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Update: Cutting the bullshit

From Discord:



The master server was almost empty for a few hours last night, and it just so happens that this was around the same time the HAC2 servers were down. If you wanted to get a game, you were screwed. Fortunately this was only a few hours long and not days long like in some cases of this happening.


Let's cut the bullshit. You know what I'm talking about. Nobody else is going to say it, so I'll say it.


HAC2, for the longest time, has had an issue where you cannot start the game without its servers being online (similar to always online DRM?), and the person working on HAC2 said they were going to fix it. And you know what I've noticed? Whenever this happens for an extended period of time, the player base goes down permanently. That is, players *don't* come back. Something else I've noticed is that there are rarely any newcomers, so it's almost always a net loss.


It's been over a year since they said they were going to fix it, and I'm sure it is reasonable to assume that they had done it, which was one of the major points of consideration I had for supporting HAC2. But as you can see, it is still a problem even after all this time. This player base has enough problems with retention as it is.


So, yeah... I'm going back on what I said earlier on supporting HAC2. Of course, I've not taken any action for or against supporting HAC2 yet. I assure you that I can and sometimes do change my mind! But to do that, someone needs to somehow convince me to do it.


That is, you need to give a good reason for me to support something that is actively killing the playerbase for a game I grew up with. I DARE you.


tl;dr: No more Mr. Nice Mouse. I am going back on supporting HAC2, and I don't think you can convince me otherwise.

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If HAC2 gets destroyed by Chimera being a better value add then it’s saving Halo CE; not destroying it. As Kava put it in the OP, the auto updater causing the game to crash on boot if the servers are down legitimately destroys HCE’s population already.


Mind you, this is coming from someone who labeled themselves “Lead Cheerleader” for HAC2 back when it was in development.


Side note: If sal hadn’t taken an open source project that he didn’t even create and make it closed source, someone else could’ve fixed it for him by now.


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