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Update: Merging the server lists won't be possible

From the Chimera Discord:



So it seems having the master server be seamlessly made into one list will *not* be feasible for Chimera. The problem is that there is no sane way to determine if a server is using the Custom Edition or retail netcode.


Halo PC actually has a check in place to determine if the version is wrong, and Gearbox specifically made the versions between retail and Custom Edition clients different while also making the check exactly the same so you *could* gracefully handle retail Halo PC attempting to join Custom Edition (and vice versa). Ideally, what I would have done is have Halo PC attempt to join using the PC netcode, and if the server says the version is wrong, change it to the correct netcode.


However, this approach does not work because SAPP, the most commonly used server mod, removes the version check, and there is no client-side verification. With this, when retail Halo PC tries to join Halo Custom Edition servers with the retail netcode, the game takes a shit for around five seconds (pressing escape does NOT cancel this) and then says "Network connection lost" as an error. A "Network connection lost" error *might* be due to the version being wrong, but it might not be. Either way, you were forced to wait several seconds before anything could actually handle it. Fuck that.


Want to see this yourself? There's a single Custom Edition server that somehow managed to get onto the retail Halo PC master server running Bigass multiple times (no that's not a typo - there are 6 listings of the same exact server), and if you join it, you get to watch the client choke on bullshit sent by the server because the mod on the server removed the very thing that prevented this.


Therefore, if I implement this feature into Chimera, then the way to switch between netcodes and server lists will be using a command.


This was not what I originally wanted, and it reveals just how fucked up this game is (and the modding that goes on). In truth, I wanted it to be totally seamless, and it could have been. However, you have 10000 IQ geniuses who wrote version changers to support morons who refuse to update old clients for invalid reasons.


Sorry for the inconvenience.


tl;dr; The only way to switch between server lists and netcodes is with a command, and I'm not happy with this.


If you're wondering what I mean by "However, you have 10000 IQ geniuses who wrote version changers to support morons who refuse to update old clients for invalid reasons," the original 1.00 release of Halo Custom Edition was generally used for piracy and cheating. However, newer versions aren't immune to piracy, and cheaters can fuck off, thus there actually isn't any legitimate or valid reason to use old versions of Halo Custom Edition. Also, those versions have known exploits that can be easily abused where newer versions have them patched.

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