The fmeta format [LEGACY]

I honestly don't feel this needs to be made; however, for sake of completeness:

The fmeta format:

The fmeta file format simply links dependent files together. It is as follows:

    4 bytes : child count

    4 byte : padding

    string (256 bytes) : name

    4 bytes : padding

    4 bytes : type (0 for s3dpak, 1 for .map)

    8 bytes : decompressed size (if file is a .map)


the decompressed size is -1 (ffff ffff) if it's a s3dpak

I guess I should also point out it's a fixed size file coming in at a whopping 18 kb

As of season 6 it appears as though the fmeta is no longer utilized by the engine to determine file dependencies.

In 2 years we'll look back at this and go "oh yea, that was a thing."
Time is fickle

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S3dpak - format - Imeta/ipak - format - Fmeta - format


H2a-inflate - SuP

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