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Public Selective Mute

This is a janky script so I'm not going to release it, but you can use it if you want.  SAPP's EVENT_CHAT api is somewhat limited so this is the only way I could find to accomplish this.  All chat messages are stopped unless they are / commands and then they are rebroadcasted as server messages without the server prefix.  The messages are formatted to appear like player chat messages for team and all chat.  Doing that makes it so specific messages to/from players can be muted on an individual basis.  If somebody is trolling and you've had enough of their offensive text this could come in handy to anyone on the server. 


There are no administrative privileges required to run these commands:

If you want to mute messages to yourself from a specific player use /deafen <player index>  you can use /players to view player indexes, you can also use /undeafen to resume chat messages.


There might be some holes in the logic for this but this is the only way I could think to accomplish this.  Also vehicle chat isn't accounted for, it's lumped into team chat messages.




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