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Convert wav sound file to Looping Sound

Having trouble trying to convert this sound file to a "looping_sound" file so I can import into using it for my tank.


I tried a couple of tutorials on Halomaps and even a video tutorial on Youtube, but to no avail?

 any help appreciated! 


Thanks in advance!


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I'd recommend Invader or even Mozzarilla to make sound tags. They both have the best Xbox ADPCM codec available, and they're both free software.


You COULD use the Xbox ADPCM codec posted by Giraffe, but it's not quite as good in terms of audio quality, and it might possibly be totally illegal since it appears it came from the original Xbox SDK (which almost certainly required violating an NDA to redistribute, and if so, it's probably copyrighted as heck).


Invader also has a much newer Ogg Vorbis codec than tool.exe which has a number of vulnerabilities fixed compared to the original one tool.exe used, and it's just better overall. Ogg Vorbis sounds better but it's a little bit slower to decode. For music and dialogue, this is fine, but for sound effects, use Xbox ADPCM.


For making sound tags with Invader, I wrote a tutorial here: https://github.com/SnowyMouse/invader/wiki/Creating-a-sound. Oh, also make sure to split it with the -s option! If you don't, then Halo may reset the sound abruptly if it's especially long.


Also, Halo will only play 22.05 kHz mono, 22.05 kHz stereo, or 44.1 kHz stereo. For 3D audio, you will want it to be 22.05 kHz mono. For stuff like music, it doesn't really matter. Invader can resample (i.e. -r 22050 or -r 44100) or mixdown/up (i.e. -C mono or -C stereo). If it's audio intended to be played in 3D space, you will need to use 22.05 kHz mono or you may hear it at the same volume no matter where you are.


Next, make your sound_looping tag. If it's music or ambient audio that only has one sound tag, create a track and set the loop to your sound tag.

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