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CD Key Check Is ON In My CE SAPP Server

When 2 people with the same CD key try to join my server, only the first one can join and the second one has to wait for the first one to leave in order for him to be able to join the server. This issue has persisted with me since I started hosting and I've been trying to find a solution for it. I've read that only Phasor has CD Key check and that it is disabled in SAPP.  Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

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You have to allow hash duplicates, which is something that you may have to find a script to patch.  Phasor has a script that does this for it as well, as the base mod only disables cdkey checking but duplicate checking.  The fix is simple but I don't have the 1.10 address on hand otherwise its this added to any script in the OnScriptLoad section:

write_bit(hash_duplicate_patch_address, 0, 0)

`hash_duplicate_patch_address` has to be replace with the address, I am guessing someone else here may have the 1.10 address.


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