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H2A-inflate is a quick python script I threw together to decompress halo 2 anniversary .pck files
cli style interface (time to embrace my inner kava):

h2a-inflate <file> <output>


Quick and simple; source might be available if I can compress back in the future.


This might also mean I can add h2a support into SuP at some point c:


for batch files, I recommend copying the compressed files out of the directory, and creating a text document named "inflate.bat" copy this into it. Make sure h2a-inflate is in the same directory as the compressed file.

mkdir inflated
FOR %%i IN (*.pck) DO h2a-inflate "%%i" "inflated\%%~ni.pck"



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Messed up the batch syntax
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S3dpak - format - Imeta/ipak - format - Fmeta - format


H2a-inflate - SuP

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