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Remade OG pre-Xbox Assault Rifle Tag

Original Pre-Xbox Assault Rifle (Remake)


As the title says, this is a remake of the presumed original model/design for the assault rifle seen in only three images found (at the time of this being made) of "pre-Xbox Halo". This assault rifle isn't guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the original, as due to the three original reference images I had to make quite a few guesses of what certain shapes and details were intended to be. I also opted to re-use the Halo CE assault rifle's textures & shaders to better help this recreation model transfer into the final game, trying my best to match the original in colour as I could.

(lowkey, it doesn't have a proper collision model because honestly I was just interested in making the model for this because I found the design interesting.)



  • 42-round assault rifle with a functional grenade launcher
  • Includes a custom weapon HUD interface for High-Res Halo HUD users (aka Refined HUD)
  • Archive includes a tutorial map variant which just has this assault rifle laying on the ground in place of the standard assault rifle.





  • @Vuthakral : Modeling, UV mapping, getting the model ingame, the HRHH support for this weapon in specific.
  • @MEGASEAN2812 - The original pre-Xbox AR-GL tags.



From: Google Drive


This is the original model in question that I was attempting to remake:


And here's a bunch of pictures of the final product in-game:










Edited by Vuthakral
ninja edit: accidentally uploaded the archive without the example map
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