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Am building a new PC in 2022

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Played a game with some friends last weekend, and it performed pretty well. Granted, it isn't a very recent game, but I am happy with it nonetheless.


That said, I am upgrading the motherboard to have better expansion options, and I've decided to go to AM5 on X670 with the 7950X.


I'll be gifting my current 5950X CPU to a friend of mine as well as helping them buy a whopping 128 GB of RAM. They have desperately needed an upgrade from their current 8700K/32 GB RAM setup, and they have needed way more cores and RAM for what they need to do, but sadly they cannot afford to go all the way due to sky-high prices in their region, so I am sure they will be happy with this late birthday present of what is basically an fully maxed out AM4 PC.


I could just upgrade my board, but buying yet another expensive board now that I will probably not want to use in 4 years sounds unwise (although the same can be said for any recent Intel board these days). Frankly, the 7950X isn't that much better than a 5950X, and to make matters worse, it has a relatively worse time with four DIMMs than the 5950X. However, I won't need to upgrade much in the future, so I see this as a win.

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