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EST. 14th of February, 2012


Radium - Dev log



Exciting stuff! It reads, and decodes all of the different control versions! literally took me all day to debug it x.x 


Did the thing! Also made the panels collapsible to reduce clutter. It parses all of the RA data as well. Had to make some minor tweaks to my core to accommodate for loading from a scenario; however, after two days of saying the magic curse words it worked!
Next is to add the keys to the timeline scrubber, Write the openGL context, and read model data

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Good, and bad news from the forefront:

The parsing of the data is so going well; however due to a Windows crash I'm switching systems.


Some things are going to change.


I'm switching to Linux, which means I'll be migrating the project to GTK+

This means a bit longer on the projected dates; HOWEVER!!! This also means it will be cross compatible.


The form might not stay stylized, infact I'm going to switch to a basic layout, and focus on stylizing for second major build.

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It's been a bit of a rough battle, but I've basically caught up on progress on linux. Much still needs to be done; however, everything is loaded and running smooth.


Spoilers for pics




Project Select/ Creation




Main window has some changes


You can rearrange the pannels as well, also stack them since it's using QT docks. (I lied about GTK+ after waisted time)




Graph of facing vectors over time (in frames). Red X, Blue Y. I plan to make these editable with handles. Might be difficult with reading them from file. They look pretty jagged, I'm curious about what it would look like smoothed. in due time though c:


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now shows the velocity/vectors accurately as steps with the delays coming before the event is processed also, event stream, and recorded animation header data is processed in event stream on left.

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Progress has been mildly stunted due to a recent hospital visit. Good news is I'm ok, bad news is things might slow down a little bit. (Also gotta quit smoking :/)

Progress has been being made though, I'm just focusing on smaller things.


Started writing the functions to save the data that has been loaded. Also started working on loading the model data and rendering it to the openGL context.

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Posted (edited)

Update: the world is ending and both my jobs are considered essential. So I'm working 80 hours a week. I'm working when I can. Current status is I broke everything and need to reprogram core. During optimization I found a lot of redundant code that I could generalize into a parent class. Mostly parsing data, and saving data. Been working on a generic data class. Most progress has been programmatic

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Radium is now powered by reclaimer!

a lot of programming efforts was going into reinventing the wheel. I was still using my incomplete Core SDK I started months ago. Breaking from that should allow me to focus more on features.


*Please note these are all optional*

 Current features in development:

 script consolidation - no more 4 script limitations! Spread out your scripts into as many files as you like. Radium will consolidate them into one at compile. This should help larger projects keep more organized. This is done with a c style include, or module style “from ____  import ______”


 Internal reference resolution - access the initial data from the scenario as parameters for functions. This will allow you to do things like

sv_say <primary_starting_profile.primary_weapon.filepath(arg=FILE.baseName)>

and radium will fill in the name of the starting primary weapon when it consolidates the script. The arg just strips out the file name from the entire path. This should help generalize scripts


 external reference resolution - let’s you import a tag, and use it just like with an internal reference; however, it allows you to gather information from a tag that won’t be built into the map. Only has access to the initial information, if you want real time data use LUA. This should help generalize Scripts.


 integrity check - verifies syntax and checks for errors before sending to sapien for compile. This should help debugging by giving error highlighting.


 Multiplayer desync checker - gives warnings when a command is used that won’t work in multiplayer (this is far on the back burner)



besides that, Auto Back-up, auto save, autocomplete, custom definitions (with hsc, lua, and sapp predefined) the defines follow this format:

Return : functions : parameters : description


void : sv_say : string : print message


currently I have the basic IDE functionalities defined.

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