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Change Starting Equipment

Replace starting weapons with different weapons.  The script must be made aware of what the actual starting weapons for the mode/map are in order for it to work.  The script comes with an example of replacing generic starting equipment with sniper and rocket.  It can also swap weapon slots by replacement, for example generic equipment is assault rifle as primary and pistol as secondary, you can set the replacements so that the pistol is primary and assault rifle is secondary. 


You can dynamically load this script or multiple different versions in the events.txt based on custom modes:

event_start $mode:custom_mode_123 'lua_load "replace_starting_equipment"'
event_end $mode:custom_mode_123 'lua_unload "replace_starting_equipment"'

I used a function in this script from one of hrshaft's scripts from his pastebin get_tag_info()


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