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Frank 791

I can't activate mapvote, help!! dedicated server

hello, i'm mounting a dedicated server from a virtual machine with ubuntu linux server, i've managed to mount and run my server, the problem starts when i try to activate the mapvote, since it never activates and stays in the initial map that i define, it throws me the following error when i activate my server "
Error: Less than 2 mapvote option was loaded. Map voting is now disabled!
SAPP Version 10.1 CE by seh鰰, originally by Termy || halo.isimaginary.com", I have verified, maps, gametypes and the structure of my mapvote.txt in my opinion is correct; I was investigating and found that this error is due to detecting the active mapvote and mapcycle at the same time, when in my point of view it is not like that, can someone guide me in this situation, please? since I have been 4 days without finding the solution", I leave the content of my files:

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


sv_name "Race (Classic)"
sv_public 0
sv_motd motd.txt
sv_maxplayers 16
sv_timelimit 15
sv_tk_ban 0
sv_map bloodgulch slayer

SAPP init.txt


log 0
log_rotation 20000
antihalofp 1
anticaps 1
antispam 2
anticamp 30 10
antiwarp 6
afk_kick 600
ping_kick 300
save_scores 1
map_skip 41
packet_limit 500
sapp_console 1
no_lead 1
map_skip 41
chat_console_echo 1
msg_prefix "Race "
adminban 2
no_lead 1
cheat_jetpack 1
aimbot_ban 10000 1
mapvote 1
max_votes 5

SAPP mapvotes


timberland:race10:Timberland (Race)



with active mapvote



without active mapvote




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I know SAPP requires its mapvote.txt file to be USC-2 with LE BOM ("UTF-16" in some text editors). Regular ASCII won't work sometimes. You did not actually upload your mapvote.txt file, so I don't know if this is the issue.


What you can try doing is renaming the mapvote.txt, let SAPP regenerate a new one, and then open the new one in a text editor that supports the format, such as Notepad++.

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I don't understand how you changed the format, but thank you very much, my friend. I've never had that detail before, but thank you very much indeed

Edited by Frank 791

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