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Firefight: Heir of The Old Lords


I enjoyed every single moment of this Firefight, for real. And I loved the way you mixed both Bungie and 343i art styles using a consistent tagset. It shows that you put a lot of effort into this, and it's quite noticeable. Great work and I hope you can follow your dreams in other places ;)

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Welcome aboard; hope to see ya around for MCC!

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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Very impressive work, I enjoyed playing through this a lot! I loved all of the new enemy types you introduced here. The only thing I didn't really like is that plasma pistol made all boss fights very easy (except for the hunter obviously) but aside from that everything worked very well.


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Hi guys,
First of all, thank you all for the positive comments about the mod, I really didn't expect them!
After hearing various people, I have improved some areas of the mod and released a new build, so I have updated the download link in the OP.

-Nerfed Plasma Pistol against bosses
-Added extra instructions about ammo stations, medkits and speed boost in the main menu guide
-Fixed a bug that caused the Hunter armor to be immune to explosives
-Fixed a bug that could cause Elites to T-pose when being stuck by grenades or Needler supercomines
-Fixed a bug that could lead the player to purchase infinite REQs pressing the action button multiple times
-Fixed a bug that could cause the Grunts shields to not disappear when you kill the Engineer
-Replaced legacy flames with newer ones for dead Sentinels
-Increased falling damage for AIs and removed it from the player, so that AIs don't survive if they fall inside the cliff
-Added visual feedback for when the Retriever is damaged
-Added extra behaviors to bosses in order to make them more interesting:
 1) Brute Chieftain now has a temporary invincibility shield like in H3
 2) Juggernaut can now spit Infection forms and leap
 3) Silent Shadows should be more aggressive during the second phase and they should leap during the third phase
 5) Giga Crawler now will spawn Watchers as support during the second phase

Again, thank you all for the kind words, hope you had/will have fun with this map!

Edited by SOI_7
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12 hours ago, PopeTX28 said:

Kinda a random question. But do you plan on doing a V2 of your original campaign in the future?


Pls no, I want to stay as far from CE as possible from now on lol. Ntm I already retouched the whole thing once, a V3 would be painful

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