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Chimera's Spanish Translation Bounty (CLAIMED)

Chimera's Spanish translation is pretty incomplete, so I'm going to be offering a raffle ticket bounty for it at the following rates:

  • 3 lines = 1 ticket
  • 5 lines = 2 tickets

There are 36 strings right now. If you were to translate all of them, it would come out to 15 tickets (36 -> 30 + 6 -> 2 x 6 + 1 x 3 = 15). At the time of this post, that would give you a 55.56% chance of winning the monthly raffle.


EDIT: The bounty has been claimed. Thank you!


Here are the strings:

chimera_allow_all_passengers_command_help                                       Disable team restrictions for vehicles.
chimera_block_auto_center_command_help                                          Set whether auto centering is disabled.
chimera_block_button_quotes_command_help                                        Set whether or not to remove quotes from button prompts.
chimera_block_equipment_rotation_command_help                                   Disable rotation from equipment spawns when hosting (emulates Xbox behavior).
chimera_block_extra_weapon_blocked                                              Blocked %s
chimera_block_extra_weapon_error_cannot_get_object                              Failed to read your object (you are dead)
chimera_block_extra_weapon_error_cannot_get_weapon                              Failed to read the weapon
chimera_block_extra_weapon_error_not_enough_weapons                             You need to be holding at least 3 unblocked weapons.
chimera_block_extra_weapon_error_weapon_already_blocked                         Your held weapon is already blocked.
chimera_block_extra_weapon_help                                                 Block the weapon you're holding (must be holding at least 3 weapons)
chimera_delete_empty_weapons_help                                               Delete empty weapons when hosting (emulates Xbox behavior).
chimera_error_cannot_download_retail_maps_1                                     Retail Halo PC and HaloMD maps are unsupported by the map downloader.
chimera_error_cannot_download_retail_maps_2                                     Modify chimera.ini and set \"download_retail_maps\" under \"memory\" to enable.
chimera_error_failed_to_open_init                                               Failed to open init file %s
chimera_error_must_be_in_a_server                                               You have to be in a server to do that.
chimera_fov_vehicle_command_help                                                Set field of view for vehicles. Use \"auto\" for automatic FOV or suffix FOV with \"v\" to lock to a vertical FOV.
chimera_fov_cinematic_command_help                                              Set field of view for cinematics. Use \"auto\" for automatic FOV or suffix FOV with \"v\" to lock to a vertical FOV.
chimera_fov_error_invalid_fov_given                                             Invalid FOV given. Expected \"auto\", <FOV>, <FOV>v, or \"off\"
chimera_send_chat_message_help                                                  Send a chat message on the given channel.
chimera_send_chat_message_invalid_channel                                       Invalid channel number %i
chimera_send_chat_message_throttled                                             You are sending messages too quickly!
chimera_set_color_command_help                                                  Set your color.
chimera_set_color_command_invalid_color                                         Invalid color %s specified.
chimera_set_name_invalid_name_error                                             Invalid name \"%s\". Argument must be between 0 and 11 characters.
chimera_teleport_help                                                           Teleport to a player or coordinates.
chimera_teleport_invalid_arguments                                              Invalid arguments were given.
chimera_teleport_dead                                                           Failed to teleport: target is not alive
chimera_teleport_dead_self                                                      Failed to teleport: teleported player is not alive
chimera_teleport_success_mp                                                     Teleported %S to %f %f %f
chimera_teleport_success_sp                                                     Teleported to %f %f %f
chimera_unblock_all_extra_weapons_fail                                          No weapons were blocked.
chimera_unblock_all_extra_weapons_help                                          Unblock all extra weapons.
chimera_unblock_all_extra_weapons_success                                       All weapons were unblocked.
chimera_widescreen_fix_command_warning_cannot_disable_font_override_enabled     Cannot disable widescreen fix while font_override is enabled
custom_edition_netcode_command_error_needs_custom_edition_map_support           Custom Edition map support is not enabled on your client.
custom_edition_netcode_command_help                                             Enable Custom Edition support.

Note, anything written in snake_case should not be translated as those refer to configuration data or commands. Also, proper nouns like Halo or Chimera should not be translated. Lastly, double quotation marks require an escape character (i.e. \") but single quotes (i.e. ') do not.


Substitutions (e.g. %s, %S, %i, %f, etc.) are used for substituting data in to make the message. For example, %s is substituted for text. They don't need to be in the same same exact part of the message, but if there are multiple substitutions in a message, they have to retain the same order. If it isn't possible to translate something without changing the order, let me know.

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