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Detect vpn or proxy

What the script does:

    The script will log instances of players connecting using a vpn or proxy in the haloded directory under the filename vpn_log.txt
    It will also announce to all admins on the server when someone joins with a vpn or proxy
    The script enables the command
    /vpn <player index>
    for admins to check if a player is currently playing on a vpn or proxy


The setup of this script requires web hosting, the sapp http client, and requires creating a free account on  ( allows 1,000 free ip lookups per day)

The web hosting needs support for PHP and needs to have the Curl module for PHP installed, it would be ideal to have web hosting with an ssl certificate to enable https:// communication

The readme.txt goes into detail on the setup instructions, but doesn't include detailed web server setup instructions.  Look for guides on how to install a LAMP web server on a vps, or use web hosting that allows ssh access.  With ssh access, this script is valuable in enabling a free ssl certificate

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