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Invader (MCC updates)

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Invader has supported building CEA maps for a while, but 0.45.0 brings full support for the CEA tagset released in the Halo: CE Mod Tools on Steam.

Note that CEA still does not support custom maps at this time, so as usual, play with EAC disabled when using custom maps.


See the linked update post for more information.

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Invader supports the new features of CEA introduced in the MCC August 2022 Update.


This includes the following:

  • Script parameters are now supported! This goes for both compiling AND decompiling scripts.
  • New functions and globals for scripting! These are more features you can use to make your maps more dynamic and do things you were not able to do before.
  • New definitions! One useful flag you might like is the ability to turn off the "Jason Jones" hack. This is the patch Jason Jones famously implemented which, when compiling a singleplayer map, the pistol and plasma rifle would get buffed significantly. Now you can turn off this hack, making the pistol and plasma rifle more in line with the multiplayer versions.


Note that it is recommended you update all MCC-related tools immediately, including both Invader AND the MCC mod tools from Steam. Running old tools on new tags causes issues, and 343 Industries never devised a good way to prevent this.

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