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Mozz Editing Kit (MEK)


We're on the cusp of a golden age of halo modding.

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(PYTHON MEK) Update (Run your MEK_Installer.pyw to get this if you have the Python MEK)

  • tools_misc/wrl_to_obj.py courtesy of Conscars.


  • renamed install instructions to README.TXT
  • Simplified install instructions.
  • Updated installer to have bigger GUI and in preparation of the MEK Essentials Update.
  • Updated get_pip.py

wrl_to_obj.py (by Conscars)
This is a simple tool that allows you to convert WRL files to OBJ. This allows you to view error meshes in Blender because Blender's internal WRL importer does not support Halo WRL files. This is a bit of a transitional step for now until we have this implemented in Blender.


  • Colors are not preserved.

Read more about it here https://github.com/Sigmmma/mek/blob/master/READMES/tools_misc_readme.md



A new version of the MEK Essentials is also in the works. This one will also be able to auto update, so you won't need to reinstall after you've installed that one (when it is available)

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