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EST. 14th of February, 2012

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Lua Bundler for SAPP Projects

This is a follow-up to:

However, this is brand new enough to warrant its own thread.


Now if you're a fellow Software Developer / Software Engineer like myself, you will quickly come to realize that maintaining thousand line long LUA scripts for SAPP is a pain in the you-know-what. Using LUA's built in module system is also a pain in the you-know-what, as you have to ship all of the dependency files. Basically, there is no good way to create your own project file structure, and bundle the files down to a single file.


Well, I'm here today to end that misery for you. Look no further than the BRAND NEW Lua Bundler for SAPP. This bundler allows you to use new statements to modularize your lua projects:

import ... end 

To automate the creation of a single output file, and avoid issues like these:


function myCustomPrintFunction()

  print("My Custom Print Function!")



More info about what the statements mean, and how to use them here: https://github.com/Nickzster/Lua-Bundler-For-SAPP


I literally just created this in a day so that I can start using it immediately, but thought others could put it to good use. It's kinda primitive, and untested, so I plan on iterating and making it better as I use it more. If you find any issues, feel free to post an issue on the Github repo. 


I hope this helps someone! 

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Right now I don't see the need for this as I've only just recently began working on Sapp scripts but I'll keep this in the back of my mind. Thanks, this looks great! 

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