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"Firefight" imperial v1


Fucked up tagswap of mods are not allowed... secret is bellow the first structure with the carrier forms.




How to play:


>>Game_difficulty_set impossible (UI)

>>Map_name ff_imperialnimator



Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/il87jbv70tyq5kq/ff_imperialnimator_v1.7z/file





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Dude nice stuff, base on the images. But come on man, this is why you are banned from so many places. In fact, your comments/attitude is what keeps me from playing your maps or taking them serious. Release notes/info are important when presenting your released project. Making bad comments towards unrelated things will keep people away from your work.


In fact, I will not download and play your map until you fix your release info. If you do fix it, I will give you a like and download it.


That's up to you though.

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Graphically it is impeccable.
It is one of the few vanilla maps.
The waves are increasingly difficult and the enemies come from various places.
There are many rounds, it has good replayability.

The map has low and high points that generate interesting encounters
You cannot change the difficulty.
The ammunition is insufficient, it should respawn. After a dozen rounds you can only use the 3 covenant weapons.
There are shade turrets, but the covenant cannot use them, and they are useless against them.
The design of the map only allows you to follow the paths, the falls are very high and you cannot use them to your advantage.


The speed of the spirits is ridiculously fast.

Sometimes enemies don't come out of structures.

It is not a map for fun, it is rather a challenge to complete. A very difficult challange, but not impossible, sometimes frustrating (when you run out of ammunition from UNSC weapons), but it has a lot of potential to be the definitive firefight of Halo CE. Just allowing the rest of the difficulties would be my favorite

Rating: 6 / 10

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