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Update: New map format being worked on. Thoughts?


I totally agree with all of this! Especially when it comes to the extended tag space limit thing. We've been developing an entire Forge mode for Halo CE by using scenery objects, and with hundreds of objects in-game, we're running out of tag space (23MiB). That's preventing us from porting new objects (since we also have some plans of having a "season-like" system to provide fresh and new content/assets to this project by using an updating system we've been developing to avoid the necessity of uploading new map builds everytime. So any expansion to the stock 23MiB limit will be REALLY useful for us.

Here's a pic btw:


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So, first test! I want to see how well 64 MiB works on people's systems.


As such, I've compiled a release of Chimera that increases the tag space usage. You shouldn't need any LAA patch for this to work, but if you do, let me know.


Download: chimera-1.0.0.r698.44ada2d.7z


I also got a couple questions asked from people:


Does this mean Chimera will support Open Sauce maps?



What does this mean for people who don't have Chimera (such as HAC2 or OS users)?

The map format should be fairly straightforward to implement, and if I do this, I'll post documentation. I'm not planning on adding any tag extensions in the vein of Open Sauce.


Anyway, if it works, let me know. Or if it doesn't, let me know. You'll know it didn't work if the game presents a "Can't allocate memory" sort of error message from Halo.

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Nice! We'll patch our custom tool to give this a try. Our tagset currently is using 21.92MiB of tag space, so I'll just fill the rest with duplicated objects. I'll come back here to give a report :)

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