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EST. 14th of February, 2012

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All of my stuff from modhalo

Luckily, I managed to get all of my files I had uploaded from before the horrible mediafire purge. So I figured someone out there might have a use for all of this stuff.


New hunter AI tags




Descriptions of new hunters (left to right)
-Silver: Hunter slugger, uses adapted human technology. Has warthog chaingun.
-Turquoise: Hunter Beserker, runs fast, only melees opponents. Explodes shortly after dying.
-Green: Hunter Railgunner, has a railgun that takes a little bit longer than the fuel rod cannon to charge and fire. Projectile can go through multiple targets.
-Gold/Bronze: Hunter Major, has a rapidly-firing assault cannon that fires plasma pistol rounds.
-Burgundy/red: Hunter Flamer, uses a flamethrower from adapted human technology. Has to get close to use it, so keep your distance!

Special thanks to Bazoom for assistance and ideas.

Colorable marine tags (blue multipurpose)





These are modified marine bipeds with blue multipurpose bitmaps. As a result of this, they have color support. AI tags have been included for red, blue, green, and yellow teams.
To install: Extract the marine_c folder to your tags/characters folder and be creative.



Hackled Jackals In a Brutal Battle





Multi-team jackal bots in Hang em' High. Also, the player plays as a Jackal.
Rival Jackal gangs fight over potential hangout. SPOILER ALERT INSIDE A SPOILER: Nobody wins.
CMT made the H2 Jackal model and it was either Cereal Killer or Bazoom who perfected the team-colored plasma pistols. Eh what the heck, I'll thank both of them.


Swamp Battle





I wanted to see what would happen if I were to change the .bsp of a scenario, I wasn't familiar with doing this back then.
An AI battle taking place in c10's final area, and as a personal touch I decided to make the fog green. Watch out for the chieftain.
Credit goes to CMT for the brutes and whoever it is that ported the Heretic grunt. Credit also goes to whoever made the rebel biped tags.


Battle For Timberland


An AI mod that is inspired by a mod that was on Decoy's now-defunct website.
Multiple teams of marines battle for superiority in Timberland. As some of you may know, the custom weapons can be pretty loud.
Credit goes to those who made the M16, Famas, Blaster, and AK-47 weapon tags.

Hang Em' High Marine Battle Royale





This is basically hackled jackals but with marines. This was for showcasing the colorable marine tags.


There may be more later, as I have some uncompiled .scenario files in my levels folder.


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