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SAPP PC/CE V 10.2.1 Remote Console Windows

Hey guys! How's everyone doing today?


I recently started hosting from a remote windows server and I'm trying to find a way to connect to the console from my PC. I've found these 2 softwares that are present in this link 

But it's either that I cannot install them right or they are not compatible with the latest SAPP which is 10.2.1


Can someone share the installation instructions, if they are compatible with the latest SAPP, or show an alternative way to connect to the console remotely using windows 10?




Hey, I just searched up a little bit more about the issue. The problem was that I had to allow the TCP port of my Halo PC server in the windows firewall for the softwares to work. The connection to the remote consoles relies on the same port that you use to host your Halo PC/CE server, but TCP.

Both softwares are working fine with SAPP 10.2.1

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