Damn, Infinity takes me back to my good ol' days of just fucking around with AI and cinematics for hours. This looks really nice man.

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Lovely work as usual. 9/10 How do you have time to do maps when you're so busy working overtime? ;)



The theme. Perfectly executed.
Modeling and UVs, obviously.
Xbox-like shaders. You know your target demographic well.
Cliche but effective layout. Level as well as item placements.

Outdoor lighting is too dark; indoor lighting is too saturated. I'm a big fan of dark moody ambiance but for juicy 2's action, it's just a tad too dark.
Way too much scenery.

Teleporter source and destination rotations are different, resulting in you coming out of the destination teleporters with sideways velocity.

Personally, I didn't like the fog.

The "secret" room.

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Thanks DSal. I agree, I wasn't too happy with the final lightmaps. But I wanted to release it before the new year so that it's out of the way.


I've been working on the map for about 4 months or so. On and off. It's probably my last map though, too much stuff going on with my mothers health.

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