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Update: Controller button text

Chimera now provides the option to substitute controller button names. Sadly, it's text only, but this should, at least, be an improvement over "Hold "BUTTON #3" to pick up...". You can configure this from within chimera.ini.


Here are some screenshots:












Because there are many different controllers, no default configuration is given. However, I've included an example controller configuration here: https://github.com/Kavawuvi/chimera/tree/master/controller_config


Note that I only have an Xbox One controller that I can plug into my PC, so this is currently the only config file available.

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nb4 "why not just replace it with Xbox buttons?"

1. Dualshock gamepads do not have Xbox buttons.

2. Switch JoyCons and gamepads don't have Xbox buttons.

3. Only some controllers have Xbox buttons.


Currently, the most popular way to inject images into the game's memory is via DirectX API calls. This is what HAC2 uses for medals and chat emotes.

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I'm crying. It's beautiful. Oh my God, it's beautiful.


"You fix my mistakes is what you do." - Tucker
"You're useless." - Tucker 2 minutes later

"You're sort of cool in some ways." - Kavawuvi


"Fuck off." - Mint Blitz

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