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Renaming Players Based on Holiday

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5/7/2020 EDIT:  Found a script to rename players.  I've heavily modified it to do what I want it to do but I'm still working on it.  This post has been updated.


My original post was looking for a script to rename players based on Holiday.


I found a script in these forums called OnNameRequest.  The script by itself does nothing, but editing the OnNameRequest function will return a value, thus rename a player.


What I've done so far:

  • Created a sub-directory called "Holiday", stored various text files in it, each with related Holiday names.
  • I've so far edited the script to be able to return the current system date.  If this date falls on a holiday (Easter Sunday & Thanksgiving must be hardcoded), the corresponding Holiday file will open, load into a table and the player's name will be randomly selected from this table.
  • The selected name is written to the file players.txt  The text file's output will look like this (no quotations around the names):


Below is my current code.  I've just added the "Get Current Players List" section.  Mind you, I used the same line variable, not sure if that'll work or not.


What I want to accomplish is:  As I'm adding items to the holidayNames table, I want to know if the item already exists in the currentPlayers table, first.  If it exists, skip that item.


	-- Get Current Players List
	local currPlayers = io.open(filePath "players.txt", "r");
	local currentPlayers = {}
	for line in currPlayers:lines() do
		table.insert (currentPlayers, line);
	-- Get Names from selected Holiday file
	local holFile = io.open(filePath .. holiday .. ".txt", "r");
	local holidayNames = {}
	for line in holFile:lines() do
		table.insert (holidayNames, line);


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