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How to install Chimera scripts

Only the old Chimera builds have Lua script support, scripts will not work with Chimera 1.0. I recommend downloading the -581 build: chimera_build_-581.zip


To install Chimera you need to extract it to Controls folder in your install directory. If you had Chimera 1.0 installed previously you must remove it!


To install scripts you must put them in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global\ folder. The scripts should work automatically once you start Halo. If Halo is already running, type "chimera_reload_lua" in the console to reload the scripts.




For modders:

You can include a script in a map file! First of all, put the script in the map folder instead of global and name it the same as the map file. When you play on that map, the script will load. Use this tool chimera_ltool.zip to attach it to the map file once it's ready. in CMD type "chimera_ltool 'mapfile.map' 'script.lua' 'mapfile.map'" (make sure to use full directories) and it will be done! Whoever plays your map and has Chimera will run the script.


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Posted (edited)

Since this is here, this is another version of Chimera (that has Lua support) that I worked on that could be used: https://github.com/it300/Chimera600

Comes with these couple changes (including the ones from gbMichelle's -581)


Lua API: get_key_press(VK_KEY_CODE)

Lua API: chat_out(Message, Channel)

console flag `|nh` to print to clients hud text. Usage: rprint(PlayerIndex, "|nhMessage in a bottle.")
chimera_interpolate_predict 3

chimera_set_resolution saves in the chimerasave.txt now.

CTF Assault round timer being tied to framerate when interpolation was enabled.
Server console spam is blocked while console is open (in the case of these flags `|t`, `|c`, `|r`, and `|l` or if first character is a blank space.)


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