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Update: Maxed default settings for Halo

I've gotten more things done with Chimera.


There are now two additional FoV settings: chimera_fov_vehicle and, by popular demand, chimera_fov_cinematic. You can set these in addition to chimera_fov if you want vehicle FoV and/or cinematic FoV to be different from your main FoV.


I've added chimera_fp_reverb which enables environmental audio for first person animation sounds (e.g. firing, reloading, etc.).


The default settings of Halo have been changed to something that makes sense in 2020. You will never have to visit the video settings ever again.




I've also fixed a few Halo issues:

  • Name and scoreboard fade times are now fixed (scoreboard fade time is configurable in the ini file, so feel free to set it to 0 if you want instant scoreboard opening/closing)
  • Refined's coountdown timer in The Maw is now correctly sized.
  • When hosting a server, Halo's netgame equipment now spawns at their correct intervals rather than being offset by floor(8.1 ticks * equipment index)
  • shader_model's "detail after reflection" setting now does what it says (retail and trial only)
  • fog's "atmospheric dominant" now does what it says if it's not water (retail and trial only)
  • Holding the "ACTION" button (E by default) to swap weapons is now timed correctly, thus you can now reload with this button while standing on another weapon and having the game run at a high frame rate

I'm also using a newer version of Zstandard, so decompression speed may be slightly improved.

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Yesss, hell yeah on the default settings update.

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Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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5 minutes ago, Kavawuvi said:

You will never have to visit the video settings ever again.

Our brethren south of the equator disagree.

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Kavawuvi: one of these days these glutes are gonna squawk all over you

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So I've decided to modify my last update:

Basically, I've decided to disable the "detail after reflection" and "atmospheric dominant" fixes for Halo Custom Edition. These fixes will only apply for the retail and trial versions. However, I am looking into allowing the retail version to run Custom Edition maps and possibly even join Custom Edition servers.


The main reason I'm for this change is because Halo Custom Edition's renderer is a lost cause and is not worth fixing. I can do whatever I want to it, but the crux of the issue is that fog and glass are going to be perpetually broken no matter what I do.


These issues are issues that need fixed, but fixing these issues on Halo Custom Edition - a version that will always be more flawed than even the base game - will only cause headaches for map makers rather than actually get Halo Custom Edition closer to a state I'd actually want it. Most maps do look better with the fixes, so if you really liked it, I'd keep your Halo PC CD handy.

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