Halo 5 Helioskrill Biped

Helioskrill Armor V1

I did this biped three years ago; just made a few small features,


  • Model compatible with stock animations
  • Model Optimization
  • New Shaders
  • Optimized Textures
  • FP arms included
  • Doesn't have LODs yet, but it will 



Note: Doesn't Include HUD; all shaders are vanilla (not OpenSauce).











The assault rifle shown in the pictures can be found on next link:


Extract the Zip file in your tags directory.
The biped is in this route: 

FP Arms are in this route:  tags\keymind\halo_5\characters\unsc\_fp



You are free to repurpose and use this mod in any way you want; just give the proper credit.

-343i: Biped, FP arms models and textures
-ReclaimerOmega: Model work, asset port, and shaders.

-YI$$U$™: Techsuit rigging
-Keymind Dev Team: BSP, plasma pistol, and HUD for the pictures.
 MEK (Mo's Editing Kit)

Please give me feedback if you'd like.

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