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Radium - Dev log

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Autocomplete comming along, though buggy.
Syntax highlighting reached a point I called done; just some house keeping, and commenting primarily.

StyleSheets work. Making a few presets. Dark mode (Twilight), A little less dark mode (Civil Twilight), soft pastel (Boba)

(Boba early prototype)

(Twilight prototype)

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Changed the definition structure to include names

boolean=<teams_have_betrayed> : ai_allegiance_broken : team=<team_index>, team=<team_index> : Returns whether two teams...


this lets me bias autocomplete to prioritize values that meet the type criteria, as well as define an easy to read variable name.

Did some work on error highlighting, and the IDE portion is actually coming along fairly well. I plan to release Radium in three phases.

I'll release the IDE as alpha so people can find bugs, and I can iron them out before they get too embeded into the code. While bug reports come in I can tweak them while working on the RA portion.
Then repeat with the RA alpha bug reports, and get ready for beta.


then hopefully celebrate, and move on to expanding features

I'd say IDE is ~60% there's script extraction, syntax highlighting, (dumb) autocomplete, saving, and script consolidation working.
I need to finish smart autocomplete, error highlighting, formatting (formatting wont be too difficult)


I wanted to try to hook into sapien to let Radium build from inside the editor, but I may look actually writing a compiler. Realistically Radium (once working 99%) should catch most of the errors anyway, so integrating the two together should make for a smoother scripting experience, plus it would unlock us from the need to have scripts save in the scripts folder letting us organize things further.

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Progress bar working, text out progress working, loads the scripts currently compiled in the scenario into the scripts panel. Double clicking now loads scripts. Next is globals.



if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a lot more


EDIT TWO to avoid spamming too much in one day:
globals loaded, and completely editable from this panel. Upon consolidation of the scripts, they'll be generated and placed at the top

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