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Can’t get mapcycle working

I followed the tutorial video in the sticky and read through the documentation, but I can’t get the mapcycle working through SAPP.  I have sapp_mapcycle 1 in the sapp init and mapcycle_start (or whatever the command is, I just closed the server to take a break) as well as a copy of the mapcycle.txt example from the homepage. Regardless of what I do, I get an error that there are no sapp settings and then that mapcycle failed to start

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I presume this is for CE, if so make sure your init looks like this



having the mapcycle command after the load command. I hope that helps.

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sv_mapcycle_timeout 5
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch slayer

Thats the entirety of my map related stuff in my init file, works fine (custom edition).

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