Forge World: Survival


"Forge World: Survival", or just "Survival" for short, is a small project I've been working on, centered mainly around infection modes. Although I can't wait to see what kind of wacky shit people make with this in other gamemodes.


The goal of this mod is to make Halo: Reach's gameplay a little more dynamic than it currently is, and elements are centered around objective-based community infection maps (such as things like the left 4 dead maps back on 360). I imagine the things in this mod could make for some neat invasion maps as well.


I am open to suggestions, requests, or etc for this mod.


Here's a brief list of the things Survival does / has to offer:

  • Fully third-person, no first-person at all
  • More weapons, weapons not normally usable by the player are usable, some weapons replaced.
  • More gameplay differences between Spartans & Elites, so picking one as your preference can actually alter your gameplay quite a bit.
  • Cutom & modified vehicles.


Anything missing images is because the thing in question is not finished yet.


Fully third-person

A little self explanatory, this mod will be fully third-person other-the-shoulder with all weapons.


Gameplay differences between Spartans & Elites





  • No good ideas yet, will update when I have some, if any.


Can now dual-wield specific weapons:





More weapons / Replaces weapons / Equipment changes



Altered weapons:

  • DMR was replaced with the Battle Rifle, Halo 3 style specifically.
  • Ma37 -> Ma5B


More weapons:

Jackal shield:

This is only usable by elites and only usable via dual-wielding. Provides significant forward cover when used with guns; provides significant side-protection when charging forward with a sword.



Skirmisher bracer:

This weapon is usable by both spartans & elites. It takes up a weapon slot, when equipped it will put a skirmisher bracer shield on your right arm, when unequipped it will be placed on your left arm; serving as a small shield




- Combat Knife (idea taken from GameCheat's unearthed AI map)

- Flamethrower


Equipment changes:

  • Evade now has four uses, as well as recharges faster. (Might nerf down to three.)
  • Sprint now lasts twice as long, but the recharge speed is the same.
  • Armour lock has been nerfed to only last 1/1t0h as long as it currently does.


Custom & Modified vehicles




Modified vehicles:

Spade / pickup truck:

- Added the warthog's troop carrier to the back of it. Also the troop carrier is rideable by players now.



Custom vehicles:

  • Spectre: A mashup of several existing models in the game, it won't look nearly as proper as it should, but it will get the job done to pass as the Halo 2 Spectre. Will have boosting, the additional rider seats, and a 360 spin turret.




Please note everything said in this post is work-in-progress and is completely subject to change.

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Looks cool. Maybe Spartans have better evade/sprint uses or recovery? Human stamina and all that.

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I've been out of the loop on MCC Reach news. Exactly how much can you mod this game? Is it easy? Can you get in trouble for modding the game? What methods did you use to do your mod?


The 'moddability' of MCC Reach was a hot topic prior to release and now that it's out... how is it?


Hope you don't mind me clogging your thread up with these questions. Maybe this info could be a separate thread.

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I can't answer the first question but I can provide this:



Although Forge is to come at a later date, you can edit the hex value in a certain file to enable and play Forge early and make maps early.

Note: By modifying the game files, it is recommended that you make a backup of the unmodified file BEFORE you modify it, and you MUST play with the anti-cheat OFF by launching through the Steam library and not through the shortcut. Also note that this will prevent you from entering matchmaking. This will not get you banned.


taken from a halopedia article


I do know that people have been making forge mods but I don't know what tools they're using.

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