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Fireteam Raven FP hands for Halo CE

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Fireteam Raven FP hands for Halo Custom Edition


NOTE: The following topic is strongly related to this other one:

Yesterday, I released a tags pack with all of the four Fireteam Raven bipeds for Halo CE. Unfortunately, that first version didn't include their FP hands models. Today, I finally managed to port them into Halo CE.


  1. Communication/COMM FP hands:

  2. Demolition/DEMO FP hands:

  3. Heavy/HVY FP hands:

  4. Tactical/TAC FP hands:


Now the entire pack is complete. I'll post the new link with both the bipeds and FP hands, and I'll also make sure to update the link in the other topic I made yesterday as well. Have fun! And remember... Feet first into hell!


- MrChromed (me): model porting, rigging, texturing, shaders.
- Gravemind2404: author of "Reclaimer", extractor used to rip the FP hands.




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