant_broadleaf_short and plant_broadleaf_tall.   Here it is:     I also decided to make a larger one, called plant_broadleaf_supertall. Here it is: .     Here is a size comparison between the main plant broadleaf family, from biggest to largest, with both the stock ones and mine:   EDIT: added an even larger one .      I'd also like to point out that these will work in MCC as well, and I've crossposted it to the MCC assets section (thanks Vaporeon, Takka).