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Radium - Dev log

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Exciting stuff! It reads, and decodes all of the different control versions! literally took me all day to debug it x.x 


Did the thing! Also made the panels collapsible to reduce clutter. It parses all of the RA data as well. Had to make some minor tweaks to my core to accommodate for loading from a scenario; however, after two days of saying the magic curse words it worked!
Next is to add the keys to the timeline scrubber, Write the openGL context, and read model data

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Good, and bad news from the forefront:

The parsing of the data is so going well; however due to a Windows crash I'm switching systems.


Some things are going to change.


I'm switching to Linux, which means I'll be migrating the project to GTK+

This means a bit longer on the projected dates; HOWEVER!!! This also means it will be cross compatible.


The form might not stay stylized, infact I'm going to switch to a basic layout, and focus on stylizing for second major build.

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