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Microsoft vs Sony vs Nintendo

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i dunno man, the snes had a lot going for it

n64 would've been perfect except for the retarded controllers. srsly the analogue sticks on those things would become useless after about 2 months of use


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I think Nintendo has changed into the fitness market. Why I've heard that gyms have had to up their prices due to many people leaving gyms for the Wii! What a great device!

But srsly.

Ps1 over heated. Xbox 360 RROD. Old PC gave me some issues.

You want to know my flawless gaming device?

Nintendo gamecube. Thats right! Flawless!

+1 for Nintendo back in the day before "Hey, lets get people to move around by making a device that has cool technology, but will for the most part just gather dust because the games get extremely old, and no one wants to play it by themselves!"


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